M Sc Report19 03 09


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M Sc Report19 03 09

  1. 1. STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT OF IS DRIVEN PROGRAMS RESEARCH & IMPLEMENTATION REPORT 31-Mar-09 Daniel Correia [52321 - dlcc@ist.utl.pt] 1
  2. 2. Hierarchy Overview 31-Mar-09 Daniel Correia [52321 - dlcc@ist.utl.pt] 2
  3. 3. Alignment Overview 31-Mar-09 Daniel Correia [52321 - dlcc@ist.utl.pt] 3
  4. 4. uc Top Lev el Executiv e Approv e Program Charter Top Level Executive «extend» Approv e Program 1. Defines the direction of the Charter Changes company. Ensuring that the organization effectively and Define Organization efficiently realizes its Strategy mission and progresses «extend» Aprov e Organization towards the formed vision. Strategy Formulation 2. Innovates the organization’s Resolv e Strategic Issues strategy, balancing stable planned efforts with unstable emergent Top Lev el Executiv e intrapreneurial initiatives. Monitor Strategic Performance 31-Mar-09 Daniel Correia [52321 - dlcc@ist.utl.pt] 4
  5. 5. uc Sponsor Elaborate Program Business Case Sponsor «extend» Update Program Business Case 1. Oversees a Program, ensuring it’s Approv e Program benefits realization and the Charter adequacy of those benefits «extend» Sponsor over the global strategy. Approv e Program Charter Changes 2. Mediates changes on Program charter to include Resolv e Strategic or exclude initiatives, a Issues means to align the program with the global strategy. Monitor Strategic Performance 31-Mar-09 Daniel Correia [52321 - dlcc@ist.utl.pt] 5
  6. 6. uc Program Director Manage Alignment Decide Planned Performance of Program Director Options «extend» Program 1. Executive owner of a Program. 2. Holds the “D” on planned decision points. Update Program 3. Pro-actively ensures Charter Raise Strategic Issue alignment of benefits with the intended strategy. Program Director 4. Propagates changes on Program charter. «extend» 5. Raises Strategic Issues Approv e Initiativ e Elaborate Program Charter «extend» Charter 31-Mar-09 Daniel Correia [52321 - dlcc@ist.utl.pt] 6
  7. 7. uc Office of Strategy Management Office of Strategy Formulate Organization Comunicate Strategy To Management Strategy «extend» Stakeholders 1. Formulates the Organization Strategy 2. Monitor the Internal and «extend» External Environments for Strategic Changes Monitor Strategic Update Organization 3. Intrapreneurship and Env ironment Strategy Formulation potential strategic initiatives identification 4. Raise Strategic Issues Office of Strategy Management 5. Communicate the Strategy and its updates throughout Support Initiativ e Raise Strategic Issue the organization. Champion 31-Mar-09 Daniel Correia [52321 - dlcc@ist.utl.pt] 7
  8. 8. uc Champion Champion 1. Identify Potential Elaborate Initiativ e Identify Potential Business Case Innov ation «extend» Innovation. 2. Elaborate Initiative Business Case 3. Advocate the Initiative and acquire Sponsorship Champion Adv ocate Initiativ e Acquire Sponsorship Proposal «extend» 31-Mar-09 Daniel Correia [52321 - dlcc@ist.utl.pt] 8