Question Three


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Question Three

  1. 1. QUESTION THREE Danielle Hodges
  2. 2. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
  3. 3. Publishers IPC MEDIA: With more than 60 iconic media brands, IPC creates content for multiple platforms, across print, online, mobile, tablets and events. There are many different brands within IPC which you can chose to publish your magazine under. There is “Teen Now” section of IPC where I think my magazine is most suited, also there are many music type categories to chose from, etc NME and Uncut.
  4. 4. Publishers Bauer: Bauer have more than eighty influential media brands, spanning a wide range of interests, including heat, GRAZIA, Closer, MCN, FHM, Parkers, MATCH, Magic 105.4, Kiss 100, Kerrang and 4Music. Their business is built on millions of personal relationships with engaged audiences. Because Bauer publishes mostly music magazine’s my magazine will be appropriate for this website, as the genre is pop music and will attract a popular audience.
  5. 5. Publishers BBC: BBC magazines have been publishing since 1923 (the radio times), they have a variety of different types and genres, some include: Doctor Who Adventures, It’s Hot, and Top of the Pops, which is the magazine I am using as inspiration for my own magazine. I believe my music magazine will fit in to the BBC’s style of magazine, as my own is based on the conventional forms of a Teen Mag, as it has many aspects from Top of the Pops. Finally BBC titles are now published by Immediate under licence from BBC Worldwide.
  6. 6. Distributers Seymour: Seymour is 100% owned by the Frontline Group (Immediate Media Company, Haymarket Publications, Bauer). At Seymour we have 13% share of the total magazine market and the Frontline Group, including Seymour, has 42% share. This gives us the stability and clout to drive your magazine sales, in an increasingly volatile market place. Seymour is the largest distributor of UK magazines internationally, exporting magazines to over 90 countries. This would be ideal for my magazine as I will be able to get it distributed worldwide, so more people will be able to purchase and read it.
  7. 7. Distributers Music Mags: This distributer focuses mainly on specific genres of music, this gives me a good market to put my magazine into. As my magazine involves pop music making it an ideal genre to distribute by music mags. As music plays a huge part into promoting my magazine. Music mags is ranked 1,216,642 in the United Kingdom, and distribute magazines from Guitar world to Bass player.
  8. 8. Distributors There are only a handful of distributing companies who specify just in music, this is why you must find a distributing company fits the style of magazine and also which can be promoted well. Distributors and publishers only take on magazine which they believe will it will sell well and there is evidence of that in the magazine.