Evaluation question seven


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Evaluation question seven

  2. 2. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
  3. 3. School Magazine- COVER Looking back at my School magazine which I completed in September I have realised I could of done a much better job if I of had the skills I have now which I have learnt during the course of creating my music magazine. I believe the heading and also the subheadings around the main picture don’t look as effective, to improve I would change the font colour and also the style of font. Also the background colour is very basic, I would additionally change this to maybe a gradient colour to make the cover look more professional and interesting.
  4. 4. Continued.. My overall school magazine cover doesn’t look similar to a conventional style magazine, this is because of my limited skills in InDesgin and Photoshop, but now I have acquired more experience and confidence in these programs I believe I could definitely of completed a better more effective looking magazine cover.
  5. 5. School Magazine- CONTENTS PAGE My contents page however I believe is much better than my contents, as the colours are more simple and look more effective. I think the image on the right also works well with the overall theme of a school magazine. To improve I would again change the text and the colour of the font, also I would add a background colour to make the page look less boring and more professional.
  6. 6. Continued.. So overall my contents page could do with more improvements, because of my limited skill in Photoshop and InDesgin again I believe I could of created the page of a much better quality.
  7. 7. Front Covers- COMPARISON With comparison to my music magazine to my previous school one I can see how much I have progressed in terms with my experience in Photoshop and InDesgin. Also my knowledge of what a conventional magazine looks like has helped me create a much professional looking magazine. Overall I believe this course has shown me what a typical magazine looks like and how it can be achieved through creating and using inspriation from more popular well known brands (Top of the Pops)
  8. 8. Front Covers- COMPARISON As you can see I have improved my skills within Photoshop and InDesgin as I have progressed throughout the course, as I have learnt to make circular subheadings, logos, and change the font using Photoshop to make it look more interesting and atheistically pleasing to the audience. My music magazine looks a lot more professional and suitable for my target audience as I has stuck to the conventional structure of a music magazine. However my school magazine is very bare and plain in regards to the stories and headings around the cover. Also the minimal pictures make the school magazine cover look less appealing
  9. 9. Contents Page- COMPARISON Alike with my front cover I have improved my skills and gained confidence using the additonal software (Photoshop and InDesgin). This has allowed to incorporate aspects from a typical conventional style magazine. In my music magazine contents page I have added effects to the title boxes (drop shadow), which I have learnt during the course of this project. I originally made these titles on Photoshop which gave me a choice of different font and styles to make my contents page look professional and interesting. As you can see on my previous school magazine contents page I have used the same font throughout, which differs to my music magazine. I have tried also to stick to a pink and yellow colour scheme which runs throughout my magazine, this makes it look more effective.
  10. 10. My Double Page Spread My double page spread was made at the very end of this project, and I believe it is my strongest piece of work. In opinion I think it is the most effective as it is simple and follows the design of Top of the Pops well, as it includes a spotlight around my photo and also an additional banner across the page. I created this spot light effect on Photoshop, after experimenting with the software for some time I had eventually learnt how to create this effect. It relates also to the title of the double page spread as well, “Holly Turner: in the spotlight!”. Also the circular headlines dotted around the page were made on Photoshop, then I used an effect on InDesgin which was Bevel and Emboss and I also gave them a Satin effect. This makes the titles stand out and more interesting. Finally I have kept to the pink and yellow theme this gives my magazine an overall house colour style and makes it look much more consistent, I like this effect as it gives it a professional feel.
  11. 11. To Conclude.. As a whole I have learnt many skills involving both Photoshop and InDesgin, I have progressed within my work as you can see from my school to music magazine. I think my designs have matured and kept to a constant girly and feminie theme. Finally due to the evaluation I have uses various software such as slideshare, prezi, soundcloud and also YouTube to present my answers!