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Social Media for Scientists -Scio10


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Slides for Science Online conference workshop, 15th January 2010., RTP, NC.
Get started on social media for scientists: how to use Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook, Flickr, etc. the smart way, for social networking, science collaborating, to find other scientists there and interact. Then use these tools over the next two days to connect with others at the conference, to report from the conference and expand your circle of online scientific friends.

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Social Media for Scientists -Scio10

  1. 1. Social media for scientists -workshop ScienceOnline2010 Research Triangle Park, NC 15th January 2010. Danica Radovanovic Oxford Internet Institute University of Oxford
  2. 2. Data = Information in Permanent Flux .
  3. 3. Dispersive public forum global network of people interaction, collaboration
  4. 4. #SCIO10 Flickr, CC:Laughing Squid
  5. 5. Flickr CC by glans galore
  6. 6. Assignments Poll I n t e r a c t! CC Flickr byThomas Hawk