Open Knowledge and education at the new level of the web paradigm, by Danica Radovanovic

Digital Media advisor | Senior Internet researcher at Basic Internet Foundation
Oct. 1, 2007

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Open Knowledge and education at the new level of the web paradigm, by Danica Radovanovic

  1. Open knowledge and education at the new level of web paradigm Usage of the open knowledge online services, social networking and education Pedagogical Faultlines, International Workshop on Alternatives in Education , Amsterdam, September 2007
  2. The term knowledge is taken to include: (OKD) sets out principles to define the 'open' in open knowledge: 1.Content such as music, films, books, software 2. Data - scientific, historical, geographic or otherwise 3. Government and other administrative information
  3. The simplest form: quot;A piece of knowledge is open if you are free to use, reuse, and redistribute itquot;
  4. The concept of openness has already started to spread rapidly beyond its original roots in academia and software.
  5. Open Knowledge Definition (OKD) We already have: • 'open access' journals, databases, e-resources • open archives, open geodata, open content etc. As the concept spreads so we are seeing a proliferation of licenses and a potential blurring of what is open and what is not.
  6. About the Definition What the Definition is Not
  7. Web science - study of the web • creative medium • TBL- building a new Web, a better Web, building things on top of the Web infrastructure • studying Web systems is now an official discipline (university courses –curriculum) • toread: 2.stm
  8. interactive way of learning -open educational resources
  9. video Todd Richmond’s presentation on open educational resources and Bob Stein’s presentation
  10. Open access • E-LIS - • PLoS - • eIFL - • Google scholar - • iTunesU – audio, video content • Wikipedia • ….and more
  11. … • Free Mac classroom - software packages and teaching resources for schools,academia and offer wide coverage of the curriculum. ware.html – free online material • MIT open course ware
  12. Science blogs? • Science blogs – SEED mag., 61 • Nature blog network: • KoBSON eConsortia, Serbia
  13. Open science and knowledge: science blogs! Why? “Blogs would have been a great medium for interaction, publishing, communication and collaboration in science, a good place for showcasing [Serbian] scientific achievement, which has been in the shade lately.” science-blog-help-save-it/
  14. Content, information, science Authority, author, group, institutional 1000 sci - edu blogs in English blogosphere
  15. Typology Classroom blogs- -universities, scientific institutes, lectures. Open notebook blogs - rare, notes, results from lab. Business science blogs- sci-magazines, journals, information. Life In Science blogs – personal blogs, scientists, researchers, academia, science institutes etc. Popular blogs – taking over the papers and trasnforms into accessible terminology to the wider audience. Politics of Science blogs – political, religious issues, focus is science and scientific research (from Creationism to Global Warming).
  16. microblogging forms / (SNS) in eLearning
  17. to consider and discuss wiki page to edit (thoughts, experiences, information…)
  18. Open knowledge and science • iCommons: conference-in-amsterdam • FaceBook: Group e-learning professionals: • Belgrade and Beyond: • Follow me on twitter: ID: simpathique
  19. … Danica Radovanovic MSc.Information management professional Project coordinator, Web activist, blogger E-LIS editor, Serbia blog: site: skype: zmajche