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Ryan dave and jody presentation slides and resource kit


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Ryan dave and jody presentation slides and resource kit

  1. 1. Making Smart Phones Smarter
  3. 3. What is “mobile-ready” and why shouldwe care? Mobile ready = easy to use on mobile devices Users aren’t looking for a lot.- Location- Phone number- Hours of Operation- An About pageEstimate: 1.82 billion phones with web browsing compared to1.78 billion PCs by this year
  4. 4. The Good Website DeKalb Public Library Features:- Clickable links –phone number, etc.- Limited text on screen, readable - not toosmall- Important information front and center
  5. 5. The Bad Website Decatur Area Arts Council- Very good website on PC Features- A lot of text, a lot of pictures- Entire page not visible- Pages loading- Not user friendly
  6. 6. How can you assess your mobile-readiness? mobiReady website – Evaluates a website’s mobile-readiness
  8. 8. Rule #1Q: When thinking about: Cost SimplicityAnswer: It’s all up to you!
  9. 9. Other Factors Your current site and its platform HTML and Coding WordPress (has plugins available!) Who will be using yourmobile site
  10. 10. Option 1: High Cost – Simple Hire someone to do it for you! Web developer or Coder Freelance Cost? It’s up there.In the thousands,generally. May get cheaper! With time/advances
  11. 11. Option 2: Low Cost- Not Simple Do It Yourself Using you or your web developer’sskills/knowledge Figuring out how to code and make a site mobile-accessible for a variety of platforms
  12. 12. Option 3: Low Cost – Pretty Simple Web services Easy to use Attractive Fairly Cheap, if not free Some catches Some limitations Some examples: Let’s try it:
  13. 13. Final Tips Google is your friend See if someone will volunteer their time to helpwith this From a fancy setup to simply helping use a webservice
  15. 15. What They Are, QR (Quick Response) Codes 2-Dimensional Barcode Scanned using Smartphonecameras Bridge between the physical& the digital world& Why YouShouldCare
  16. 16. 5 Steps to QR Success; Use QR Codes your self Asses the needs of yourorganization Generate your own Creatively utilize QR Codes Provide Alternatives
  17. 17. Step # 1 Download Scan What Works? WhatDoesn’t?Use ThemYourself
  18. 18. Step # 2 Assess the Needs of you OrganizationMoney?Volunteers?Information?Events?QR Codes canhelp!
  19. 19. Step # 3Generate Your OwnQR Codes (for free)!
  20. 20. Step # 4Petitions, Attractions, Donations, Information,Volunteer Opportunities, etc…be creative, but purposefulUtilize QR Codes Good Examples
  21. 21. Step # 5 Provide Alternatives Slightly less than half of cellphone users in the USuse smartphones, that mean’s slightly over halfdon’t… Remember to remain accessible to people allpeople on the tech spectrum. Along with QR Codes, it’s a good idea to provideweb addresses as well.don’t be afraid to try new things!
  22. 22. Resource Kit Dave A quick and easy site that shows any site you type in as a mobile-ready site. Youcan also sign up in order to code this site into yours so that people who visit ontheir phone will see the DudaMobile version. Paying a monthly fee gives moreaccessibility and removes adds that are put onto the sites of the free version. Just like DudaMobile! Different pricing options and designs For WordPress users: this link will show the variety of plugins that can be used tomake your WordPress site mobile. A simple go-to guide with some of the same tips as this presentation and how togo about deciding your strategy. This site gives a more technical how-to description of the aspects of web-buildingdescribed in the previous resource.
  23. 23. Resource Kit Ryan mobiReady – website that analyzes the mobile readinessof your website Build Mobile: Websites and Apps for Smart devicesby Earle Castledine, Mylos Eftos, and Max Vheeler DeKalb Public Library – example of good mobile-readywebsite Decatur Area Arts Council - example of bad mobile-readywebsite PremiumWebsites – Defines “mobile-ready” and givesqualities of mobile-ready sites www.premium
  24. 24. Resource Kit Jody How to download and use QR Code scanners Generate QR Codes for free Generate QR Codes for free 10 ways to NEVER use QR Codes 30 examples of good QR Code use