Why you should quit smoking


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Why you should quit smoking

  1. 1. Smoking Cessation Tobacco use can lead to tobacco/nicotine dependence and serious health problems. Cessation can significantly reduce the risk of suffering from smoking-related diseases Presenters Danial Sohail ME-089 Ranjeet Kumar ME-104 Daniyal Iqbal Khan ME-103
  2. 2. Smoking Cessation 1 | P a g e Ideas:  How to Quit Smoking  Motivations leading to smoking cessation  Benefits of smoking as seen by a smoker  Hazards of smoking by an eye of a non-smoker  Problems faced by Smokers during smoking cessation  Most probable SLIPS during quitting smoking  Health hazards of smoking  Smoking a filthy habit  Best time to quit smoking  How friends can help their addicted friends to quit smoking  Is Cold Turkey better or one should stop step by step  Alternatives available in markets of smoking like Nicotine patches and Electronic cigarettes  What attract youngster to try cigarettes?  Smoking Halal or Haram
  3. 3. Smoking Cessation 2 | P a g e  Do children adopt smoking from parents and relatives?  How to make up your mind to stop smoking  Recoveries after you stop smoking  Non-smoking tends to a better life  Smoking is like you BURNING YOUR MONEY  Without one’s will smoking cessation is impossible  Frequent passionate smoking scenes in movies invites youngster to smoke  Famous personalities who preferred to quit smoking  Famous quotations on smoking cessation  Statistics of deaths caused by smoking
  4. 4. Smoking Cessation 3 | P a g e “Smoking is hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, and dangerous to the lungs. Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body and diminishes a person’s overall health. Millions of people have health problems caused by smoking. Although hazards of smoking are fed into mind of every child at a very initial stage and frequent advices on not to indulge in filthy habit of smoking are made at teen age, but somehow many gets attracted towards it. And fewer chose to become a chain smoker. But it’s never too late; Smoking cessation (colloquially quitting smoking) is the process of discontinuing tobacco smoking. Smoking cessation can be achieved with or without assistance from healthcare professionals or the use of medications. However smoker must know the circumstances under which he chose to smoke and why he/she should quit it, how he can quit it, what are rewards of smoking cessation. These preparations would lead to a successful switch from smoker to non-smoker. Do smoking helps doing work efficiently? Every smoker knows hazards of smoking and that smoking is bad for him on the following ways.  Smoking is injurious to health.  It’s a waste of money.  Slavery; you can’t do your work without smoking.  It’s a Filthy habit.
  5. 5. Smoking Cessation 4 | P a g e But all smokers’ turns their faces with these facts because there are some very strong reasons on the other side that why they should smoke. Smoking is beneficent to smoker (as in sight of smoker) in following ways.  It relaxes mind.  It helps to concentrate.  It releases stress.  It releases burden. But smoker doesn’t realize the fact that he/she is recovering only those areas of disturbance created by hazards of smoking, by smoking in following ways.  Bad health impedes relaxation.  Slavery of smoking doesn’t let you concentrate, since you have to leave your work place each time you smoke because it’s a no smoking zone.  It makes smoking a burden.  Lack of money increase stress. Now there is not a single reason for smoker to continue. And he/she should move on towards how to get rid of this filthy habit. Strategy to quit smoking: Smoking cessation is not an easy task and once smoker makes up his/her mind, he should know the ways he could abstain himself from smoking so to get rid of addiction. Making a game plan will help him be more firm about his decision to quit, and will make him more committed to the process.
  6. 6. Smoking Cessation 5 | P a g e Following the given process will lead a smoker to a healthy life free from all tobacco related products.  Choose a specific quit date: Instead of trying to quit each year on birthday or for New Year's Resolution, try quitting on a Monday! And not just next Monday-but every Monday. That gives 52 chances in a year instead of just one chance––making it more likely that one will succeed. Try to be stress free once smoker decided to quit, it will help commitment from slipping.  Remove all tobacco products: Smoker should remove all products inviting him to smoke like lighters, cigarettes and matches from home and office and bags.  Telling friends and family Quitter should inform all his friends and family members that he doesn’t want to smoke anymore and he don't want to see tobacco anywhere near him. Family and friends can help in getting this goal accomplished.  Keeping something in handy in case urge to smoke arises Keeping chewing gum, a lollipop, or a water bottle in hand can be helpful in case you need to smoke.
  7. 7. Smoking Cessation 6 | P a g e  Keep it up The only way to quit is to make a long-term commitment. Encouragements reduce chances of relapse.  Startup with a whole new lifestyle Starting an exercise routine or new sport, something to get enthusiastic about and taking mind off the urge to smoke.  Keeping track of money Keeping track of money saved by not smoking gives encouragement and motivation for achieving a non-smoking life.  Stress management Managing stresses is the easiest way of abstaining from relapses once smoker decides to quit smoking. Because smoker may use tobacco as a coping mechanism to deal with stress, so it's important to find other ways of dealing with stress.  Promise of non-involvement in smoking habit again after quitting Success makes a quitter much happier and wants this happiness for whole lifetime, so smoker should promise that he/she will abide by smoking rest of his life. Smoking cessation brings some physical changes in quitter’s life, which is a reward for on quitting this habit.
  8. 8. Smoking Cessation 7 | P a g e Benefits of smoking cessation There are numerous physical, psychological and health related benefits of quitting. Health related benefits of smoking cessation Once a smoker starts a smoking free life, all health related hazards caused by smoking starts to reduce and diminishes with passage of time. • After 12 hours: the carbon monoxide level in blood returns to normal. • After 2-12 weeks: blood circulation and lung function begin to improve. • After 1 year: the increased risk of having a heart attack is reduced by half. • After 5 years: risk of a stroke is reduced to the same risk as a person who never smoked. • After 10 years: the risk of lung cancer is reduced. • After 15 years: the risk of heart disease is that of a nonsmoker.
  9. 9. Smoking Cessation 8 | P a g e Physical benefits of smoking Not only health of person moves towards betterment after smoking cessation but he/she can feel changes in life as after quitting • Food tastes better. • No wastage of energy on smoking. • Breath, clothes and hair won’t smell like smoke. • No waste of money. • More control of life and activities because of no more addiction. These benefits work as motivations to quit smoking and help to save lives. Quitting smoking is a challenge that requires great commitment and perseverance. One can quit smoking on his own by staying mentally strong, keep busy and active, and react appropriately to any relapses. And with will power EVERYONE CAN DO IT. With one note everyone must not forget, “Every day thousands of people quit smoking, by dying”
  10. 10. Smoking Cessation 9 | P a g e Comments/remarks Student Comments / remarks Ranjeet Kumar ME-104 Daniyal Iqbal Khan ME-103 Danial Sohail ME-089