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Hamptons collegiate baseball powerpoint

  1. 1. Hamptons Collegiate Baseball Danielle Braun SEE 4099: SEE Internship Summer 2012
  2. 2. • Interned with two teams Overview of• Responsibilities with both teams: experience • Ensured field and dugouts were set up and ready for games • Collect lineup cards from teams – input lineups into scoring system • Kept score for every home game • Wrote thank you letters to host families and sponsors• Responsibilities with Sag Harbor Whalers only: • Kept rosters up-to-date when new players joined the team • Kept host families information up-to-date • Kept track of which player was staying with which family • Players’ stats (individual player, team and league) • Attended every home game and away games and updated the status of the games on Facebook and Twitter.• What I learned: • Scoring system (Gamechanger) • League’s sponsorships and how league markets events
  3. 3. Interactions Working with Supervisor Interaction with Other• Main supervisor: – Tom Gleeson (General Employees Manager for Sag Harbor • Worked directly with: Whalers) – 1 other intern for Sag• Kind Harbor Whalers• Helpful – 1 other interns for• Willing to teach me about anything and everything I did Shelter Island Bucks not already know • Interns were always• Knowledgeable in the sports willing to help each other industry and baseball • industry Constantly in contact with interns to inform them of changes to roster (new player/uniform changes) • Worked with Westhampton GM to mail out thank you letters
  4. 4. Major Accomplishments• Marketing – Put to use the knowledge gained in Marketing classes to properly market the league• Networking and Collaboration – Became comfortable networking and initiating conversations• Learned how a league such as Hamptons Collegiate Baseball is run and organized – How they set up rosters and recruit/scout out players – How they obtain sponsors – Day-to-day operations of the league – Logistics involved with running the league such as finding host families for players to stay with
  5. 5. Personal Goals• Gain knowledge into the sports industry• Experience different aspect of industry – Previous experience has been in the event industry – Want experience in sports industry since this is where I want to be for my career• Memorable experience – Want internship to be memorable and something I take with me into all future career endeavors• Enhance networking skills – To become more comfortable networking
  6. 6. History• 2008 – one team (Hampton Whalers) competed in Kaiser Division of ACBL• 2009 – four new teams added (North Fork Ospreys, Southampton Breakers, Riverhead Tomcats, Westhampton Aviators)• 2009- Hampton Whalers become known as Sag Harbor Whalers• 2009 – Riverhead Tomcats win Wolff Division championship• 2010 – Four new managers brought in to manage the teams• 2010 – North Fork Osprey’s took ACBL title (HCB’s second league championship in two years)• 2012 – HCB adds two more teams (Shelter Island Bucks, Center Moriches Battlecats)* ACBL – Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League* HCB – Hamptons Collegiate Baseball
  7. 7. Organizational Overview – Mission Statement“Hamptons Collegiate Baseball is a non- profit organization that partners with local businesses and community members to provide Eastern Long Island with world- class collegiate baseball in a small town setting. HCB is committed to improving community ball fields and providing free family entertainment to our community.”
  8. 8. Organizational Chart and Student’s Role in Organization• President – Brett Mauser• Vice President – Skip Norsic• Controller – Dawn Schlegel President/Director of Recruiting• Board of Directors – local business owners and sponsors of Vice President Controller league Board of Directors• Executive Committee – all GMs from all 7 teams in league Executive Committee (General Managers)• Baseball Advisory Board – head Gameday Staff/Interns coaches at Universities, Associate Scout for Phillies, Area Scout for NY Mets, HCB Founder, Area Baseball Advisory Board Scout for NY Yankees, head MLB Scout for Northeast Region, and many others
  9. 9. Description of projects • Scout’s Day – July 9, 2012 at home field for Southampton Breakers – Responsible for having copies of rosters available for scouts (rosters had to be up- to-date) • All-Star Game – July 19, 2012 at MCU Park – home of the Brooklyn Cyclones – Responsible for updating Facebook and Twitter with play-by-play of the game • Wounded Warriors Charity Softball Game – August 4, 2012 – Home field for Sag Harbor Whalers – Responsible for marketing this game throughout the season and will be working at the game
  10. 10. Project Review Process – Planning Process – Specific Examples• Schedule already planned for events before my internship began• During season: – Marketing • Social Media (Twitter and Facebook updates) • Brochures/Programs (new ones every week included write-ups on players and teams throughout league as well as stats on players) • Flyers (mainly used when marketing Wounded Warriors game)
  11. 11. Professional Skills• Organizational Skills – Rosters and players’ information • Must be accurate and kept up-to-date and ready to give to those who want it (scouts, General Managers, etc.) – Host family information • Must be accurate • Must know at all times which players are staying with which families• Collaboration and Communication Skills – With other interns • Must inform all interns when new players joined the team – With players, General Managers, Coaches and other staff members • To complete and mail out thank you letters to host families and sponsors • Any additional tasks that needed to be done before, during, or after a game• Marketing Skills – Wounded Warriors Charity Softball Game • Handed out paper flyers • Updates to Facebook and Twitter with specifics of the Game and when it will take place – Social media • Twitter and Facebook updates throughout every game – Play-by-play, new pitcher, pinch hitter/runner, and any other important updates throughout every game – Updates when game was changed or rained-out • Updates and marketing for events throughout the season (All-Star Game, Wounded Warriors Charity Softball Game, etc.)
  12. 12. Personal ReflectionsKnowledge gained at J&W:• Gave me the background needed to complete this internship• Gave me the basic knowledge of the industry which allowed me to understand what was being asked of me throughout the internship.• Gave me the confidence to complete tasks I’ve never done before because I knew I had the basic knowledge to complete it.Overall experience:• Had a great experience with Hamptons Collegiate Baseball.• Learned a lot about the sports industry and baseball industry.• Have had an extremely memorable experience which I plan to take with me in my future endeavors throughout my career.
  13. 13. Works Cited“Hamptons Collegiate Baseball.” History. 29 July 2012 <http://www.hamptonsbaseball.org/page/show/1 83329-hamptons-collegiate-baseball-history>Hamptons Collegiate Baseball 2012 Yearbook. July 2012. 29 July 2012.For pictures:My own photosMahoney, Bonnie Rae. Facebook. 29 July 2012. <http://www.facebook.com/sagharborwhalers>