Collaborating Across Borders II: CIHC Library


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The CIHC Library is an innovative new resource devoted to sharing resources produced by and for the interprofessional health community. These are the slides we presented to the Collaborating Across Borders Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia in May 2009. For more information, please visit or email us at

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Collaborating Across Borders II: CIHC Library

  1. 1. Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative Library Alix Arndt, CIHC Library Project Manager Lindsay Burke, NaHSSA President
  2. 2. The Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative (CIHC) is the national hub for interprofessional education, collaborative practice and patient-centred care. This presentation will focus on one of CIHC’s initiatives, the CIHC Library.
  3. 3. Presenters Alix Arndt •  Project manager, CIHC Library •  Joined library in September 2008 •  Responsible for locating material and promoting the library Lindsay Burke •  Nursing, Dalhousie University School of Nursing •  NaHSSA President •  IP Champion
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Project History February 2008 •  Library project begins; goal is to create a central repository for materials related to interprofessional education •  Library Steerting Group is formed February 2008–March 2009 •  Contacting projects, populating the library, establishing best practices •  Library Working Group meets monthly May 2009 •  Broadening of scope, updated look and feel, official library launch
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Library Resources The CIHC Library accepts a variety of materials: •  Fact sheets •  Evaluation tools •  Unpublished research presentations •  Posters •  Curricula materials •  Conference presentations •  Videos •  Learning objects •  Audio Files •  Reports •  And more!
  8. 8. •  The Interprofessional Network of BC (In-BC) began as a Health Canada and BC Ministry of Health Services funded project in 2004. •  In-BC brings together health and education partners in transforming healthcare through interprofessional methods. •  It has funded and has initiated a range of regional projects led by health authorities across British Columbia. •  Since the inception of the CIHC Library project, In-BC has been extremely supportive of our work.
  9. 9. Materials Workshops Competencies Curricula Evaluations Reports Newsletters Videos
  10. 10. Basic Material
  11. 11. Searching the Library
  12. 12. Search Results
  13. 13. Information Retrieval
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Library Quality •  CIHC Library facilitates the location of otherwise inaccesible materials. •  Metadata is created by the content provider, or by the CIHC team. In either case, review and quality control is conducted for consistency. •  List of IP subject headings is in the works to support the burgeoning field.
  16. 16. Practical Applications
  17. 17. Benefits
  18. 18. Looking Ahead
  19. 19.