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Selected Projects


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Published in: Business, Technology
  • Followed your plans to a "T" and now I'm happy to say l'm a proud owner of a 10x15 shed. Thanks mate!! ✱✱✱
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Selected Projects

  1. 1. Selected Projects
  2. 2. Concentrating Solar DishStructural design services were provided for this concentrating solar dish. A RISA-3D designmodel consisting of 27,000 nodes, 26,000 plates, and 1,100 members was generated from scratchto analyze this structure.
  3. 3. Ridgehill Playground Structure– Yonkers, NYThis unique playground structure, constructed by Bollinger Atelier and designed by artist TomOtterness, is constructed nearly entirely with bronze.
  4. 4. Hampton Inn – Littleton, COThis 6-story hotel structure is unique in that the roof, walls, and floors for were all constructedwith CFS framing. The walls were panelized off-site, delivered to the site, and then lifted intoplace. The lateral system consisted of steel-sheathed shear walls.
  5. 5. Burlingame Ranch – Aspen, COThis project consisted of several multi-story wood framed residential unit. The wood framedstructures were designed using Advanced Framing utilizing single top plates, no trimmer studsand vertically aligned trusses, joists, and wall studs. Frost protected shallow foundations allowedfoundations to be founded above the frost depth.
  6. 6. Summit Hall – Ft Collins, COThis 650-bed, four story wood frame dormitory was constructed on CSU’s main campus. Thelateral force resisting system consists of wood frame shear walls while the foundation system iscomprised of grade beams and spread footings.
  7. 7. Custom Residence – Aspen, COStructural engineering services were provided for this custom residence, constructed with, woodframing, steel, concrete, CMU and rammed earth. This structure was designed in accordancewith the city of Aspen’s Green Building requirements.
  8. 8. Ft Lupton Schools – Ft Lupton, COStructural engineering services were provided for this masonry and steel framed school addition.The gym is composed of 95 ft. long custom lenticular tube steel trusses on 16 ft. centers with 3.5”acoustic deck spanning between the trusses. This framing system provided a clean aestheticallypleasing roof structure.