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AWS at Mendeley (London, September 27th 2011)


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How Mendeley uses Amazon web services achieve our vision of improving the world of research. This talk was giving at an AWS event in London.

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AWS at Mendeley (London, September 27th 2011)

  1. 1. Revolutionising the world of researchwith Amazon Web ServicesDan HarveySystems Architect
  2. 2. Mendeley helps researchers work smarter
  3. 3. Mendeley makes science more collaborative and transparent Sync between computers and peers around the world
  4. 4. 1 million researchers... Uploaded130 million citations 40 million unique 17 million papers 16 TB of data
  5. 5. Document Storage• Backed on to S3• Previews for 16TB of PDFs?
  6. 6. PDF Previews Process Queue Load PDFs Elastic Beanstalk S3Render to PDF Store PNG Serve via Cloud Front
  7. 7. System Overview S3 RD EM S R EC 2 EB S VPC
  8. 8. Article Search• Based on Solr (open source search)• 40GB index• Variable usage H-p Requests Day  of  the  month
  9. 9. Solr Layout Solr Master EB S Inside VPC Outside VPC Solr Solr SolrSlave Slave Slave Elastic Search Load Balancer Queries
  10. 10. • Machine learning on Hadoop• Personalised article recommendations• Collaborative filtering based• Running on Elastic Map Reduce
  11. 11. Summary• Not all or nothing• Focus on your problem not “Undifferentiated heavy lifting” - Werner Vogels• Learn the building blocks AWS provide
  12. 12. Enjoy what you’ve seen? We’re hiring! Senior Java Engineers chat to me after or e-mail/tweet
  13. 13. Questions?