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  1. 1. KinectomaniaFrom a toy to a community driven open source success
  2. 2. What is Kinect? “Controller-free gaming and entertainment experience” Devoloped by Microsoft & PrimeSense (Go Israel)10,000,000 Unites sold worldwide until today
  3. 3. How does it Work?
  4. 4. Oh yeah, i’mso getting laidtonight!
  5. 5. Kinect goes Open SourceIn the first month of the release, a company named Adafruit Industriesoffered a bounty for an open-source driver for Kinect.Microsoft in reaction stated that:“it has built in numerous hardware and software safeguards designed to reduce thechances of product tampering”But the USB port was left open by design.6 Days later a winner was annoucned for devloping a linux driver.Later it was discovered that the idea for the contest & the funding was made bya former Microsoft kinect developer, Johnny Lee.
  6. 6. Kinect goes Open Source Over 2,000 active members
  7. 7. Showtime
  8. 8. Endless Inspiration - IR Dots Revealed - Open Kinect Source Visualized - MIT iRobot - Laser Projection - 3D Video Capture - DepthJS Browser Control - 3D Drawing - Piano Anywhere - Lightsabre - Shadow Bird - 3D Rotation 2 Kinects - Autonomos Flight - Movie created with Kinect Motion Capture - Virtual Book - OpenKinect Homepage -Kinect Hacks Blog
  9. 9. Endless Inspiration Kinect Search
  10. 10. @ ! ? #Thanks