Semester grades


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Semester grades

  1. 1. Semester Grades End Term Report Exporting to SASI January 2009
  2. 2. Grades must be in an EndTerm spreadsheet AND exported to be seen by SASI. Choose the current Report Period from Spreadsheet pull-down menu
  3. 3. Right click on 2nd Qtr Grade box, choose Replace Task
  4. 4. Select the 2nd Quarter Spreadsheet containing your grades, click Next
  5. 5. Select the Spreadsheet Grade, click Next
  6. 6. Select Letter Grade, click Next
  7. 7. Check the Hot Link Grades box to automatically update if you change something in the original spreadsheet, click OK
  8. 8. Grades appear in blue if hotlinked. Right click on the Sem1 Exam box and choose Replace Task
  9. 9. Select the Spreadsheet where you typed in the student exam grades, click Next
  10. 10. Select MidTerm Exam, click Next
  11. 11. Select Letter Grade, click Next
  12. 12. Click OK
  13. 13. Exam Grades now appear on the spreadsheet
  14. 14. Right Click on the 1st Sem Grade box and choose Replace Task
  15. 15. Select the Semester Summary spreadsheet used to calculate the 40/40/20 grade, click Next
  16. 16. Select the Semester Summary Spreadsheet Grade, click Next
  17. 17. Select Letter Grade, click Next
  18. 18. Check Hot Link Grades, Click OK
  19. 19. All grades are now in the EndTerm spreadsheet. You can also type in 1st Sem Conduct for citizenship here. This file must then be exported to get your grades in SASI
  20. 20. Remember that grades containing an F may not be handled correctly by Integrade Pro. If a student has an F for either quarter please double- check that the correct grade is in the End Term Report spreadsheet before exporting to SASI.
  21. 21. Exporting to SASI January 2009 You only need to do this once and all of your classes will be exported. Each time you export it overwrites the previous export. Even though you have exported, grades will NOT appear in SASI until the front office imports them in.
  22. 22. From the File menu, select Export from Gradebook
  23. 23. Select the current Report Period, click Next
  24. 24. Check Continue with export anyway, click Next
  25. 25. Click Export
  26. 26. It should default to the correct export location. If it doesn’t, point the program to the Y: drive, then select the IGPData folder, select the 048 folder, then select the folder that is your SASI number minus 100, click OK
  27. 27. Click No and the file is exported and ready to be retrieved the date that the front office imports the grades into SASI