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  1. 1. Social Studies Laptop Computers Training & Tips
  2. 2. How they are stored • You can find the cart in room 124. • The computers are plugged into their battery chargers when not in use. The cart must be plugged in for the batteries to charge • The airport is located in the cart and must be unplugged from its drop before being transported.
  3. 3. Some common problems • Problem: Sometimes monitors will be very dim and not appear to be working. • Solution: Restart computer and cross fingers. • Problem: Computer will stay on DOS screen giving an error message for about 30-45 seconds. • Solution: Be patient and don’t touch anything. The machine will cycle through the screen and start up if left alone.
  4. 4. • Problem: Certain web sites will ask students if they want to “Debug”. • Solution: Click no and everything should proceed without a problem. • Problem: Inability to control sound on machine. • Solution: We are locked out of the control panels so the only option that sometimes works is to hit the Function and End keys. • Problem: Computers seem to freeze up. • Solution: Restart computer, the laptops just seem to freeze at times.
  5. 5. • Problem: A student is trying to save a file, but the student folder on the network does not appear. • Solution: Have student get to their folder through the same pull down menu. Click Network Neighborhood, then ike-bld, and the student folder A, B, or C. They should be able to save to their folder this way. • Problem: Student created something in class on the laptop, but is having trouble pulling it up in the computer lab. • Solution: There are some version compatibility problems that exists because the laptops have Office 2000 while the lab computers have Office 97.
  6. 6. How to Sign-up • Use the same binder you use to sign up for the lab, located in room 124 on top of the file cabinet next to the door. • Sign out the laptops for the hours you will need them. • Return laptops to room 124 when you are done using them. In the event that another teacher needs to use them between the hours you need them, the teacher will pick them up from your room and it is up to you to go get them back.
  7. 7. Procedures for students • No food or drink allowed in class. • Show students how laptops are to be placed in cart after being used. • Sign out a computer (1-15) in the binder on top of the computer cart. • Unplug computer from power plug and take to desk. • After using the computer, shutdown the computer. • BE SURE THAT GREEN POWER LED LIGHT IS NOT LIT. • Return computer to cart and plug in, being sure the back of the computer faces out.
  8. 8. Some thing to think about... • Use the laptops when you have the students in groups of at least two people since there are only 15. • Should we buy a laser printer to travel with the machines? Approximate cost is $800. • Should we buy another airport so the airport does not have to be messed with every time the cart is moved?
  9. 9. Tips • Laptops can be hooked up to the Averkeys to view on television monitor, just unscrew the cable from the back of the classroom desktop and screw it into the designated spot on the laptop BEFORE starting up the computer.
  10. 10. Tips • Some computers have disk drives while others have CD drives. I have the extra drives in room 124 if needed. If a student decides at the end of the hour they will need to save something and has a CD drive, they will need to shut down the computer before swapping drives because we are all locked out of the bay manager.