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  1. 1. What you can do with Blackboard • Communicate with your students • Create and post course materials • Facilitate student collaboration • Streamline your homework process • Create online tests and surveys • Electronically deliver grades • Links to course related web sites • Central location jumping point for class computer assignments.
  2. 2. Streamline Homework Process • Post homework assignments online. • Have students submit completed work in the digital dropbox. • Post student grades and return annotated student work
  3. 3. Manage Course Grades • Record grades for traditional assessments as well as blackboard online assignments. • Provide student online access of grades. (saves time when kids want to know their progress report grade) • View statistics for each assessment in extraordinary detail. • Students get immediate feedback on tests & are able to review the whole test. (good for exam review)
  4. 4. Deliver Course Material • Html, text, audio, video, and MS Office formats such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel. • Navigation buttons include: Bibliography, Books, Course Information, Course Documents, Course Materials, Documents, Homework, Course Information, Lectures, Labs, Projects, Syllabus, Textbook, and Assignments
  5. 5. Communicate with Students • Announcements-Post announcements, daily reminders, extra credit, etc. • Send e-mail to an individual student, group of students, or the whole class. • Discussion Board-Set up forums for students to participate in discussions outside of class time. It logs conversations, allows creation of topics. • File exchange tool allows multiple users to work on an assignment from different locations & to collaborate
  6. 6. Online Assessments • Multiple choice, T/F, fill in the blank, multiple answer, matching, ordering, short answer/essay are all formats supported by this site. • You can even attach pictures, audio, video, or links to articles or sites on the web inside of a test. • Provides immediate student feedback of correct answers or built in responses that can teach why that is the right/wrong answer. • Surveys can allow for online polling or evaluations. • We could even build question pools for all to share.
  7. 7. • can_do/communicate.htm
  8. 8. • can_do/communicate.htm