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Dan Gaertner


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This presentaion is all about me and my future plans.

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Dan Gaertner

  1. 1. My Name Is Daniel Gaertner You can just call me Dan
  2. 2. Where am I?• I live in the Hatboro Horsham School District.• I’ve been living in Pennsylvania all my life.
  3. 3. What others say about me…If you were to Google myname today, you won’t findanything about me. If you were to Google me in ten years you may find my job info or my career choices.
  4. 4. Family Job History• My father has his own business in a printing shop
  5. 5. More Family Job History• My mother has a part time job as a nurse in Abington Hospital
  6. 6. What do friends say about me? Awesome Fun ROCKIN’ OUT!!! GOOD TIMES!!!
  7. 7. Things you won’t find about me on Google
  8. 8. METALHEAD I am a music loverRockOut
  9. 9. My future plans: I’vealways wanted to work ata music store!
  10. 10. I have also been interestedin vehicle safety testing.
  11. 11. My Personal Skills Woodworking experienceMusical Talent Hard workingCooperative
  12. 12. What I like in a job• I like a job that works at a nice pace with little to no rushing, a job that fits my personal skills
  13. 13. What I don’t want to do…• Fast paced, not using my skills, bad working conditions, being rushed a lot.
  14. 14. Who am I?I am a realistic and artistic person, who likes to use his strengths for his certain career path
  15. 15. Contact InfoAIM: dangaertner7@aim.comG-Mail: