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Cwa2b Draft E Invoicing Compliance Guidelines V0.90 B


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The CEN/ eInvoicing 2 Workshop presents the following draft CWAs for public review

- CWA2c-Monitoring_legal_requirements_for_cross_border_e-Invoicing.pdf

- CWA1 Adoption programme for increased eInvoicing in European business processes
- CWA2a e-Invoicing Compliance Guidelines Commentary
- CWA2b e-Invoicing Compliance Guidelines_v0.90-b
- CWA3 Assessing new business processes and technologies for eInvoicing
- CWA4 Emerging network infrastructure of eInvoice service providers throughout Europe

Comments have to be written down in the attached template and to be sent to the Secretary by 20 August 2009 at the latest.

More information on :

Please forward this message to any interested party.

Comments can also be posted on ebusiness knowledge village

on Slideshare

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