20 things you need to know about stopping smoking


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20 things you need to know about stopping smoking

  1. 1. 13 Things You Need ToKnow About Stopping Smoking By David Marshall www.quitsmokingexpert.co.uk
  2. 2. Welcome to this report..Welcome to this free report about stopping smoking and the 13 things you mustknow. I have broken the report down into 10 frequently asked questions and 3things you should know about stopping smoking with me, David Marshall.Here is a little about me first..I live in Hitchin with Ally and our five (yes 5) children and I have been workingwith people to create change in their lives since 1997..I am a fully qualified NLPMaster Practitioner and a Master Hypnotherapist.Like you I have been a smoker: I started when I was 13 years old when me andfriend went to a newsagent and bought ten JPS..they were horrible but from thatday until I stopped for good I was plagued with stopping and starting smoking.As you will know, we all smoke for our own reasons, some people think it relaxesthem, others that they would be bored without a fag..there are tons of reasonsbut no reason on this planet is actually good enough to continue smoking. Weare fooling ourselves if we think that there is one good reason to smoke.The truth is, like you I just got into the habit of smoking and then I made up myown reasons to continue. For me it was the social side of having a cigarette that Iused to tell myself made me smoke! That is rubbish I know but I had my reasonsto smoke and my reasons to quit.I finally quit smoking when I realised that unless I did, the rest of my life would beworse and worse literally. My health was suffering, my pocket was suffering, Istank and I was unhappy.
  3. 3. I realized that I needed to change something in me, some idea or belief I hadabout myself to quit smoking and that is where I made the permanent and easychanges. My Key to Stopping SmokingThe key for me was learning NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnosisthat finally cured me of my delusion. Even after I quit smoking full time I stillsmoked the occasional cigarette and only when I used the techniques I will usewith you, did I finally quit forever. In fact you could not pay me enough money tosmoke again: literally.So what is the key to quitting smoking easily? Read on..The key to becoming a non-smoker is to remove the NEED to smoke: it is actuallyvery simple because when all barriers to being a non smoker are removed,anyone can stop smoking easily.The real key to success with quitting smoking is in your head and not in your bodyor in willpower, in fact willpower is NOT enough to make you a non smoker andthat is why most people fail to quit forever.For more information please read through the rest of this short report.I will start with outlining the top 10 frequently asked questions which arecompiled from the normal everyday questions that I get..The next part of the report is called the “3 Questions That You Should Ask AboutQuitting Smoking” where I will cover the questions and answers that you need toask but may not.
  4. 4. Frequently Asked Questions 1-101.Q. Can anyone stop smoking no matter how long they have smoked?A. Yes, it makes no difference at all except to the person themselves. It is acommon barrier for people to think this makes a difference but it does not.2.Q. Is what you do boosting willpower?A. No. Willpower is never enough to stop smoking. Willpower will always faileventually..3.Q. Will you hypnotize me in the session?A. I do not use ‘traditional hypnosis’ (like you see in the movies) in thesessions. NLP is about helping you alter the way you think and is doneconsciously. Sometimes, if a client is comfortable with the idea, we can use‘sleeping hypnosis’ but it is not common.4.Q. How does your process work?A. I help the person consciously, and unconsciously accept that is it good forthem to be a non-smoker. Once a person accepts and understands that theywill never smoke again.5.Q. Does it work for everyone?A. I have a 96% success rate so it can work for everyone. Sometimes peopleare not ready to give up and so there is nothing I can do about that.
  5. 5. 6.Q. Will I have withdrawal symptoms?A. many people do not have any symptoms at all and using the process weencourage your body to remove any toxins easily and as quickly as possible.7.Q. What is your money guarantee?A. I offer a two hour session for quitting smoking after which I will giveanother 5 hours of treatment free of charge if the first session fails ( this hasnever happened). If after the 7 hours of treatment a person is still smoking Iwill refund their money.8.Q. How long does the guarantee last?A. I have not put a limit on it because it is rarely used so I would take each caseindividually. Common sense would say that if a person has smoked for a 60days that is a result so something like that.9.Q. What happens after I book a session?A. I book clients at least one week in advance so we can explore the reasonsfor smoking. Sometimes we can email back a couple of times to make surethat we get the best result the quickest in the two hours we meet.
  6. 6. 10.Q. What happens during a session?A. The session is very relaxed because we all change the easiest when we arerelaxed. I go through a series of questions and use advanced NLP techniquesto help you consciously and unconsciously make the internal changes that youneed to become a non-smoker forever. The session is fun, motivational andempowering. 3 Questions You Should Ask About Stopping Smoking With Hypnosis1.Q. What is the difference between what you do and other hypnotherapists?A. Hypnotherapy alone, without the NLP element, cannot guarantee that aperson will be a non smoker. This is why hypnosis fails to work for manypeople. If a person still (unconsciously) has a need to smoke they will returnand start smoking again sooner or later.2.Q. Why does hypnosis not work for some people?A. Because each person has a different mindset and different reasons tosmoke and to stop smoking. The reason my sessions do so well is because eachsession is unique to the person.3.Q. If I wanted to book a session how would I go about it?A. Email me at davidmarshall2@hotmail.com or call me on 07954 584848.
  7. 7. I hope that you found this short report useful and it answered the questionsthat you have about how I can help you quit smoking forever.If you do have any further questions or would like to book a session please docontact me,I wish you all the best,DavidPS. If you know someone who would benefit from help to quit smokingplease do pass this report on to them, many thanks.