Empathy Mapping: Developing Deeper Insights


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Empathy mapping is a visual thinking technique and model developed by XPLANE to understand audiences, including users, customers, and any other players in a business ecosystem. Empathy mapping is a core game in Gamestorming by Dave Gray and Sunni Brown and has been featured by Alexander Osterwalder in Business Model Generation.

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Empathy Mapping: Developing Deeper Insights

  1. 1. © 2012 Redpoint Technologies.All rights reserved.Empathy MappingDeveloping Deeper Customer InsightsDave Neuman, Principal, Redpoint TechnologiesThursday, April 18, 2013Confidential information.
  2. 2. Quick CommercialMicrosoft Solutions•  Application Integration•  Portal & Collaboration•  Business Intelligence•  SAP IntegrationMicrosoft Gold Partner2Custom App Development•  Enterprise Software (.NET/Java)•  Mobile•  Ruby on Rails•  Big DataAgility Coaching & Transformation
  3. 3. Background3Empathy MapDeveloped by ScottMathews of XPLANECore game in book byDave Gray & SunniBrownInspired by visualthinking & seriousgame playReferenced By andUsed In
  4. 4. Why Empathy Mapping•  “Really simple customer profiler”•  Goes beyond basic demographics•  Develops better understanding of environment, behavior, concerns, andmotivations•  Profiles guide decision making for business models, projects, UX designs, etc.4Objective: Quickly develop a customer or user profile aka persona
  5. 5. When can you use Empathy Mapping5Product managers Defining new products and features, evaluating current features and offerings, feedbackService managers Defining new services, evaluating current services, feedbackMarketingQualitative market research (gaining understanding of human behavior and reasons thatgovern such behavior)IT leadership Strategic planning, managing services, SLAs, relationships with internal & externalcustomers, gaining feedbackProject teams Chartering & initiating new projects, defining project objectives, requirements gathering, UXdesign, testingEntrepreneurs Business model generation and business planning, lean startup testing
  6. 6. What is an Empathy Map6Six questionsto quicklyprofile acustomer
  7. 7. What is an Empathy Map7What really countsMajor preoccupationsWorries & aspirationsWhat is really importantWhat keeps him/her up at nightImagine emotionsWhat influencers sayWhat friends sayWhat boss saysWho really influences and howWhat media channels areinfluentialEnvironmentFriendsWhat the market offersWhat does it look likeWhat problems encounteredWhat type of offers exposed toAttitude in publicAppearanceBehavior toward othersWhat could he/she be saying to othersWhat they say vs. what they doFearsFrustrationsObstaclesChallengesWhat risks he/she fears takingWants/needsMeasures of successObstaclesTruly wants to achieveStrategies to achieve goalsSix questionsto quicklyprofile acustomer
  8. 8. When can you use Empathy Mapping8Segment 1Segment xProject CharterStakeholdersObjectivesSegment 1Segment xSegment 1Segment xProjectsBusinessStrategyUX
  9. 9. Examples of Empathy Maps9
  10. 10. How to do Empathy Mapping•  Simple Process1.  Brainstorm possible customer segments serving2.  Select x number to profile3.  Give customer a name4.  Provide some basic description or demographics5.  Profile each customer using the questions on the map6.  Collaborate with stakeholders to test hypotheses and confirm observations7.  Refer to profiles regularly and refine profiles as new knowledge and experience is gained10
  11. 11. Let’s Practice Empathy MappingGoal is to develop a new coffee maker to take to market. Identify acustomer segment and provide a profile of that customer to feedinto the design process.11
  12. 12. The EndThank you for your time and participation!Any other questions?12