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Examples of our worldwide work.

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WSI Wisdom Book

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  2. 2. Exhibition Displays Challenges and Goals: Results: When WSI initially met Skyline Whitespace, The new Skyline they wanted some advice on how to market website reflects the sleek and professional image of Skyline Whitespace and conveys Whitespace their business online and get ahead of their competitors who were at the top of their exceptional exhibition services andWebsite Design and Search the search engine results at the time. WSI portfolio of past projects in an organized and Engine Optimization identified that the best way to do that was to attractive manner. Their reaction has create a new website that was more search very positive with internal staff and other engine friendly and to make sure that it was Skyline subsidiaries showing enthusiasm and optimized correctly for the search terms the interest in the new UK site. They are already client wanted to compete for. seeing improved traffic, conversion rates and search engine results and are receiving Skyline Whitespace wanted a “showcase site” increased management information from that would not only look good and display WSI’s Web analytics service. the many variations of display products that they create, but also one that would reach the top of the search results and enable them to increase the online visibility of the business. They also wanted to be able to update the site themselves which they had not previously been able to do. The Solution: WSI chose to provide a WSI Business Edge solution due to its modular platform, which enabled WSI to add the appropriate modules to achieve the functionality required, and also to achieve a very high-end looking solution. For Skyline Whitespace in their exhibition display industry, image is extremely important and they were therefore very particular about the design and implementation of their solution. They were overall very satisfied with WSI’s creativity. In order to help with the marketing of the site, WSI also incorporated some content pages WSI Consultant: and these pages are already bringing traffic David Duncan to the site. Surrey, UK 3
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  4. 4. Print Challenges and Goals: 2m2u is a Web trading arm of 2mprint Ltd. 2m2u specializing in sales of printed calendars and photo books. 2m2u already have a system Search Engine in place that they use for taking orders, and Optimization worked with a Web developer to change their home page according to their marketing and mail shots. The aim of 2m2u was to increase brand awareness and to sell, sell, sell. 2m2u generally only print for UK customers, although long-term this could change when they have a shipping system in place for overseas customers. The Solution: WSI in conjunction with a partner in the WSI network started work immediately and exceeded the client’s expectations by turning the project around overnight. They overcame every obstacle in order to launch the site. Results: 2m2u started then to use the efforts of WSI Testimonial: “ to design more SEO-friendly Web pages. ...WSI have been invaluable to my The Web pages have all been built with key business during the words and meta tags in place and links have last few weeks. They have insured we been created too. They also combined this had our new website up and running on with a pay-per-click campaign, achieving an time to match our marketing campaign average of 14.86% click-through rate! we were in the process of rolling out. WSI have put their skills and efforts into In a short span of time, the website has making the difficult situation a more become more visible on the search engines. manageable one, something I am most In fact, 90.44% of their visitors find them grateful for. I will be trying to secure WSI Consultant: through the search engines currently. This WSI more business whenever I can. I will “ Tracy Spence has led to a large increase in sales for 2m2u. be recommending their services mostNorthamptonshire, UK They are very happy with WSI’s services. highly. Warren Thorp Mark Hipperson Norwich, UK 2M Print Ltd. 5
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  6. 6. Challenges and Goals: Results: Public Speaker As a public speaker and impersonator, the The client has taken her first order on her website for a very niche book. She has beenMo Shapiro way to get work of this kind is normally through an agent. The agency would invited to present in two places outside of Search Engine normally take a rather heavy cut, meaning the UK already. Shapiro receives positive Optimization comments about the look and feel of her her profits were greatly reduced. Her aim was to reduce these costs. Her website was website. The client can easily manage hard to update, her online shop rarely sold own website saving her money and reducing anything (maybe 1 or 2 books a year) and she her monthly hosting costs. There has been did not feel she got the support she wanted a significant reduction in spam emails. The from her London based web company. Spam client is now on the first page of Google for emails were also a big issue for her. her name with her website rankings. The Solution: We created a Joomla based website which included a virtue mart shop. This was far easier to manage than her previous site. Testimonial: It also enabled her to add a video to show exactly what she does. It’s a great looking site with good functionality. This is also hosted with WSI and we monitor the spam. “ WSI is a company that truly represents the can-do approach to websites. [My Consultant] clearly knows her way We also created a screenshot by screen shot around the Internet and combines a PowerPoint Presentation user manual with professional, knowledgeable approach links from the intro page to the pages she with an excellent understanding of the would use to ensure she can completely complexities of the Internet to the web- manage her website. site novice. She has created a website that we can easily navigate and change We researched keywords, included an XML whenever we want to. She made us sitemap which we uploaded to Google, feel as though we were her only clients added her to Google Local; we made her and nothing was too much to ask. Her name the main focus, rather than other approach is one that combines humour words. We are also about to create a YouTube with lots of creativity in the construction page to help “show her off”. of the clean, accessible website that we wanted. It has been a pleasure to work alongside WSI and we look forward to a long-term and successful relationship “ WSI Consultant: with her. Tracy Spence Northamptonshire, UK Mo Shapiro 7
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  8. 8. Landscaping Challenges and Goals: Results: The objective was to design a site with Since June 2008, the website is receiving a unique pond liner calculator – one 3,000 visitors per month with a sales Pond Liners that would take the length, breadth and conversion rate of 3-4%. WSI’s reports show depth pond measurements given by the an average site visit time of 4.2 minutes Conversion customer and calculate the exact pond liner and 4 page views per customer, as well as dimensions required and the cost of each visitor bounce rate of 22% (improved from type of pond liner for that dimension. The 27% in June). Since June, the client has customer would then select a pond liner/s received more than £25,000 worth of orders and go through a secure checkout process. A averaging at £500 per day. They were thrilled further objective is to ensure that the site is when WSI completed and launched the informative and a useful resource to anyone website, particularly because they received wanting to plan and construct a pond. WSI their first orders the day the site went live on wanted to use the Internet as the sole means the Web, and have continued to do so since. of marketing the product. The Solution: WSI chose a customized solution due to the database requirements of the pond liner size calculator. Working with the developers on the functionality of the pond liner size calculator was a challenge but the final result is a unique, user-friendly pond liner size calculator. In the development process, the difficulty was rounding up the metre squared dimensions. The pond liners are supplied via the manufacturers in fixed measurements with the “on the-role” PVC pond liner dimensions differing from that of the rubber pond liners. So the calculator had to work in both imperial and metric Testimonial: measurements, rounding up to the closest 0.5m in one dimension and closest 1m in I am very pleased with the results of another for PVC, and to the closest 0.5m in my WSI solution. I was not expecting both dimensions for the rubber liners. The to receive so many sales in the first pond liner dimensions have to be absolutely two months of the site going live! WSI Consultant: accurate to avoid wastage or the liner not Mike Leask Brian Holroyd fitting into the hole exactly. Precision was key Pond Liners Bedfordshire, England, UK in this project. 9
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  10. 10. Challenges and Goals: Results: Flower shop With the construction of a new University One of the early pieces of good news was Le Lys d’Or town, the community developed into a true that in a very short period of time we could city. As a consequence of this economic see listings for Lys d’Or in top positions on Search Engine development of the city, several new flower Google search for local phrases like “Fleuriste Optimization local areas”. In less than three months the shops emerged; in particular, one in a mall at a strategic location. Le Lys d’Or’s same phrase would also feature the Le Lys income figures were showing a 10 to 15% d’Or website in 1st place on Google. Relevant decrease over the last 12 months and the keywords like “Conseil fleuriste”, “fleuriste flower shop was bound to close up if nothing creative”, Arrivages de fleurs” were all in 1st was done quickly. page rankings. Lys d’Or was in second place via affiliated page for marriage events. Lys d’Or was in first place on Google Belgium The Solution: pages. The number of marriages and funerals WSI did an initial consultation and Internet they had to work on was up by 20%. Business Analysis (IBA) to uncover all aspects of the problem at hand. We then discussed The number of direct orders through in detail the target groups within which to the website was reaching +/- 5 per week implement a persuasion driven solution. It although the order form was not on secured was obvious for budget reasons that PPC pages. The overall TO is probably going could not to be proposed at this stage and to reach a 20% increase for the fiscal year we focused on SEO. which, if the previous trend is taken into account, could be assumed to be about 30% » Online: We worked on the title and higher than what would occurred without description Meta tags, Alt tags, H1 and WSI’s efforts. content. We also designed a Google Maps page. » Offline: We subscribed to Google Maps, Testimonial: worked on a strategy of carefully selected back links, always keeping in mind the importance of the use of key phrases in the anchor text. “ Since you convinced us to have our own website, we regained confidence in the viability of our business ... You are » We also provided guidance on the constantly thinking of our business like it was yours. As a consequence we really “ newsletter and the news/promo feature in feel today you are part of Le Lys d’Or. WSI Consultant: order to optimize the use of key phrases. Dominique De Coster Marc Jacqueline Delens Brabant Wallon, Belgium Le Lys d’Or 11
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  12. 12. Challenges and Goals: Results: RDB Consulting Prior to retaining the services of WSI, RDB WSI began optimizing the RDB Consulting website in October 2008. They are now Information Consulting relied on cold calling to introduce their company services to corporate South ranking at number one on Google South Technology Africa for “Database Outsourcing” which is Africa. They did not think that their website Search Engine would produce leads for them as they are their main service. Since February 2009, they Optimization so specialized in providing Oracle, SQL and have acquired 13 new clients with an annual project value of $400,000 – many are notable Sybase support services. After reviewing the existing website we found it wasn’t Blue Chip organizations. optimized. We recommended creating for them a new website and a new, professional WSI provides monthly analytic reports and web presence that would differentiate reviews focusing on business goals and them from their competition. We created monthly reviews are held with the client. a resource website that would support their credibility, generate leads and boost recruitment opportunities. The Solution: We created a Voloper OBS website, provided a new design and all the web copywriting. We optimized the entire website for all their services and provided focused link building Testimonial: through directory submission, blog posting “ and article marketing. I called WSI the other day and told them that my website costs me nothing! The Internet marketing services provided: amount of business that we have re- » Search engine optimization ceived over the past 6 weeks is amazing » Web copywriting and if we never get another lead I will be » Content marketing with website articles more than happy. WSI and their team » Paid search advertising with Google have become my salesmen. The results we have achieved are truly amazing. I recommend everyone that I know to use WSI’s services. I would also like to add that WSI has done amazing work for my wife’s dental practice. Her website “ generates over 20 new leads per month. WSI Consultant: Francois Muscat Jaro Cerny Gauteng, South Africa MD RDB Consulting 132
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  14. 14. Challenges and Goals: Results: Automotive Easy Cars Rentals had been struggling to Easy Cars Rentals experienced an average of 11.64% conversion rate spending only Easy Cars find new client leads. Prior to contracting the services of WSI, Easy Cars Rentals $2 to convert a client. They are now gaining Rentals 20 new clients per month from their online were doing most of their advertising in anSearch Engine Optimization offline classifieds newspaper called Junk marketing to a value of $100,000 per Pay Per Click Mail. However, because of the nature of a month. With detailed keyword research we identified a number of phrases that would tangible newspaper, they weren’t able to track, measure and analyze feedback. Easy generate leads. Cars Rentals were spending in the region of $6,000 per month on Junk Mail advertising. These results are measured daily with Their decision to not focus on online Google Analytics and presented in monthly marketing was influenced by the fact that review meetings to the client. We get their target market was people in financial over 1.2 million impressions with a high difficulty and in most cases; they would not conversion rate of 12.71%. have access to the Internet. The Solution: WSI rebuilt their website and applied search engine essentials to ensure that the website was search engine friendly. In terms of Internet Marketing: Testimonial: » We developed landing pages and various PPC campaigns » We wrote ads and submitted them to online classified listings and directories on a “ Before we met WSI we never used any online marketing to attract new clients. Our advertising was focused on specific regular basis motor related newspapers and maga- » Content marketing articles delivered by zines. WSI audited our website and re- WSI help drive “long tail” traffic while we start coded it to be search engine friendly. We with focused link building phrases in the started a Google Paid search campaign anchor text. and achieved immediate results. We now get over 1,300,000 impressions on Google per month and our conversion “ rate for enquiries averages 12%. WSI Consultant: Francois Muscat John Storey Gauteng, South Africa Easy Cars Rentals 1
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  16. 16. Legal Documentation Challenges and Goals: Agreements Online provides downloadable Agreements legal documentation (contracts, legal Online agreements policies) to an online market. The company is owned by a lawyer that wanted Search Engine to know how she could go online with her Optimization business. WSI suggested that she start up venture that sells agreements and all kinds of legal documentation to an online market. The Solution: WSI created a Voloper OBS website, provided a new design and all the web copywriting. We optimized the entire website for all their services and ran successful PPC SEO campaigns. We created an eCommerce shop and provided focused link building through directory submission, blog posting and content marketing with website articles. Results: Agreements Online is currently ranked at number one on Google South Africa for the keywords “Legal Agreements”. They are making in the region of $3,000 - $6,000 on Testimonial: a monthly basis because of their online presence. I cannot believe the return on invest- ment I have received from WSI. I could WSI measured the results using Google never have imagined the business that Analytics and measured the number of was available to me online. As a lawyer, visitors finding the website through over you tend to think one dimensionally; 4,000 different keyword phrases and WSI however, WSI and their team have conducts monthly reviews with the client to shown that additional money can be discuss the results. made without spending long hours in the courtroom. WSI Consultant: Francois Muscat Kerry Jack Gauteng, South Africa Agreements Online 1
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  18. 18. Challenges and Goals: Results: Shark Cage Diving Shark Photos Before WSI became involved, Apex Predators Results are measured with Google Analytics. was unable to measure the feedback they We also use Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) to Apex measure the performance of the keywords were getting from their website. They were Predators unable to tell what people were doing when we track. Web Analytics they reached the website. They were not sure of where most of their Web traffic was coming from (geographic location). Apex Predators did not know how many people were using their website or which sources they were coming from (search engine, direct referrals, external links, etc.) The Solution: Apex predators’ website receives a lot of traffic from an overseas client base so the web analytics information that WSI provided was able to help their business get an improved scope on their e-commerce ventures. Prior to WSI’s contribution, they were struggling to find an effective way of Testimonial: marketing their shark cage diving trips and shark photos online. We implemented a secure online form that showed where the majority of leads were coming from. We “ Prior to WSI’s involvement with Apex Predators, we were unaware of the opportunity that was available on the implemented Google Analytics. Internet for our industry. We had a fancy website but we did not know about the Apex Predators is now able to plan well marketing opportunities that the Inter- because they can tell the exact number of net presents. WSI’s steps have enabled people that booked a shark cage diving us to build lasting relationships with trip from the website, how many people clients from all corners of the globe. Our are ordering their shark photos online, and online forms have made it easy for us how many people are subscribing to their to plan our trips accordingly and also newsletter – a good indication of content interest. to make sure we have sufficient stock of the in-demand photos that we sell “ online. WSI Consultant: Francois Muscat Monique Gauteng, South Africa Apex Predators 1
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  20. 20. Challenges and Goals: Results: Dental Most dentists face the same problems when In the first week, Dr. Cerny received 9 online bookings. At the end of the first month, Dr. Aleksandra marketing their businesses and Dr. Cerny was no different. Dentists rely on word of mouth 21 bookings were made directly from the Cerny website, all of which came from search referrals and Dr. Cerny’s business relied 100% Internet Marketing on word of mouth. Dr. Cerny’s husband engine traffic. On average, a new client recommended WSI to her, as we had just has three appointments and the average revenue value is $300. At 6 months old, the completed his company’s website. website generated 150 new clients with an WSI evaluated Dr. Cerny’s current website average of 450 appointments. The value and found it to be a “frame based” website, of 6 months’ revenue from the website is which did not feature on the search engines. $45,000. The website cost over the 6 month In fact, the website was invisible to Google period was $1,200, resulting in a return on due to its technical structure. investment of 3,750%! The Solution: WSI created a website with separate Web pages for each of the dental services that Dr. Cerny provides. Each of these pages was optimized using information that we identified from our keyword research. From the start, WSI implemented a Google Testimonial: pay-per-click campaign in order to achieve “ immediate results. We submitted the website Before WSI, we had a website but had to various Internet directories and wrote and not received any queries in the 2 years submitted ads to a number of busy Internet since creating it. WSI showed us ex- classifieds websites. WSI then started a link ample reports of some of their customer building campaign and created specific blog successes and convinced us to build a links that rapidly increased the site’s search new website that was search engine engine positions for Dr. Cerny’s services. friendly. WSI were so confident that they would generate interested traffic WSI also provided Web analytics and from to our website and provided us with a our interpretation we created a number of monthly Internet marketing solution specific landing pages that further increased that included the cost of the website website traffic. Our efforts resulted in “ build. This made it attractive to us as we obtaining the first 8 of 11 positions in Google would get an entire solution right from WSI Consultant: for Dr. Cerny’s dental practice. the beginning. Francois Muscat Dr. Aleksandra Cerny Gauteng, South Africa Lonehill Dental Clinic 211
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  22. 22. Full Service Florist Challenges and Goals: Flower Spot is a one-stop shop for fresh cutFlower Spot flowers and all flower accessories. The store has grown from a local flower shop to a Search Engine destination store carrying everything from Optimization party décor to scrap booking to Prior to WSI coming onboard, Flower Spot had a good website but it wasn’t rendering much business since it was nearly impossible to find it on major search engines. The site was not optimized. The Solution: We did extensive SEO work including link building with blogging and copywriting. WSI’s Internet marketing services included: search engine optimization, web copywriting, content marketing with website articles and paid search advertising with Google. Results: We began optimizing the Flower Spot website 2 years ago. The consistent amount of articles that are added to the Flower Spot website on a monthly basis has driven Testimonial: traffic exponentially. The link building has contributed to Flower Spot’s excellent search Flower Spot had just completed the engine ranking. development of its 2nd ecommerce website with local developers. We have We use Google Analytics and Advanced Web a great website but no online exposure. Ranking (AWR) reports to monitor Flower My local developers introduced me to Spot’s website performance. WSI. Within 6 months we started to re- ceive a steady stream of leads and now we get over 1,200 queries a month that are generated through search engine WSI Consultant: marketing.Francois Muscat Dennis Duarte Gauteng, South Africa Flower Spot 21
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  24. 24. consists of ongoing keywords research, Transportation Challenges and Goals: online competitive analysis, advanced i-Segway was looking to increase the Segway Web and search engine optimization, and awareness of Segway Personal Transporters traffic generation strategies from search Personal (PT) in the region as well as generating engines, mainly Google, Yahoo and MSN.Transporter more leads online. The objectives were to We have also integrated leading analyticalWeb Design, Development, establish an online presence in the region for technologies on the website to track and Search Engine Optimization Segway PT in order to improve the client’s site performance and identify areas of brand and increase awareness. Also, it was enhancements on a regular basis. very important for this client to get qualified leads from their website in order to cover Results: the website expenses and to generate more profits to the business. In the first 12 months post launch, the website received more than 13,000 visits and the client is getting new leads every day. The The Solution: client is extremely happy with the website WSI prepared 6 concept drafts for this client and was amazed with the magnificent using our in-house design expertise and results in terms of traffic and leads that are the client selected two designs, which were generated on a daily basis via the website. further enhanced and improved to help the The client’s business is now very profitable client make a final selection. The final design and the website was one of the main factors got excellent feedback from the client and for their success. the site visitors. WSI also conducted some usability testing to make sure the website Testimonial: was easy to navigate by users. Furthermore, WSI used special images representing various countries from the client’s target region to relate to “ When we first looked at expanding and enhancing our Web presence, we set a Web generated sales goal of four units. Little did we know that we would not only meet that but would rapidly exceed the audience and improve overall site it. In fact, in the eight months since conversion. As far as technology features WSI team designed and implemented go, the site includes a content management our website, we have seen our Web system, online forms, document traffic increase dramatically and, management system and a photo gallery. more importantly, our Web-generated WSI also assisted the client locally to do some sales leads increase almost ten-fold. developmental adjustments to page layout, ... I can easily say that WSI has been CSS, site footer and navigation menus. instrumental in our sales growth this “ year and I believe the same will be said in the years to come. WSI Consultant: In addition, we have implemented a Husam Jandal comprehensive Search Engine Optimization Steven A. Brown-Cestero Dubai, UAE program for Segway PT in the region, which CEO, i-Segway 1
  25. 25. 26
  26. 26. Restaurant Chain Challenges and Goals: indicated that the website was meeting international standards. The objective was to create a friendly Subway website that is appealing to young Results:Sandwiches customers and can be easily maintained and updated by the owner. Subway Sandwiches Right now the word of mouth is very positive KSA KSA was looking for a friendly content about the website, which means that it has a Conversion management system that could be fully good user controlled by a non technical staff. They also had two target audiences in mind: » Subway customers from the public (mainly school aged students and health conscious middle aged customers) » potential Subway franchisees. First, WSI analyzed the client’s profile to assess their business. Being a franchisee, Subway Sandwiches operated like a typical SMB, so the challenges and objectives were no stranger to WSI. WSI determined that awareness needed to be created and a presentable Internet presence had to be developed. They also needed a site that required limited resources to market and maintain. The Solution: WSI provided a WSI Business Edge solution as this platform covers all Subway Sandwiches’ basic needs and has a friendly interface, and is convenient and scalable. The website is simple yet has all the content they need. Testimonial: Business Edge modules are versatile and Great job! We made the right choice customizable, so they met every aspect by working with WSI. Stand by for and requirements without the need for referrals from us. WSI Consultant: any special customization or complex functionality. They received approval for the Fawaz Bahian Mohammed El-Sawah Saudi Arabia website from the franchisor, which clearly Support Services Manager, Subway KSA 27
  27. 27. 28
  28. 28. Community Center Challenges and Goals: Before WSI, Special Needs Family CenterSpecial Needs had an inaccessible website with very poor design, bad structure, etc. It was a home-Family Center made website, so they needed to have a Web Design and professional online presence created for Email Marketing them from scratch. The Solution: WSI’s Internet marketing plan included an advanced content management system, high-end creative design, interactive games, donation system, mailing list management system, email marketing template, volunteers’ application module, and event gallery and registration solution. For this project, WSI chose the Voloper OBS (Online Business Solution) as the base platform for this client. Also the in house work has been done to complete the final delivery of design, marketing, etc. We ended up having a nice and easy to use website for this organization. They love it, their volunteers Testimonial: loved it, and the special needs kids are using “ it with no issues. It was not very complex; Words cannot express the joy I felt when however it is very functional and usable. the announcement was made that SNF had won the Best Website award. I am Results: so thankful that SNF has such a great band of dedicated Volunteers like WSI, The results have been great. The site has who have given so much of your time been awarded a Princess Haya Award for and talent to make this award pos- the Outstanding Special Education Website sible. Thank you and your team for all in April 2009. The client was very happy the effort that you put in to create the with the results and they appreciated our assistance to make the site a success online. SNF website and I wish you success in “ all your endeavors, big or small, in the future. WSI Consultant: Husam Jandal Safia Bari Dubai, UAE SNF Director 29
  29. 29. 2
  30. 30. their customers using the integrated email Food Challenges and Goals: marketing system. Tasty Bite manufactures and sells ready-to- Tasty Bite eat Asian food, mainly Indian and Thai. They sell it in main supermarket chains. When Web Design and Results: WSI met the client the first time, they were Email Marketing With their new website, the client was not ready to invest in a Web solution yet. However, WSI continued to keep in touch able to get more leads and practice with them, and two years later, when they communication with existing clients. WSI were ready for a solution, they turned to provided the client with a professional Web WSI. The main challenge the client had solution, which they are very happy with. WSI was defining a system to leverage the and the client are currently in discussions large amount of clients who purchase their regarding ongoing enhancements to the products on a regular basis. Their clients buy website and starting an Internet marketing their products but remain anonymous, so strategy in the near future. they did not have any communication with them after the purchases. The Solution: WSI delivered a solution using the robust Internet marketing platform, WSI eFusion. This clean and easy-to-navigate website has a good design with detailed information about the client’s products. It also features their promotions and the ability to subscribe to their mailing list to receive recipes and Testimonial: “ discounts. The website is a great success. We were able to communicate directly with our Aside from the website development, WSI clients and prospects and promote our also provides the client with occasional products effectively. WSI eFusion is a advice on Internet marketing best practices. great and user-friendly system. We are After the site was launched, Tasty Bite happy to recommend WSI’s products started a contest to win a trip for two to and services to new prospects or clients. India. Purchasers had to send them the barcode of the products they bought to enter the competition. The website provided The website has been wonderful for our business and I want to thank you again “ for your persistence and patience. information and support for this program. WSI Consultant: This contest was used to build a mailing list Vasant Manoharan Yaron Berkowitz through the website allowing the client to National Business Manager, Victoria, Australia maintain extensive communication with Preferred Brands Australia 31
  31. 31. Testimonial: “ The Harford County Cultural Arts Board is very pleased with the website that WSI created for us, and it was a well placed investment....The best part of this project for me has been working with WSI. You’ve made every aspect of this huge project simple and a lot of fun! “ Huge kudos to you! Tonya Woody HCCAB Coordinator32
  32. 32. Association Challenges and Goals: needed the ability to adding events to the arts calendar. The Harford County Cultural Arts Board was Harford looking to: County » Improve customer service by providing Lastly, WSI included an opt-in email marketerCultural Arts online grant application submissions to replace a rather basic one the client was already using. They hope to eventually add Board » Increase their exposure within the greater Business Edge and SEO discussion forums in each discipline within Harford County arts community in order the arts, and perhaps some news feeds make grants available to a greater number of related to the arts nationwide. artists / organizations and the client is getting new leads every » Become THE resource for arts related day. The client is extremely happy with events in the area the website and was amazed with the » Develop an online community for the magnificent results in terms of traffic and artists in the area leads that are generated on a daily basis via » Provide greater exposure for some of the the website. The client’s business is now very smaller or lesser known arts events and profitable and the website was one of the groups in the county main factors for their success. » Be able to update their own website at will (which they could not do before) » Utilize the talents of local artists to create Results: the design for the website In the last 30 days, the HCCAB website has logged over 580 site visits, with 57% of those The Solution: being return visitors who utilize the site regularly: WSI addressed the client’s needs by » 51% of site visitors found the site through proposing a WSI Business Edge website that search engines could be placed on the client’s domain and » The site ranks #1 in Google for “Harford could be optimized for the search engines. County Arts” (out of 242,000 results), “Harford WSI Business Edge was the chosen platform County Artists,” and “Harford County Grants because of its ease of use for the client and for the Arts,” “Harford County Arts Calendar” end user, as well as the wide selection of and “Harford County Arts Events”-- all goals modules and features that are included identified prior to the start of the project. within this WSI branded solution. » The site even ranks higher than the Harford County Government website (parent The Web solution required customized forms organization) for all of these key phrases! for the grant applications and an interactive » The site has over 100 registered users, events calendar with a customized Add Event with more than 30 arts groups regularly module. It also required site registration that contributing events to the arts calendar. WSI Consultant: would allow only registered members to Jeff Harrison have access to certain pages, including the Maryland, USA interactive grant applications. The site also 33
  33. 33. 34
  34. 34. Automotive Challenges and Goals: Front Range Honda had been implementing Front Range a pay per click (PPC) campaign with Google Honda and Yahoo! in house, spending $2,500 per month and not tracking any results.Search Engine Optimization The goal was to dramatically increase the Pay Per Click client’s Internet exposure, branding and through rate for less money. The Solution: We knew we could get them as many clicks as they were currently receiving for $1,000 less, as approximately 50% of their ads were not being seen. We planned to accomplish this goal with some optimization efforts and by reducing the client’s bids. Results: Within the first 30 days, WSI accomplished what we said we would with regards to the pay per click campaigns. Next, WSI advised the client to apply the money they saved toward a 10 term/10 page search engine optimization and link building campaign. The client’s website traffic increased 80% in Testimonial: 6 months. I would highly recommend WSI as a WSI is currently maintaining a Google search engine marketing provider. WSI AdWords campaign and the 10 term SEO is a professional organization with top and link building campaign for the client. notch customer service. They are always This account led WSI to later close the Al available to answer my questions. We Serra Auto Dealership made up of 4 separate have been more than satisfied with WSI businesses and websites. and their performance and support. They have more than exceeded our expectations within a very short period WSI Consultant: of time. Jerry Kane Diana Weaver Colorado, USA Front Range Honda 35
  35. 35. 36
  36. 36. using keyword research, they were able to Real Estate Challenges and Goals: make all the website copy more optimized Sage Realty was using a generic realtor’s for search engines. Sage site for website design and hosting--one of the Web companies that provides websites Realty LLC Results: for thousands of realtors. The site could not be correctly optimized. It had non-friendly In the worst economic conditions for the real Search Engine URLs, no access to the root so search engine estate industry, my client has told me that sitemaps and robot files could not be added. this month she had to turn away business FTP Access at the page level was also not because she is so busy. The bulk of her allowed and code could not be added at business is now coming from her website the page level. The traffic reports did not versus referrals from past buyers and friends. record data for stretches of time and the data recorded was not believable. In 4 months, this is almost $5 million in real estate sales for my client. In addition to Many of the pages were canned and had reviewing the traffic and ranking reports, my duplicate content. The site was not well client has measured the results in terms of designed. It permitted strict template the business the website has brought her. designs and only had the ability for one layer of navigation. The site was confusing to navigate because it had no sub pages Testimonial: or drop down menus and any additional WSI provides the benefits of a small, “ pages were floaters. The site pages had highly personal service provider with minimal marketing calls to action. The site’s the technology and know-how of an performance was poor. It was down for international Web solution company. lengthy periods (more than 4 hours) of time We had the following results this year and the hosting support was terrible. The so far from the new website: 3 new Multiple Listing Service (MLS) also did not clients in March, 2 bought a total of work and tended to have old data more $1,975,000 value homes and one is still often than not. looking with me in the $400,000 range; 2 new clients in April, bought $558,200 The Solution: value homes; 1 new client in May, under agreement to buy a $315,000 WSI used a local graphic design strategic value home; 1 new client in June who partner who worked with the client for a few decided to rent but will buy in the next months on the concept draft. We created 9 month with me in the $500,000 range a new site map which transferred the data range; 1 new client in July looking in from the old site to the new site. We added the $400,000 range and a new client in “ WSI Consultant: the marketing and SEO strategy to the August seeking a $700,000 home ... Nancy Vinkler sitemap. We trained the client and her staff Linda Walters Pennsylvania,USA on how to maintain the site themselves and Sage Realty LLC 37
  37. 37. Testimonial: “ Wow, the SEO work is really kicking in this month. We received four leads in two days from our website for PDS hosting. We usually receive 2-3 per MONTH. Nice work! We had a ton of call activity this week from people saying “I found you on the web”. That’s all your hard work paying off. Thanks for “ everything! Josh Bopp President focusIT, Inc.38
  38. 38. Information Technology Challenges and Goals: We implemented a goal conversion metric to determine which keywords brought the best Prior to their engagement with WSI focusIT, traffic. By eliminating the high impression, focusIT, Inc. Inc was struggling to generate leads for low performing keywords we were able their services. They were using an outside to increase the budget on the higherSearch Engine Optimization sales person who would contact mortgage performing keywords.and Paid Search Marketing companies and try to setup a demo. Since the focusIT solution was best suited for After optimizing the PPC campaign we then new implementations, often times they built a landing page specifically for the PPC would miss these early opportunities due customers. The page was designed with to low exposure on the Web. Additionally, conversion in mind. Lastly, we developed their GoToMeeting demos would take an entirely new website on the eFusion about 2 hours – valuable time that was lost platform. The website was much cleaner, because their sales person was wrongly easy to navigate and communicated much targeting a client who was not a good fit more information. We implemented a 301 for their product line. focusIT was missing redirect strategy and careful page naming in opportunities and spending too much time the migration. To date we have seen no drop chasing bad leads. off from prior rankings. We also integrated all the forms on their site with their existing The Solution: SalesForce database to ensure lead and support capture. To meet the client’s objective we started with a 20 keyword SEO optimization package. We used some of the data from their current Results: Google AdWords campaign to develop a From these efforts the client gained a 100% successful keyword set. We wrote quality increase in the amount of traffic generated content and began implementation of the from the website. In addition they were content pages with a complete metatag receiving an average of 3.8 leads a week revamp of the existing site. from the website, while prior to this they were generating about 2-3 per month In doing the SEO keyword research we through all their efforts. This metric was noticed the CTR (clickthrough rate) on their generated through SalesForce captures and Google AdWords campaign was below 1%. WSI Voice Marketer. In fact, because of the They were getting lots of impressions, but client’s exposure on the search engines for very few clicks. Their positioning was good, keywords related to Calyx Point, the Calyx but their pay per click cost was high and they Software Company decided to offer an weren’t generating quality leads. exclusive agreement with focusIT, Inc. for hosting of their Calyx Point Data Server, now At this point we took over management of called PointCentral. To measure the results, the PPC campaign. We started by removing WSI used many metrics such as percentage their campaigns from the content network. of traffic from search, keyword popularity, Then we consolidated the campaigns and clickthrough rate, and goal conversions to WSI Consultant: reviewed all keyword sets. We removed measure success. Scott Robbins those keywords that were generating high Arizona, USA impression rates, but very low click volumes. 39
  39. 39. C pr h 21 R M. l i trsr d We r a i eednlo nd n o ea d I aci d ui s o yi t 00 A Al g seev . ae nn pn et w e ad pr e WSf nh e b s es g rh e d y t r s n .