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Food for thought .. a deck on presentation skills


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This slidedeck provides some food for thought for future presenters or existing presenters on presentation skills and wraps some ideas around presentation skills. Discussions on this topic are definitely welcome and accepted. The slidedeck falls into a series of blogs on presentation skills on

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Food for thought .. a deck on presentation skills

  1. 1. Food for thought…How to build a set of meaningless introduction slides that will only focus on gaining credibility with the audience atthe event you are presenting at, while yet forgetting that the attendees are there for the session content and not tohear about your awesomeness, where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and how awesome it is to be you.B. EATING
  2. 2. The Presenter – that’s me  Started cooking at the age of 10 Worked for TOP 500 restaurants Presents at major events Certified on Natural Gas, Propane,Butane, Induction, Infrared, Electrical Likes chicken, bacon, duck, seafood Has 20 chefs working for him Authored over 20 books and still writing some 36 years old Shoesize 10.5 USHow to cookchicken –Vol.1A take at steak video seriesPluck a duckrecipes
  3. 3. About Me … more Many other interesting things that I like to spent the first 15-20minutes talking about such as: Our company How awesome we are How awesome I am How awesome this presentation is going to be ….
  4. 4. Things I forgot to mention… My name My email address My website My blog The communities I support
  5. 5. Agenda First I will talk about … Then I will talk about… After that I will talk about… And then ..after that I will show you… And I will also show you … Then I am going to talk about … And if we have time … I will talk about …. And maybe show you… But I might have no time for this
  6. 6. Guilty?Presentation didn’t finish on time | Couldn’t demo what was planned for | Lost grip with the audience after minutes | Multiple people walked out of the roomafter sitting in my presentation for only 10 minutes | Was shocked to see the feedback scores and some of the feedback, let’s blame it on the attendee?
  7. 7. Time to reconsider
  8. 8. ContactB. Chef in poultry and meatsCuttingEdgeCertified
  9. 9. Presentation built by Dandy Weyn (@ilikesql)for presentation skills purposes