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Science Quiz Contest


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Review Quiz for Science Grade 7 (1st Quarter) Sample Questions with Answers

Science Quiz Contest

  2. 2. Question #1 Time starts now... 910876543210 Which does not belong to the group? a. Boiling point b. Flammability c. Hardness d. Metallic Properties
  3. 3. ANSWER b. Flammability All are physical property except flammability which is a chemical property.
  4. 4. Question #2 It is the ability of a material to be drawn into wires. Time starts now... 910876543210
  5. 5. ANSWER Ductility An example is copper.
  6. 6. Question #3 Which of the following has the highest melting point? a. Ice b. Copper c. Butter d. Iron Time starts now... 910876543210
  7. 7. ANSWER d. Iron – 1,535°C Ice - 0°C Copper – 1,083°C Butter - 32°C
  8. 8. Question #4 Which of the following is a chemical property? a. Crushing of stones b. Burning of woods c. Cracking an egg d. Boiling of water Time starts now... 910876543210
  9. 9. ANSWER b. Burning of woods Phase change is physical change.
  10. 10. Question #5 Which does not belong to the group? a. Salt solution (completely dissolved particles) b. Oil and water c. Alcohol and water d. Sugar dissolved in waterTime starts now... 910876543210
  11. 11. ANSWER b. Oil and water All are homogeneous mixture. Oil and water is a heterogeneous mixture.
  12. 12. Question #6 It is a combination of two or more substances that are physical combined. Time starts now... 910876543210
  13. 13. ANSWER Mixture
  14. 14. Question #7 Which does not belong to the group? a. Nature of solute and solvent b. Temperature c. Pressure d. Saturation point Time starts now... 910876543210
  15. 15. ANSWER d. Saturation Point The first three are factors affecting solubility.
  16. 16. Question #8 This is the substance which is dissolved in the solvent. Time starts now... 910876543210
  17. 17. ANSWER Solute
  18. 18. Question #9 It is a solution which contains solutes that do not dissolve anymore. Time starts now... 910876543210
  19. 19. ANSWER Supersaturated Solution
  20. 20. Question #10 Which is an example of a gas in liquid? a. Carbonated drinks b. Dental amalgam c. Air d. Steel Time starts now... 910876543210
  21. 21. ANSWER a. Carbonated Drinks
  22. 22. Question #11 Which of the following mineral is the hardest? a. Talc b. Quartz c. Topaz d. Diamond Time starts now... 910876543210
  23. 23. ANSWER d. Diamond The choices are arranged in increasing hardness.
  24. 24. Question #12 Which of the following is not a method of separating the components of a mixture? a. Filtration b. Decantation c. Stirring d. Evaporation Time starts now... 910876543210
  25. 25. ANSWER c. Stirring
  26. 26. Question #13 It is a type of mixture that separates on standing. Time starts now... 910876543210
  27. 27. ANSWER Suspension
  28. 28. Question #14 Which is not an example of emulsion? a. Milk b. Whipped Cream c. Face Cream d. Mayonnaise Time starts now... 910876543210
  29. 29. ANSWER b. Whipped Cream It is a foam.
  30. 30. Question #15 Which of the following is an example of sol? a. Spray deodorant b. Colored gems c. Blood d. Butter Time starts now... 910876543210
  31. 31. ANSWER c. Blood Spray deodorant is an aerosol. Colored gems are solid sol. Butter is a solid emulsion.
  32. 32. Question #16 Compute for the percent by volume of 13mL of alcohol in 57mL of water. Time starts now... 910876543210
  33. 33. ANSWER Solution: Volume of solution = 13 mL + 57mL = 70mL %volume = (13mL/70mL) x 100 = 18.57%
  34. 34. Question #17 What is the percent by mass of 6.2g of alum dissolved in a 412.7mL of water? (Note: 1mL = 1g) Time starts now... 910876543210
  35. 35. ANSWER Solution: Conversion: 412.7mL = 412.7g Mass of solution = 6.2g + 412.7g = 418.9 %mass = (6.2g/418.9g) x 100 = 1.48%