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Beauty expose summer edition 2010 11


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D&M is Australia's own truly natural, professional skincare brand featuring an extensive facial range, a body and spa collection and offering exclusive custom designed skincare products.

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Beauty expose summer edition 2010 11

  1. 1. Beauty Exposé V OL U ME 1, I SSU E 1 S U MMER E D IT ION 2010 /2011 Inside this issue: Beauty Tips 2Look a little closer… The Natural Guru 2010 Make up—Preparing the ‘canvas’ 3More people are search- Propylene Glycol Medical Science 4ing for healthier skin care This is widely used in cos- and Alternative Therapiesproducts and opting to metics as a moisture vehi-use brands that claim to cle, to hydrate the skin, Aromatherapy 5 Part 1be natural or promote the plumping it up and dimin-inclusion of specific natu- ishing fine lines and wrin- About D&M 6ral elements. Unfortu- kles. It is used as anti-nately all may not be as it freeze and in hydraulic andseems as many brands brake fluids. Propylenethat include some natural glycol is a strong skin irri-ingredients (usually mini- Mineral Oil/Petrolatum/ tant and can cause prob-mal amounts) also have a Petroleum jelly/Liquidum lems in both liverwide variety of chemicals Pariffinum (abnormalities) and kid-still as part of the formula. A Hydrocarbon derived neys (damage).It is important to read the from petroleum. It is ex- Parabens (Butyl, Ethyl,ingredients list to ascer- tremely occlusive, remain-tain just what is actually ing on the skins surface. Itcontained in the product is used in cosmeticsand this will also give you mainly because it is cheap Special points of interest:an idea of just how much and its use justified by  Not all ‘Natural’ products are sois included. The higher an having the benefit of being natural.ingredient is on the list the able to prevent moisture Methyl and Propyl) These are preservatives  A promoted natural ingredientgreater the quantity in- loss from the skin. It is doesn’t make the product Allcluded. akin to covering your skin that are widely used in Natural. with cling wrap but with cosmetics. They destroyThere are some ingredi-  Chemical concoctions in skin care much more dire results; it enzyme activity and thusents quite commonly used can cause health issues. blocks pores and causes inhibit microbial skin care products that  Read the ingredients list of all formation of blackheads, These preservatives canare not good for you or products before purchasing them. leaches required vitamins get into the blood streamyour skin and products and minerals from the and, as such, the organs ofcontaining such ingredi- skin, interferes with cell the body where the pre-ents should be avoided. development and the servative activity contin- skins ability to eliminate ues, limiting the body‟s toxins and may also con- enzyme activities. Cancer-We are going to look at 3 tain contaminants ous tumors dissected inof these ingredients in this (polycyclic aromatic hydro- laboratories showed para-edition of The Beauty Ex- carbons) that are carcino- ben residues and their sus-posé: genic. It also interferes pected carcinogenic poten- with the skins natural lubri- tial led to the banning of cating function and with parabens in Japan continued use exacer- bates dryness of the skin.
  2. 2. Beauty Tips. Summer Essentials – Manicured Feet - Sacred Sage 2010 Book yourself in for a cle softening product, Cooling Foot Balm for a do-it-yourself pedi apply to your cuticles real feet treat! Tip: Put and get your tootsies and leave for a couple some bed socks on and of minutes. Wrap a tiny go to sleep and wake beautifully groomed piece of damp cotton up with rejuvenated, for the summer sea- wool around an orange/ soft and energized feet. son: bamboo stick and gen- tly push your cuticles Paint your toes nails Cut & File nails to back. Tip: Add a few the next day and you shape prior to soaking drops of essential oil to have summer ready your feet. Tip: Keep a the water prior to soak- feet! Ensure you use a little bit of length on ing to stimulate tired good base and top coat your nails to elongate feet- try Rosemary or to prevent staining and the look of your toes Peppermint essential chipping! and feet. oils. Remove calluses and To keep your feet in tip dead skin build up using top condition through- a variety of tools- a cal- out summer: lus shaver (only use on Applying cuticle oil and calluses), a rasp and a foot balm daily. Have pedi paddle. Ensure them next to your bed your feet are damp and so you can just pop it gently use the callus on before you go to shaver over calluses, sleep. Brighten stained nails then work the rasp Are your feet ready for by squeezing lemon briskly back and forth juice onto cotton pads/ over the dead skin build Exfoliate your feet exposure during the weekly with a scrub, balls and rubbing all up and finish with the summer season? over your nails. Tip: pedi paddle to smooth pumice stone or pedi Leave the soaked cot- the soles of your feet. paddle in the shower. ton pads/balls on top of Tip: Apply some foot/ Remove chipped polish your nails for 3-5 min- body lotion to your feet and apply new polish utes for extra stain re- prior to callus and dead as soon as chipping moval power. skin removal for a soft occurs. finish and to reduce the chances of removing Give yourself a full pedi Remove ridges by too much skin. lightly buffing your nail every 3-4 weeks. plates (top of your nails) using a block Massage a couple of buffer or a gentle nail drops of cuticle oil into file. Tip: Only buff on each cuticle and nail. the nails with ridges Try D&M‟s strengthen- and only until a pow- ing and nourishing cuti- dery coating appears cle oil. Tip: Buff your on the nail plate- Do nails with a 3 way buffer Not over buff! for that professional fin- ish. Soak your feet in warm water for 5 mins to sof- Lather some foot balm ten your cuticles and onto your feet and mas- skin. If you have a cuti- sage it in- try D&M‟sPage 2 Volume 1, Issue 1
  3. 3. Make yourself over Part 1 – Skin Prep - Sacred Sage 2010 It‟s very easy to get heard the saying “you caught up in the daily need the perfect can- grind and apply the vas to start with” so same make-up every let‟s invest a couple of single day. But every minutes into skin prep now and then we all to give you just that- a look in the mirror and perfect canvas! think I‟m really sick of what I look like! Well with summer and 2011 fast approaching now is the perfect time to refresh your look using easy tips and tech- niques to suit your skin and features. We are stripping it all back and “Try these quick starting with skin solutions and see preparation. We‟ve all which one/s work for you:” Problems and Solutions Does your skin look dull Does your make-up wear cleanse and prime your skin. ensure your make up applica- even after you have ap- off quickly or just disap- tion is even and always allow a Apply your foundation and few minutes between applying plied your make-up? pear? concealer and allow it to set for your liquids and your powders a couple of minutes. with extra time if you have This generally occurs on oily applied a moisturizer and/or a Your skin is probably a little skin types and if: Sweep and gently press some sunscreen as well. lifeless and in need of a boost. Try these quick solutions and translucent powder over the The make-up formulation has a see which one/s work for you: top to seal. Does your make-up high oil content which is unsuit- Apply a light, hydrating mois- able for your skin. crack? turizer underneath your foun- Apply powder and/or bronzer Your skin requires more pre and blush. dation if you don‟t already do make-up preparation or the use Usually this occurs on skins so. of a primer. that tend to be dry and/or de- Continue with further make-up hydrated and by using founda- You are using poor quality applications. tion and concealer products Use an illuminating product make up with minimal lasting that are unsuitable for your underneath or on top of your power. skin. People with a tendency to Do you experience cak- foundation to give your face a dryness and or dehydration The chances are that your skin ing or blotchy make-up? healthy glow. Apply most should be applying a light but prominently to the top of your is quite oily and the best skin hydrating moisturizer under- cheek bones, bridge of your preparation for you involves the There is nothing more irritating neath their make-up and nose, centre of your chin and following quick steps: than realizing your make up is should be using a foundation forehead and dust the excess blotchy once you have finished with a high oil content to pro- over your chest. Cleanse your skin in the morn- applying it all! Normally this tect against further dryness ing and if you like to moisturize occurs when you dont leave and cracking. in the morning only apply a tiny enough time between applying Think about when the last time amount of a suitable and a light your liquids (moisturizer/ was that you exfoliated and if With the above make -up moisturizer (free from mineral foundation etc) and your pow- issues exposed and the it‟s been a while aim to exfoli- oils) to your skin. ders causing the powder parti- ate twice a week. inclusion of a good skin cles to group together and set prep rout ine you should Allow your moisturizer to be on the moist areas of your skin. now be able to turn your Apply a night treatment product absorbed for a few minutes The other cause of caking and face into the perfect can- before you go to bed for a and then apply a primer. A blotchiness can be due to the vas every day! vibrant and well rested com- primer will give your skin a application of cream based plexion ready for morning good base to work with and will products on top of powder enhance the staying power of based products- ie a cream make-up application. your make-up. blush on top of your bronzer or NOTE: If you don‟t apply mois- powder. Always stick to using turizer in the morning, then just products with the same base toBeauty Exposé Page 3
  4. 4. Medical Science and Alternative Therapies. - The Natural Guru 2010 Many people have not health issues nor the only intent and result. If there is heard of the term proven means of sustaining no faith in the drug, regard- Iatrogenic Disease, not health and addressing less of where it came from, surprisingly, as it is a term health related problems. the power of the mind Physicians would prefer Alternative therapies and based on the belief that it you did not learn. The term medication developed from will not work procures a is a reference to disease natures bountiful array of result equal to the power of caused by medical inter- supplies have been used the lack of belief. vention of a health problem since the beginning of man- by a physician and/or medi- kind and, indeed, many cation prescribed. Most formulated scientific drugs In conclusion; people would recognize the are based on elements Why should it matter if term more if I said adverse from natures medicine someone has more faith in reactions or side effects. chest. and thus gravitates towards If we look at iatrogenic dis- natural (alternative) thera- ease caused by medication pies for their health issues? Why medical scientists feel If they find relief or cure for we are describing illness or threatened or alarmed ill health in varying degrees their problem through these enough to produce such a forms of help it should be of as a direct result of taking programme proclaiming medicine prescribed for a no consequence to anyone their drugs are better and else. specific complaint. An ex- should be trusted more is ample would be the devel- beyond my comprehension. I believe it is time for sci- opment of thrush in a per- I feel that scientists and ence, and those practicing son as a result of ingesting medical professionals in this field, to realize that anti-biotics. should be more open with they are not alone in their regards to alternative thera- ability to provide relief, help pies and their benefits for or cure for health issues. A recent television pro- Science is not perfect and gramme that compared some people. Perhaps learning to work along with its belief in how you must alternative therapies/ prove everything before it is medicine to scientific drugs rather than against natural therapies should be prac- viable or true needs to be caused me to be alarmed reconsidered. It cannot A Doctor’s Hippocratic by the bias and the fact that ticed. prove how we homosapians the host, a professor at a came into being yet here oath states “First do no prestigious university, and a The host of the television we are! Scientists and or- scientist himself, concluded show did try some alterna- thodox medical practitio- harm” that people should trust the tive therapies but made it ners also need to allow scientific drugs created by quite clear from his com- other people to believe in scientists as it proved its ments that he believed it what they wish without worth through having to was all hocus pocus non- prejudice and trying to undergo double blind test- sense. It was quite obvious change their ideas and ide- ing to ensure its safety and that his intention was not to als to be the same as viability. No-where in the be open minded to the al- theirs. We are all different programme did the host ternative treatments but and, as such, what is right mention that many deaths rather to find fault with them for one may not be so for and many more suffer ill due to his lack of faith or another. Let us learn to live health, caused by these belief in them. with that rather than trying scientific drugs and their to make everyone conform iatrogenic disease. Neither to one ideal. was it mentioned that many In my opinion faith or belief drugs that have undergone in any form of help for the double blind testing are health related issues will removed from use due to have a bearing on the out- the dangers of serious dis- come of results. This is ease or death after having quite clear when you take been on the market for a the fact that during double period of time. blind testing of scientific drugs patients given noth- ing more than a „sugar pill‟ Medical science has indeed find cure or relief from their come a long way in terms illness being treated. Their of developing medication belief that they are actually which can provide relief being given the real drug from health problems, how- enables the power of the ever, it is not the only form mind to procure the healing of relief to be found forPage 4 Volume 1, Issue 1
  5. 5. Aromatherapy— using essential oils around the home. Part 1 - The Natural Guru 2010 Essential oils are the life force of the others in and around her life will re- therapeutic value but are to be plant from which they come and are call her when that aroma is smelled seen as of a lesser quality than the highly concentrated so care needs to even if she is not in their presence. purest oils not set to any standard be taken when using them. There are With this in mind you can burn a spe- other than what Mother Nature de- many essential oils available on the cific oil or oil blend at special occa- livered. market with each having its own varia- sions Christmas, Mothers day, Birth- Please note: It is vitally important tion of properties that can be employed days, etc.) and begin the process of you purchase your essential oils to aid the mind and body during times creating memories for those who at- from a reputable supplier as there of stress, dis-ease or injury and these tend the occasions. are some unscrupulous people who beautiful oils can be used at any time to adulterate their oils simply to make create an atmosphere or simply create more money. Ask questions about a wonderful aroma around the home. Fragrant oils or Essential oils? the suppliers oils, where they come Essential oils and fragrant oils are from and their process for purity two entirely different things. Fragrant assurance. If they are not forthcom- oils are synthetic smells created to ing with their answers or cannot mimic pleasant smells from nature. give you assurances then look for They are uniformly cheap and readily another supplier. available from many stores ($2 stores There are several ways in which the right through to high class depart- aromatic oils can be delivered to the ment stores) but they have no thera- Storage of your essential oils mind and body; through massage in a peutic values, they simply smell nice. Essential oils have a shelf life and massage medium, through evaporation These synthetic fragrances can should be used before this date. in an oil burner, room sprays, bath, or a cause sensitivity to the nasal pas- This shelf life can be lessened if the medium such as body lotions or creams sages and sinuses and some people essential oils are not stored cor- and shower soaps etc. Once the oils experience headaches when they are rectly as light, heat and oxidation have been dispersed onto the body or used as well as develop skin sensitiv- can destroy their properties. The inhaled through breathing the evapo- ity or rashing if used in a medium and correct storage conditions are: rated oil/s they deliver results according delivered to the skin. to their properties. Some oils can be  In a coloured (amber or cobalt ingested but should never be adminis- blue) glass bottle Essential oils on the other hand vary tered in this manner unless advised by in price from oil to oil but even at the  Away from direct sunlight a qualified aromatherapist. lower end of their price range are Oils that have been administered more expensive than fragrant oils.  Away from a direct heat source through a medium (shower gel/soap, a They also smell differently from their  Below 30 degrees centigrade lotion or cream or in a carrier oil) begin synthetic nemesis (try smelling a syn- (optimum temperature is 16 de- to be absorbed through the skin and thetic fragrance and the real thing, grees centigrade) eventually find their way into the blood the difference will be notable) and are where they can circulate through the available through chemists, health  Do not refrigerate internal body and deliver their proper- stores and shops/stores that sell al-  Ensure caps are screwed on ties as required. The essential oil/s or ternative therapy items. All essential correctly after using components unused in procuring a re- oils should have a use by date on the sult are simply eliminated from the body bottle, the Latin and common name via exhalation, sweat, urination or defe- of the oil, storage instructions and the cation. term 100% pure essential oil. Oils inhaled are taken into the brain, Just to confuse things a little more, where they can initiate hormonal re- there are essential oils that are of lease responses and into the nasal pas- B.P. Standard. These oils are still sages, sinuses, throat and lungs, where 100% pure but can be made from they can immediately procure result; different species and harvests of the Use of a storage box for essential from here they also find passage into plant and may have undergone fur- oils is recommended as it will help the blood stream and initiate responses ther processing so that a specific to keep light out and maintain a as they circulate throughout the entire standard (set by the British Pharma- cooler temperature. body. This form of administration works copeia) is obtained. In such oils there well for sinus and lung congestion as is no variation as it conforms to the If you follow the correct storage well as for things such as depression standard and thus remains constant, conditions for these precious oils and fatigue and is the perfect way to whereas in essential oils that are not they will remain viable for use until create a specific atmosphere within the of B.P. Standard there can be varia- their expiry date arrives. home. Certain memories can be in- tions depending on that year‟s har- voked when specific aromas are vest, where the plant was grown and In our next Beauty Exposé we will smelled, e.g. when a woman wears a how and when it was harvested. B.P. look at choosing and blending es- particular perfume for a period of time Standard oils are fine to use for the sential oils.Beauty Exposé Page 5
  6. 6. PO Box 427 Ascot Vale Victoria, 3032 Australia Copyright © Deep and meaningful Pty Ltd 2010. All rights reserved.