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Beauty expose edition 2 autumn 2011

  1. 1. Beauty Exposé V OL U ME 1, ISSU E 2 A U T U MN E D IT ION 2011The price you pay… The Natural Guru 2011 Inside this issue: Beauty Tips 2What price are you willing to ter price from suppliers. In a fair desire for natural products. Thispay for skin care products? This world this should mean a re- trend has seen the increase in Make up—Foundation 3is a question I have been asking duced price for consumers but in products that tout the inclusion Part 2people I meet to gain insight reality it just means greater prof- of extracts etc within their formu-into their understanding of the its for the company. lations but buyers beware! - just Ingredients to avoid 4pricing concept of skin care and It also can no longer be stated because marketing is geared to- Part 2if they know what they are get- that the more you pay for a prod- wards the natural element in-ting for their money. Many are uct gives you an indication of the cluded does not mean it is a natu- Aromatherapy 5 Part 2willing to opt for the cheaper quality as many companies now ral product; the addition of asupermarket varieties of prod- price their products in accor- natural ingredient or two in a D&M 6ucts available while others be- dance to this concept and create formula does not mean that therelieve they are purchasing a better the status they want to achieve is an exclusion of chemical con-quality product when they pay for their brand and/or product. coctions as well. Many of thequite a substantial amount, A particular company may manu- chemicals included in skin careregardless of where they pur- facture the same product with products have dire consequenceschase it. maybe a very slight variation (if to the health of those that applyIn the recent past it was easy to any) that in no way alters the them. In recent times the healthascertain the quality of a skin viability of the product, retail it issues surrounding many of thecare product simply by where under a different brand name chemicals included in skin careyou could obtain it, i.e. at a they have registered under the and cosmetic products has comesupermarket, chemist/ company umbrella and alter the to light but companies are stilldepartment store or beauty retail price which can vary con- choosing to use them in theirsalon. The rule of thumb was siderably depending on the qual- formulas. This begs the questionthat cheaper products available ity they have manufactured “Why?’. The answer is simple, it is Special points of interest:from supermarkets were less through marketing for each par- cheaper to not have to re-  Price is not indicative of than those available from ticular brand they own. So, some- formulate or change what youa chemist/department store one can be paying $X for the already have. What this means to  A promoted natural ingredientwhile the products with the product under one brand name consumers is that there may be doesn’t make the product Allgreatest activity were only avail- while another may be paying two, more than a financial cost to pay! through professional outlets three, four times that amount In conclusion; where you pur-  Chemical concoctions in skin caresuch as Beauty salons, day spas, because it is packaged under a chase or the price you pay at the can cause health issues.etc. Those days and the rule of different brand. register is not necessarily indica-thumb are passing expediently as Let’s face it any company, regard- tive of the quality of a product.more and more companies opt less of what they sell, is about Consumers need to become moreto have their products stocked in generating income for the com- enlightened about ingredientsas many types of retail outlets as pany and its owners, after all that and marketing tactics used topossible in an attempt to obtain is what business is all about. If generate interest and learn howgreater sales quantities and, as consumers start demanding to read ingredient lists as well assuch, financial gain. By stocking change in those products then they have learned/are learning totheir products in various types of the company must alter and read nutritional panels of food tooutlets the products become deliver goods according to their ensure that what they are purchas-more visible to a greater range of [consumers] wishes or lose in- ing is a healthier choice otherwisepotential consumers and in- come. Market trends have a huge they may be paying with theircrease sales as a direct result. impact on skin care and with health as well as their hard earnedGreater sales equates to lower more and more people becoming money!cost as purchasing greater bulk consciously aware of environ-quantities of ingredients results mental issues they are also be-in the power to negotiate a bet- coming more engaged in the
  2. 2. Beauty Tips. DIY Anti-ageing Regime - Sacred Sage 2011 If botox and cosmetic surgery and health issues from head- Anti- ageing skin care – Select arent your style then perhaps aches to heart disease. Detoxing anti-ageing skincare that is good these DIY anti-ageing regime the body on a regular basis can for your skin. Look for natural guidelines will be just what greatly assist the removal of and organic products that are you need. A fusion of simple harmful toxins and allow your formulated with powerful natu- yet effective tips and lifestyle body and mind to function at rally occurring anti-ageing ingre- choices will make a difference optimum levels. There are so dients. Moisturizing is most im- not only in how you look but many detox programs to choose portant as it will provide the skin also in how you feel! from and it is usually best that with essential hydration, nourish- you choose one that fits with ment and protection from further Energy and nutrient intake- your lifestyle and doesnt inter- free radical damage. Exfoliate Make sure your diet is high in fere with your health conditions. twice a week for optimum cell wholegrains, fresh fruit, vegeta- Supplement if necessary – if regeneration, youthful skin ap- bles and oily fish and keep your your food intake doesnt provide pearance and to allow maximum calorie, saturated fat, salt and your body with what it needs, absorption of your moisturizer sugar intake down. Incorporate supplements can provide the and other product applications. foods that: body with the nutrients it is lack- Exercise more – Exercise  are good sources of Vitamin E ing. Some of the most recom- should be a core part of any an and antioxidants mended anti-aging supplements anti-ageing regime. The benefits are: of exercising are too numerous help to lower cholesterol to list but as an overall picture strengthen your immune and Green Tea Extract – one of the you will have more energy, in- most powerful and naturally creased muscle mass and bone digestive systems occurring anti-oxidants strength, reduced stress levels rid the body of toxin build up. Vitamin E – powerful antioxi- and it will help to prevent high Some top anti-ageing foods are: dant blood pressure. As far anti- berries (mainly blueberries and ageing skin benefits go- blood blackberries), avocado, Crucifer- CoQ10- for energy production flow to your skin is increased ous vegetables (cabbage, broc- and antioxidant protection which increases the delivery of coli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, nutrients and oxygen to your Omega 3 Fatty Acids- cannot skin cells making for a healthy watercress), watermelon, ginger, be made by the body and are and youthful skin. garlic and nuts (walnuts and essential for brain, heart and brazil). Get adequate beauty sleep – circulatory health Avoid caffeine, cigarettes, When you sleep your body re- alcohol and other drugs – Grapeseed extract – powerful leases growth hormone which Simple remedies to These stimulants and toxins will antioxidant that protects living stimulates cell turnover so get- age you very quickly! A high tissue and aids circulation ting enough sleep is one of the maintain a youthful intake of caffeine, alcohol and most important factors not only nicotine inhibits the absorption of for a healthy well balanced life Protect your skin from the sun but also for its strong anti- calcium, dehydrates the body appearance. (and the skin which is the first - Sun damage is the number one ageing effects on the inner and contributing factor into premature outer body. Continual lack of sign of pre-mature ageing) puts ageing as it leads to photo-aging- sleep will most certainly age you pressure on your liver and kid- a process that produces deep at a very fast rate. neys, damages vital organs and wrinkles, leathery textured skin contributes to and causes high and age spots. Wear sunscreen Stress relieving activities – blood pressure and cancer. daily even when the sun is not Stress has become part of al- Nothing beneficial there so if you out! most everyones daily life with must indulge then make sure Drink Green Tea – cutting back social and economic pressures your intake is kept in modera- on the caffeine and replacing it all around us. Stress hormones tion! with Green Tea will provide you are very damaging as they sup- Water water water- its an obvi- press the immune system and with multiple anti-ageing and ous one and one that we hear accelerate the ageing process. health benefits. Its already been about all the time. If your body is While it is almost impossible to mentioned that Green Tea is a constantly dehydrated then so is remove stress from your life powerful anti-oxidant but it has your skin and internal dehydra- entirely it is possible to perform also be shown to protect against tion leads to premature ageing of activities that are stress reliev- cancer, build resistance to heart the skin. Water makes up 70% ing. Whether it be meditation, disease and dementia and con- off our bodies so it is crucial for yoga, pilates, massage, sweat- tribute to the body’s ability to optimum functioning. Dont just ing it out in the sauna or at the burn fat. drink when youre thirsty- aim for gym, walking, a bath, reading, a 1.5 – 2 litres of water daily and facial or just getting some fresh more according to how much air everyone should incorporate you exercise. some enjoyable stress relieving Regular Detox- our bodies are activities into their lives. constantly exposed to and are absorbing pollutants, stress, bad eating and sleeping habits, poor posture and lack of exercise. Over time the combined effect of this mental and physical toxicity can lead to different ailmentsPage 2 Volume 1, issue 2
  3. 3. Make yourself over Part 2 – Foundation - Sacred Sage 2011 Foundation is like the mix- apply and coverage can be Foundation Sticks – Very ture for a delicious cake- get dictated by the amount of foun- similar to a cream to powder it wrong and the whole thing dation you use. Oily skins foundation and provides a is a flop! It all starts with the should select a thicker or medium to full coverage. Suit- selection of ingredients and smudge proof formulation and able for most skin types though then continues with the dry skins should select a thin- dry skins may find some formu- blending process. Pick the ner consistency. Some compa- lations cling to dry areas. correct foundation for your nies will indicate the skin type Mineral Make-up – A very skin and you are on your most suited to the product on popular choice these days as way to a flawless finish! the box or bottle. we have become more aware Mousse/Whipped Foundation of the toxic ingredients used in 1. P icking the correct foun- – Available in containers, bot- cosmetics. Coverage is de- dation for your skin type: tles and spray aerosol type pendent upon how many layers There are many different foun- cans. Provides a light to me- you choose to apply so can dation formulations to choose dium coverage depending on provide a light, medium or full from which can sometimes how much product you apply. coverage. Suitable for all skin cause confusion and result in Suitable for Normal, Dry and types especially Sensitive skins the incorrect choice for your Ageing skins as the smooth and those with allergies. Oily Tips: Look for words and skin type. airy texture doesnt cling to skins may find that some min- phrases on the foundation Tinted moisturizer – A very lines and dry areas of skin. eral make up will not give them packaging to help select the light coverage as it is moistur- the lasting power they desire. right one for your skin. If your Cream to Powder Founda- izer combined with a hint of Be aware that a lot of commer- skin is oily look for “oil free”, “oil tions – Provides a full cover- colour to even out skin tone cial cosmetic companies claim control” or “long wearing”. If age in one step (no need for and give the skin a dewy ap- to have a mineral make-up but your skin is dry look for powder application) Goes on pearance. Suitable for Normal a lot of the time it is just a mar- “moisture rich” or “hydrating” like a liquid and dries like a or Normal to Dry skins and for keting campaign. For a true and if you have combination powder for long wearing and those who want minimal cover- mineral make-up- find a brand skin then decide whether your durable coverage. Comes in a age. or company that specializes in skin is more oily or more dry variety of compacts and tubes mineral make-up, natural or and choose your foundation Liquid Foundation - Usually and is most suitable for combi- organic cosmetics. according to that. a medium coverage though nation skins and those wanting smudge proof formulations can a full coverage that is long provide a full coverage. Easy to lasting. Colour Selection & Application... 2. Choosing the correct allow them to settle for a min- Fingers – a quick and easy shade for your skin tone: ute and then stand back from application that allows you to the mirror. Take a good look for be in control. Ensure you pick the foundation the foundation that has Sponge - great for an even shade that best suits your natu- disappeared into your skin. application but can absorb a lot ral skin tone by doing a founda- This will be the correct founda- of your foundation causing tion test. It is best to do this in tion shade for your skin as it wastage and can sometimes store or at a cosmetic counter. has blended in so well that you leave sponge marks on your All you need is a few minutes, can barely see it. skin. a mirror, some natural or fluo- rescent lighting and your skin Tips: Artificial lighting can be Foundation Brush – gives you to be free from foundation and very deceiving and different to an even and professional appli- powder: that of natural day light, so if cation and doesnt absorb the you are unsure as to which foundation but can leave brush Choose 3 or 4 foundations that colour has blended in the best marks. appear to look closest to your take another look in a mirror Finish with the application of natural skin tone. Do this by outside. translucent powder looking at the bottle (if clear) or testing them on your hand. Go 3. Applying you r founda- for yellow based tones to give tion: Note: Concealer can be ap- warmth or if you have fair skin plied before and/or after foun- select pink (cool) based tones. dation. Now that you have the perfect Apply a stroke of each founda- foundation for your skin type tion in vertical lines from your and tone applying it should be mid cheek to your upper neck the easy part: Tips: Try using a foundation and leave at least a 1 cm gap brush to apply your foundation between each line. Make sure and then use a sponge to blot you only use a small amount of Apply your moisturizer (and over any brush marks. You foundation for each line so it sunscreen) and if possible wait can also use your fingers to can be slightly absorbed into 10 minutes before applying blend crevice areas like the your skin. Applying a thick your foundation. nose. layer will not give you a correct Apply an even layer of founda- result. Always check the hairline, tion and blend well into your Once you have applied the 3-4 neck, nose and eye areas and skin by using the most suitable different foundations in lines application method: blend blend blend!Beauty Exposé Page 3
  4. 4. Ingredients to avoid. Part 2 - The Natural Guru 2011 In the last issue of skin allergies and used to render cos- Beauty Exposé we have the potential to metic preparations looked at; be a carcinogen. free of microbial ac- Mineral oil; Propylene tivity. This preserva- Glycol; Parabens. tive can also find its If you would like to AHAS way into the blood read up on these go Citric, Glycolic, Lactic stream and vital or- to our website ar- and Malic acids, used gans of the body chives for the pdf of to remove the outer were its carcinogenic issue 1. layer of the skin. properties may take Used as a means of hold. It can also We are now going to diminishing fine line cause skin sensitivity take a look at a few and wrinkles and of- and irritation. more ingredients ten included in cos- used quite commonly metics designed for in cosmetic products daily use. Used as a Ethanol but which can prove facial treatment once This alcohol can detrimental to your to twice yearly may cause severe skin skin, health or both. prove somewhat irritation for people beneficial but when with already sensitive Triethanolamine used on a daily basis skin. Its very nature (TEA) can prove to be detri- enables it to dehy- TEA is used in cos- mental to the skin by drate the skin and metics as an emulsi- causing freckling, sun cause the appear- fier, Ph adjuster and spots and even lead- ance of fine lines and Be careful of daily use preservative. It is se- ing to skin cancers as wrinkles. Over pro- products containing verely irritating to the the skin is more sen- longed contact with skin and considered a sitive to the UV rays the skin, as in daily AHA’s. possible carcinogenic because it no longer use via a cosmetic (as may be contami- has the outer shell of preparation contain- nated with nitrosa- the skin for protec- ing this ingredient, mines). Can cause tion. It can also lead the skin can develop allergic reactions, eye to increased sensitiv- sensitivity and be- irritations and it has a ity of the skin and come irritated and very drying effect on may result in red- red. the skin, so can ness, soreness and cause flakiness. skin irritation. The very reason it is used, anti-ageing by reduc- SLES & SLS tion of lines and wrin- (Sodium laureth sul- kles, can be exacer- phate and Sodium bated with long term lauryl sulphate) continuous use even These are used to in small doses. Become enlightened! create the foam in body washes and Imadazolidinyl urea For more information shampoos. They can Is one of the most on cosmetic ingredi- cause irritation to the commonly used pre- ents used in your skin eye, skin rashes, servatives (even in care go to; scurf on the scalp baby products), next www.cosmeticsdatab (similar to dandruff), to parabens. It is ase.comPage 4 Volume 1, issue 2
  5. 5. Aromatherapy— using essential oils around the home. Part 2 - The Natural Guru 2011 Choosing essential oils. nose and moving them back and forth create an atmosphere rather than treat- Knowing the prop- while inhaling will allow enough blending ing a specific ailment/condition then you erties of essential of the evaporating oils to achieve a re- have to consider the notes of the oils so oils is important sponse and determine suitability. It is that the blend will have balance. Each so that better important to note here that any oil disliked oil evaporates at a given rate and ac- choices can be for its aroma today may find favour at a cording to this rate of evaporation the made and good later date as its suitability for a different oil is considered a top note (quickest to results obtained. issue can alter the perception of whether evaporate), a middle note (evaporates This knowledge or not the aroma is found pleasant. less quickly and offers body to a blend) can be obtained Not only can essential oils be used for the or a base note (slowest to evaporate by reading their properties in books, finding mind, body and spirit but they can also be and helps lock all notes together). A information online and talking with others used around the home to enhance clean- good blend will contain all of these who are ahead of you on this journey of ing while still imparting their beautiful notes. It is a bit like writing a story; top discovery. Many essential oils have similar aromas into the rooms where they are notes are the introduction and give an properties and may cause a little confusion used. Again, reading and learning the indication of what is to come, middle initially as to which oil is the best but given properties of the essential oils will aid notes are the body of the story, intro- time you will find it easier to make your your choice of oil for each job at hand. ducing and developing characters, choice as you become more familiar with the Some oils are antiseptic and so can be emotions and intrigue and the base oils and the symptoms or conditions they used when washing down benches or notes are the ending bringing the story treat. floors or even cleaning the bathroom and to a gratifying close. If a diagnosis of a condition has been made toilet, others, like eucalyptus, can help When blending oils to burn to create an by a qualified person then many books will remove sticky or oily residue, etc. atmosphere choose oils from each note list the oil/s for that specific condition and However you choose to use oils at home with the properties to achieve a suitable make choosing easier. If an actual diagnosis the beginning to making the correct feeling for the occasion (an example; is not required or has not been done pres- choice for the job at hand means a jour- Sweet Orange (top note) lifts the mind ently, looking at the symptoms and matching ney into the properties of the oils first so and spirits, Geranium (middle note) is those symptoms to the properties of the that correct and better choices can be known to encourage communication essential oils is the first step in determining made. It is not all about the aroma! between strangers, an excellent choice your choice. It is a good idea to have a ref- for any occasion where everyone does Blending oils not know each other and Sandalwood erence guide on hand until you become really familiar with the oils, even then you There are specific oils that are known to (base note) is relaxing). will still find you have need for reference work well with each other as they can Base notes are the least quantity in the material. Always, always check the safety of create a synergistic blend if used to- blend, Top notes next and the body of the essential oils for the recipient by ensur- gether. What this means is that when two the blend will be the greatest in quan- ing there are no conditions present in the or more oils are blended together they tity. (There is always some controversy person to which the essential oils are con- can create a more potent oil to treat a with regards to quantities but we are not traindicated. specific issue, referred to as a synergistic trying to make a perfect perfume here blend (when the sum of the whole is just put together a good workable blend Even with reference material on hand you greater than its parts). So, if an oil is of essential oils – creating our own need to look at possible causes when treat- known to work well with another oil with story.) ing conditions as you dont want to exacer- the same properties desired for the issue bate a possible cause of the condition you It is always advisable to create a blend being addressed blending them together are addressing. An example to explain this like this a few days in advance so that can create a better result. It is not wise to further would be; the aromas can have time to perfectly think that you can find and use half a If someone is anxious and/or stressed and dozen oils with the property you desire blend together. If you smell a blend suffering a headache as a result of this then and that are classified as working well straight after making it the aroma will be it is not wise to use an oil that can be used with each to create a super powered different than if it is left for a couple of to treat the headache if it is also a stimulat- blend. Too many oils with the same prop- days. A blend needs time to mature. ing oil as this will only exacerbate the anxi- erty in a single blend can create problems Making it in advance also gives you the ety and stress level. It would be wiser to use and may even negate the power; i.e. have chance to add another oil/s to the blend an oil that will calm the mind and body while a negative effect and make a less potent to improve the aroma (if desired). addressing the headache. blend. The rule of thumb to employ here It is always wise to keep a note of es- is “3 or 4 but never more”, meaning using sential oils used and in what quantity The body itself can give direction on better no more than 3-4 oils with the same prop- should you desire to re-create the blend choices as it will naturally be drawn to an oil erty to treat a single specific issue. at a later date. by smelling it. This may sound a little absurd but the mind and body will distinguish prop- It is possible to blend several oils together erties when inhaling the evaporating oil and that will treat different symptoms, e.g. a prefer the oil/s which suit its need/s, evident headache, tiredness and slight nausea. by the person preferring the aroma of the oil/ Some oils will treat some of the conditions s which will give the best results for them. and then others can be added to treat the When a person rejects the smell of an oil it rest or create a synergy to treat one or is important to be able to choose another oil more of the symptoms (Peppermint will to replace it or, indeed, another oil that can aid the headache, tiredness and nausea, be used with it to enhance its properties. In Ginger will help with tiredness and nau- the case of adding another oil for enhance- sea and Rosemary can help with head- ment the person then needs to be able to aches and tiredness), creating different smell both oils together rather than as indi- synergies within one blend. In our next edition of Beauty Exposé we vidual oils. Simply holding the oils under the will look at essential oil dilution ratios. When blending oils for use in a burner toBeauty Exposé Page 5
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