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  • -12,000+ students- A modern University is heart of historic Lincoln- Graduating in the well known, fabulous Lincoln CathedralAn enterprising University, part of the innovative University Alliance group of UniversitiesHas enjoyed one of the fastest rises in league tables. Going from 120 in 2001 when established, to around the top 50 now.But we are particularly proud of our ethos…
  • Student as Producer is about engaging students more effectively in their learning and in research.We have taken these principles beyond learning and the curriculum. We are organising our University around them.Lincoln is becoming a truly collaborative effort.We’re taking a long-term, sustainable approach though – not just seeing student engagement as an ad hoc project here and there.
  • We have learnt there is a need to establish shared meaning and language in our work. We have 1,200 staff who we need to bring on board as well as 12,000 students – we need to be working towards the same thing. By no means are we suggesting this is a definition for other institutions, you need to find what works for you, but this our work in progress attempt.
  • A union in the centre of the UniversityImproved Academic RepresentationStudents as partnersTraining and Information Sharing
  • Quality matters 2013 working with your institution

    1. 1. Working with your University or College #QM13 @danderricott @ulsu_academic image © Shradha Mishra
    2. 2. workshop overview introducing Lincoln where you’re at now our strategic approach making the case
    3. 3. [introducing Lincoln]
    4. 4. [student as producer] Student as Producer reaffirmed our commitment to collaborating with students. We have embedded researchengaged-teaching and co-production into every programme and corner of our University. Delivered with the SU since its inception in 2009.
    5. 5. [defining student engagement] involving students as partners / producers in the strategic development of your programmes of study / projects / service / department. This is as opposed to, for instance, increasing footfall for your service / attendance at lectures. We would however expect that footfall for services and engagement in learning for schools would naturally increase as the quality of the offering is enhanced.
    6. 6. [defining student engagement] involving students as partners / producers in the strategic development of your programmes of study / projects / service / department. Students, academics and support staff working in partnership to produce a better student experience Giving students a voice at the table throughout decision making processes / projects and tapping into their expertise & creativity Student engagement is creating those opportunities and support students & staff to make the most of them. It’s a process, not an outcome Outcome: enhanced quality of education & student experience
    7. 7. [introducing the Students’ Union]
    8. 8. where you’re at now where in the university or college does the SU have strong relationships? are your relationships mostly with managers? where is the support, enthusiasm and capacity for student engagement in your university or college? what does ‘student engagement’ mean for your staff in reality?
    9. 9. our strategic approach
    10. 10. [student engagement strategy] • First attempt at framework for transforming the University • An institution level action plan sitting beneath our corporate strategy • UK (global?) first?
    11. 11. [embedding capacity & proactivity] • Leadership within schools & departments through Student Engagement Champions • Forward planning, innovating and working differently within schools & departments through departmental student engagement plans
    12. 12. [inspiring good practice] • providing you with the ideas and help on what works through sharing examples amongst departments • pushing boundaries and testing new ideas centrally before rolling out the idea for adoption digital by default + tailored consultancy
    13. 13. [understanding & celebrating impact] • mapping the input and impact of students’ so that we can see what works well and what does not • celebrating when things go well (e.g. with the SU through their annual awards) • closing the feedback loop – telling students about tangible & meaningful change
    14. 14. [in practice so far] examples from 2012-13: HR ran a successful pilot to include a student as a full member of interview panels. Now being rolled out. Quality, Standards & Partnerships have developing a model & training for including students as peer reviewers in programme validations & periodic academic reviews. Estates have developed the Learning Landscapes Blog as a means for feeding into campus development projects. 5000+ hits. The Vice-Chancellor has established a Facebook page to engage students & staff in her work and keep in touch with uni’ life.
    15. 15. capacity and proactivity
    16. 16. [student engagement champions] • currently a champion in most central support departments • this year we will have a champion in every school too • a network of 36 change leaders • lead on developing & implementing school student engagement plan
    17. 17. [student engagement plans] 1 Reflecting on your impact on the student experience 2 Key activity this year where students could engage A mixture of short and long term activity to embed student engagement in your day to day, year to year activity. All 36 schools & departments working collaboratively 3 Sustainable student engagement initiatives 4 Contributing to institutional priority actions Complimented by central support and sharing good practice
    18. 18. [key institutional actions] asking every school & department to: 01 Empower Student Engagement Champions to lead change within every school and professional support department 02 Embed regular, productive engagement with elected Student Reps and SU Officers into the annual planning and evaluation cycle of each department 03 Increase engagement with priority groups of students: mature students and international students 04 Report back to students and staff of the impact of student engagement with tangible and meaningful examples of change 05 Systematically make best use of student survey data that we collect to inform the development of the University
    19. 19. making the case where in your institution could you get buy-in for requiring all departments to think about student engagement with the SU? how could you move towards a shared definition and understanding of student engagement in quality enhancement? what hurdles will you have to overcome and how?
    20. 20. @unilincoln @lincolnsu Dan Derricott student engagement officer vice-chancellor’s office dderricott@lincoln.ac.uk 01522 88 6275 @danderricott Ian Antwi vice-president academic affairs students’ union academic@lincolnsu.com 01522 88 6144 @ulsu_academic thank you!