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Which WordPress is right for you? We’ll compare the differences between and to help you understand if you should stick with or move to a self-hosted installation. Bloggers who start out on may later decide that a self-hosted site is a better choice for them. If you’re in that position, this session will help you to make the move.

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  • Here’s Neil telling a piece of his story…
  • There are some limitations with so you may want to move to a .org installation to be able to
  • Moving from to

    1. 1. Moving from to
    2. 2. In this Session… Which WordPress is right for you? Making the move What your new responsibilities are Q&A Slides will be available at
    3. 3. For a Personal Blog .com is awesome! Its Free You dont need a domain name (but you can use one if you want to) Its as Easy as 1-2-3: create blog - pick theme - start writing No technical knowledge required to get started Maintenance is taken care of for you Your blog is part of the huge .com community 330 million visitors, viewing 3.4 billion pages every month!
    4. 4. Where can take you... Toronto blogger Neil Pasricha knows from experience that is awesome!
    5. 5. Where can take you... Toronto blogger Neil Pasricha –
    6. 6. Why move to .org? Monetize your blog with ads Choose from thousands of free and premium themes Customize your own theme Plugins! Integrate your blog and website with WordPress as a CMS
    7. 7. Getting Started ... Register a Domain name2. Signup for Hosting3. Set the DNS (domain name servers) If you’ve registered your domain through you can update the nameservers to point it to your new host.4. Install WordPress to the ROOT directory on the server of your hosting account! WordPress is NOT a program to install on your computer.
    8. 8. Hire Movers For $129.00 you can pay to install WordPress for you on the host company and handlethe entire move for you. It’s called a Guided Transfer
    9. 9. Frequently Asked Questions What happens to my old .com blog? You will continue to own the blog. It will remain at (hidden) unless you intentionally choose to delete it. Will my blog be under maintenance during the move? Once you purchase the guided transfer, a Happiness Engineer will set up a day to perform the transfer. The entire process is transparent to your readers. What happens to my Google page rank if I use the Guided Transfer to  move to a new host? All of your blog traffic will be seamlessly redirected to your new site if you already had a custom domain at If you didn’t, the old URL can be redirected with a Site Redirect upgrade. I purchased a premium theme at Will it be transferred? No, Premium themes purchased at are only valid at I have blog followers, will they be transferred? Yes, all your email followers and subscribers will be transferred to your new site.
    10. 10. Or…Do it yourself for free
    11. 11. Moving Day: Packing Login to your dashboard Tools -> Export to download an eXtended RSS (WXR) file of your blog’s content. By default the export is set to everything Download the export file
    12. 12. Moving Day: UnpackingLogin to your .org installation at Go to Tools -> Import -> WordPress (to install the WordPress Importer Plugin) Activate and Run the Importer Browse your computer for the WordPress eXtended RSS (WXR) file -> click Upload file and import You will first be asked to map the authors in this export file to users on the blog. For each author, you may choose to map to an existing user on the blog or to create a new user. Import attachments to bring your images over from Videos uploaded to cannot be moved through the import process.
    13. 13. Change of Address Take your readers with you Go back to your .com site and purchase the $13/year Site Redirect upgrade from the Store page in your dashboard. Enter the new domain or address where you want your .com traffic to be redirected.
    14. 14. Getting Settled In Delete the Sample Page, Post, and Comment added during the WordPress installation Install your favourite .com plugins Choose and activate a theme Customize your banner, background Setup your widgets Create menus for your navigation
    15. 15. Lock the door! Akismet Activate Get an API key Decide what it’s Fast Secure Contact Form worth to you  Adds a contact form to your Contact page.  Uses Akismet to flag spam  Option of a captcha code to further prevent spam
    16. 16. New Responsibilities Updates – WordPress core & plugins Backups Domain and Hosting Renewals
    17. 17. Keep Track of Important Info: 1. Domain Registrar: login, date renewal due 2. Host Company: login, support phone number 3. FTP Credentials 4. Your WordPress admin login
    18. 18. Q & Eh? image used by permission