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Danni wu


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Published in: Education, Business
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Danni wu

  1. 1. Meet<br />Danni Wu<br />Global Challenger<br />
  2. 2. Table ofContents<br />The Future<br /><ul><li>Graduate School
  3. 3. Internship and Full-time job
  4. 4. Green Peace Activities</li></ul>Ultimate Goals<br />The Present..<br /><ul><li>Civic Leadership Development
  5. 5. Bloomington International Student Organization
  6. 6. Green Peace Organization</li></ul>Study Abroad in Brazil<br />Personal Assets<br />The Past..<br /><ul><li>Leadership
  7. 7. Global Experience</li></ul>Education Background<br />Study Abroad in U.S.<br />Activities<br />Volunteer in Peru<br />Work Experience<br />
  8. 8. PersonalAssets<br />Strengths<br />--------------------------------------------<br />Activator<br />Can turn thoughts into action<br />Achiever<br />Great deal of stamina and work hard<br />Challenger<br />Eager to do something unfamiliar and new<br />Organized<br />Create order and structure for excellence<br />Strategic<br />Create alternative ways to succeed<br />Skills & Subjects<br />--------------------------------------------<br />Language<br />Chinese, American English and Portuguese<br />Music<br />Pass Chinese Music Association 10 level (Top level) examination<br />Compassionate Listening<br />Ability to hear beyond the words<br />Ideation<br />Creating value with whatever is present<br />Facilitation<br />Managing multiple conversations<br />
  9. 9. The Past<br />Leadership<br />Fuzhou No.3 High School, China<br />Student Government<br /><ul><li>Sports Minister (2 years)
  10. 10. Propaganda Minister (1 year)</li></ul>Global Experience<br />- Traveled to Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Mauro and Peru<br />- Grew up in China<br />- Studied in U.S. for 2 years<br />
  11. 11. Education Background<br />Fuzhou No.3 High School, China<br />Magna Cum Laude, 2009<br />Indiana University<br />Kelley School of Business<br />BS in Finance and International Business, 2013<br />
  12. 12. Study Abroad in U.S.<br />
  13. 13. Activities<br />Fuzhou No. 3 High School, China<br />--------------------------------------------<br />Sports Minister, Student government <br />Held meeting for all leader’ of sports activities and clubs<br />Planned and held sports festival consecutive 2 years<br />China Red Cross, China Leader, Student government<br />Represented high school raise 2nd largest donation in the city for 2008 Chinese earthquake reconstruction <br />Taught local little children math and English in rural area of China <br />Indiana University<br />--------------------------------------------<br />Civic Leadership Development<br /><ul><li>Fellow</li></ul>Alternative Spring Break-Coprodeli, Peru<br /><ul><li>Taught Peruvian kids from 7 to 13 speak and write English in five cities
  14. 14. Planted school gardens for Chincha and Pisco schools
  15. 15. Communicated and played games with orphanage girls</li></li></ul><li>Greatest Achievement-Volunteer Abroad in Peru<br />
  16. 16. WorkExperience<br />China<br />--------------------------------------------<br />Industrial Securities, Fuzhou, China <br /><ul><li>Assisted and communicated with senior investment analysts in headquarter
  17. 17. Listened and learned answering skills at national customer service hotline center
  18. 18. Had business tours at two out of biggest commercial back Industrial Bank, SPD Bank and Agricultural Bank of China </li></ul>Guilin Daily, Guilin, China <br /><ul><li>Interviewed the local people and took some pictures for tourism reported purposes
  19. 19. Helped the senior reporter to classified news materials and assisted with the Word edit</li></ul>Fujian HuaXin Real Estate Co., Ltd, Fuzhou, China <br /><ul><li>Guided buyers to visit apartments of houses with some introduction
  20. 20. Persuaded hesitant buyers to purchase or rent apartments or houses
  21. 21. Completed the buying or renting process
  22. 22. Improved communication skills and learned more about bank and real estate</li></li></ul><li>ThePresent<br />Civic Leadership Development<br /><ul><li>Had community volunteer
  23. 23. Campus rebuild volunteer
  24. 24. Volunteer abroad in Peru</li></ul>Bloomington International Student Ministries<br /><ul><li>Had skiing experience in Michigan and live in U.S. homestay
  25. 25. Church </li></ul>Green Peace<br />- Donate every month<br />
  26. 26. Study Abroad Again<br />Applied study abroad in emerging country-Brazil<br /><ul><li>Live in Brazilian homestay
  27. 27. Visit Global companies
  28. 28. Have San Paulo culture tour
  29. 29. Study Brazil culture and economies
  30. 30. Study Portuguese</li></li></ul><li>The Future Plan<br />Graduate School<br /><ul><li>Participate GMAT examination
  31. 31. Applied top graduate business school</li></ul>Green Peace<br />- Engage in Green Peace global activities<br />Internship and Full-time job<br />- Get an internship or full-time job in U.S. or Hong Kong<br />
  32. 32. UltimateGoals<br />Personal<br />------------------------------------------------------------------<br />Create value for not only myself, also encourage others- family, friends, colleagues. Furthermore, focus on philanthropy, help people who need your help. <br />Professional<br />------------------------------------------------------------------<br />Create a trade company I’m passionate about and allows me to:<br />1. Create job opportunities<br />2. Do business among U.S., China and Brazil <br />
  33. 33. ContactDanni<br />Email <br />--------------------------------------------<br /><br />Phone <br />--------------------------------------------<br />812.369.8110<br />Mail <br />--------------------------------------------<br />1150S Clarriz Blvd apt233<br />Bloomington, IN 47401<br />