Timeline Of The Arab And Israel Conflict


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From Zionism to Hamas

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  • This is incredibly biased first, the British defeated the OTTOMANS with the help of the Arabs. In return for their help, they were promised ALL of Palestine. In 1922 the Arabs outnumbered the Jews 8:1 (in Palestine alone, not Trans Jordan). The Balfour declaration was not legally binding, and did not promise a Jewsih state. Before independence, whole Arab village were massacred (Deir Yassin being one). Britain did not support partition as it was unfair to the Arabs who still outnumbered Jews 3:1-yets Jews were offered 54% of the land-and the most fertile at that. when a mediator was sent (Count Bernadotte) the Jewish underground assassinatated him. Arab countries warned ben-Gurion NOT to declare independence and to do so would be seen as an act of war against Arabs-which it was!
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  • I really like this powerpoint. Very informative, and good discussion points for students.
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Timeline Of The Arab And Israel Conflict

  1. 1. Timeline of the Arab andTimeline of the Arab and Israel ConflictIsrael Conflict By: Mr. CoteBy: Mr. Cote
  2. 2. Late 1800’s to WW 1Late 1800’s to WW 1  Zionism:Zionism:  Theodore Herzl, aTheodore Herzl, a leading Jewishleading Jewish sympathizer, statessympathizer, states that a Jewishthat a Jewish homeland is needed tohomeland is needed to stop the violencestop the violence against the Jewsagainst the Jews  Arabs are defeated inArabs are defeated in World War I byWorld War I by Britain, France, andBritain, France, and USA.USA.
  3. 3. Between the World WarsBetween the World Wars  Britain takes controlBritain takes control of the Palestinianof the Palestinian area.area.  Balfour Declaration:Balfour Declaration:  Says Palestine is to be used forSays Palestine is to be used for a Jewish homelanda Jewish homeland  Made by BritainMade by Britain  680,000 Jews start to move to680,000 Jews start to move to PalestinePalestine
  4. 4. WW IIWW II  Hitler and the HolocaustHitler and the Holocaust  Adolph Hitler comes toAdolph Hitler comes to power in Germanypower in Germany  6 millions Jews were killed6 millions Jews were killed during his time in powerduring his time in power all over Europeall over Europe  Equal to 2/3 of the totalEqual to 2/3 of the total Jewish population inJewish population in EuropeEurope  Hostilities between JewsHostilities between Jews and Arabs in Palestineand Arabs in Palestine beginbegin
  5. 5. Turn to a PartnerTurn to a Partner  Discuss this question:Discuss this question:  Do you believe theDo you believe the Jewish people shouldJewish people should have their ownhave their own homeland?homeland?
  6. 6. 1947-19481947-1948  United Nations:United Nations:  An agreement is made toAn agreement is made to end hostilities betweenend hostilities between Arabs and Jews.Arabs and Jews.  Palestine is to be split in 2.Palestine is to be split in 2.  650,000 Palestinians are650,000 Palestinians are to be moved from Jewishto be moved from Jewish controlled areas.controlled areas.  1948: Israel declares1948: Israel declares independence fromindependence from Britain.Britain.
  7. 7. 1948 War of Israel Independence1948 War of Israel Independence  Israel is attacked byIsrael is attacked by Syria, Lebanon,Syria, Lebanon, Jordon, Egypt, andJordon, Egypt, and Iraq.Iraq.  Israel defeats all ofIsrael defeats all of the Arab countriesthe Arab countries back and gainsback and gains more territory.more territory.
  8. 8. Turn to a PartnerTurn to a Partner  Discuss this question:Discuss this question:  Why do you think theWhy do you think the Arab countriesArab countries attacked Israel?attacked Israel?
  9. 9. Suez Crisis- 1956Suez Crisis- 1956  Egypt attempts toEgypt attempts to control a Canal from thecontrol a Canal from the Mediterranean Sea toMediterranean Sea to the Red Sea to stopthe Red Sea to stop supplies getting tosupplies getting to Israel.Israel.  Britain and France sendBritain and France send troops to stop Egypt.troops to stop Egypt.  Israel joins in and attacksIsrael joins in and attacks EgyptEgypt  This heightensThis heightens tensions betweentensions between Egypt and Israel.Egypt and Israel.
  10. 10. The PLOThe PLO  Palestine LiberationPalestine Liberation OrganizationOrganization  Formed in 1964Formed in 1964  Aim is to free PalestineAim is to free Palestine from Israeli controlfrom Israeli control through forcethrough force  Leader is Yasir ArafatLeader is Yasir Arafat  PLO leads manyPLO leads many attacks on Israeliattacks on Israeli civilians and militarycivilians and military
  11. 11. 6 Day War- 19676 Day War- 1967  Seeing Egypt, Syria,Seeing Egypt, Syria, and Jordon are gettingand Jordon are getting ready to attack Israel,ready to attack Israel, Israel attacks all 3Israel attacks all 3 countries at the samecountries at the same time.time.  Israel is able to quicklyIsrael is able to quickly defeat all threedefeat all three  Israel takes land from allIsrael takes land from all 3 countries3 countries  Israel doubles in sizeIsrael doubles in size
  12. 12. Yom Kippur War- 1973Yom Kippur War- 1973  Egypt and Syria attack Israel on the JewishEgypt and Syria attack Israel on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippurholiday of Yom Kippur  Israel again successfully defends itself with noIsrael again successfully defends itself with no changes in borders.changes in borders.  Middle Eastern countries agree to stop sending oil toMiddle Eastern countries agree to stop sending oil to Western countries like the United States.Western countries like the United States.  Gas shortages occurGas shortages occur  Spill over into US and RussiaSpill over into US and Russia  Russia supplies Arab countries with weaponsRussia supplies Arab countries with weapons  US supplies Israel with weaponsUS supplies Israel with weapons  Tensions rise between US and RussiaTensions rise between US and Russia
  13. 13. Turn to a PartnerTurn to a Partner  Discuss this question:Discuss this question:  Why do you think theWhy do you think the Israeli’s were able toIsraeli’s were able to defend itself so well?defend itself so well?
  14. 14. Peace Process Starts 1978Peace Process Starts 1978  Camp David AccordsCamp David Accords  US President Jimmy CarterUS President Jimmy Carter meets with leaders frommeets with leaders from Israel (Begin) and EgyptIsrael (Begin) and Egypt (Sadat).(Sadat).  Israel agrees to give backIsrael agrees to give back territory to Egyptterritory to Egypt  Egypt agrees to recognizeEgypt agrees to recognize Israel’s independenceIsrael’s independence  Sadat is assassinatedSadat is assassinated shortly afterward by Muslimshortly afterward by Muslim extremists who don’t wantextremists who don’t want peace.peace.
  15. 15. Intifada 1980’sIntifada 1980’s  Groups of regularGroups of regular Palestinian civiliansPalestinian civilians begin an uprisingbegin an uprising against Israel’sagainst Israel’s military occupation.military occupation.
  16. 16. Israel and Iraq- 1981Israel and Iraq- 1981  Fearing Iraq may beFearing Iraq may be making nuclearmaking nuclear weapons, Israelweapons, Israel destroys Iraq’sdestroys Iraq’s nuclear factories.nuclear factories.
  17. 17. Israel Invades Lebanon- 1982Israel Invades Lebanon- 1982  Invades because PLOInvades because PLO headquarters is inheadquarters is in Lebanon’s capital,Lebanon’s capital, BeirutBeirut  Israel’s attacks to stopIsrael’s attacks to stop the PLO’s attacksthe PLO’s attacks
  18. 18. Peace Agreement- 1988Peace Agreement- 1988  Israel and the PLOIsrael and the PLO agree to cease-fireagree to cease-fire and for Israel to returnand for Israel to return to their pre 6 Day Warto their pre 6 Day War boundaries.boundaries.
  19. 19. Oslo Peace Process- 1993Oslo Peace Process- 1993  US President Clinton meets with Israeli leaderUS President Clinton meets with Israeli leader Yitzhak Rabin and PLO leader Yasir Arafat.Yitzhak Rabin and PLO leader Yasir Arafat.  West Bank and Gaza Strip are to be given toWest Bank and Gaza Strip are to be given to Palestinians to run.Palestinians to run.  Israel is promised peaceIsrael is promised peace
  20. 20. Rabin is Assassinated- 1995Rabin is Assassinated- 1995  During a peace rallyDuring a peace rally following the Oslofollowing the Oslo Accords, Rabin isAccords, Rabin is assassinated by anassassinated by an Israeli militant whoIsraeli militant who was against peace.was against peace.
  21. 21. Turn to a PartnerTurn to a Partner  Discuss this question:Discuss this question:  Why do you think thatWhy do you think that after each peaceafter each peace agreement, one of itsagreement, one of its leaders areleaders are assassinated?assassinated?
  22. 22. Modern Violence 1995-2005Modern Violence 1995-2005  Second Intifada:Second Intifada:  More violence against Israelis for theirMore violence against Israelis for their continued military presence in Palestiniancontinued military presence in Palestinian areas.areas.  Israel reacts:Israel reacts:  Israel sends troops to West Bank and GazaIsrael sends troops to West Bank and Gaza  Israel starts building fence around the GazaIsrael starts building fence around the Gaza StripStrip
  23. 23. Hezbollah in Lebanon- 2006Hezbollah in Lebanon- 2006  An extremist groupAn extremist group called Hezbollahcalled Hezbollah takes control oftakes control of LebanonLebanon  Israeli soldiersIsraeli soldiers kidnappedkidnapped  Rocket attacks startRocket attacks start  Israel invadesIsrael invades Lebanon to stop theLebanon to stop the attacksattacks  Invasion succeeds andInvasion succeeds and attacks stopattacks stop
  24. 24. Hamas in the Gaza Strip- TodayHamas in the Gaza Strip- Today  In retaliation ofIn retaliation of Israel’s continuedIsrael’s continued military presence inmilitary presence in the Gaza Strip, thethe Gaza Strip, the group Hamas startsgroup Hamas starts launching rockets intolaunching rockets into IsraelIsrael  Israel reacts byIsrael reacts by bombing the rocketbombing the rocket sites and sendingsites and sending troops into Gaza.troops into Gaza.
  25. 25. Turn to a PartnerTurn to a Partner  Discuss theseDiscuss these questions:questions:  What do you think isWhat do you think is going to happengoing to happen next?next?  What would you doWhat would you do to end the violence?to end the violence?