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Bank Personas


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Personas for retail banking scenarios to help develop better customer-centric products.

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Bank Personas

  1. 1. Personas Retail bank
  2. 2. Steve is 55. He is an architect working for a small partnership. And earns £110k. He is divorced – he sold the £600k detached house and now lives in a more modest semi. He considers himself responsible and plans ahead before committing. He can’t see himself retiring for a while though Steve “I am good at savings money, I’ve got a few ISAs and have been known to dabble on the stock exchange” “When it comes to finances, I look for a good deal, and am not afraid to shop around” “I read the financial pages of my newspaper” “I am comfortable with my current income” “I try to keep up with developments in technology” “I love to buy new gadgets and appliances” “I like to take long haul holidays” “I’m tempted to invest in property overseas” He says He needs He has Investment advice Home, car and contents insurance To pay bills To save money To re-mortgage his house to buy overseas property To manage a euro account Premier Account Credit card Investment account Premier
  3. 3. Nick is 25 and works behind the bar at the George and Dragon in Earls Court. He enjoys the work – it’s an extension of his social life. On Sundays he plays five aside football. He’s a Chelsea member and has been known to travel to European games Nick “Work is a means to an end” “I tend to spend money without thinking” “If there’s something I want I DON’T save up for it” “I’ve no idea where my money goes each month. I get it – I spend it” “I like to impress. I wear designer clothes” “I’m finding old friends on Facebook that I’d forgotten about – I reckon I know spend more time on the web than on the TV now!” “I’m a member of Chelsea FC. I can’t afford the season ticket, but if they do well in Europe I’ll want to travel to some of the away games. I’ll work out how I can afford that when the time comes” He says He needs He has To know where his money goes To pay bills To protect his gadgets To save for European cup final To borrow money To be reminded of financial activities Current Account Credit Card Overdraft Big Brother Wannabe
  4. 4. Sally is 28. She’s an admin assistant at a warehousing company. She worries about the future and lacks confidence in her ability to handle her financial affairs. She is not very good at budgeting and is an impulsive buyer Sally “Just getting by can be a struggle sometimes” “I am no good at saving money” “I tend to spend money without thinking” “I’ve recently torn up my credit card, I was spending too much on it“ “I find it difficult to manage on my present” income” “I’m easily swayed by other peoples views” “I’m tempted to buy products I’ve seen advertised” “I like to talk – the internet is great for this” She says She needs She has Help in managing her money Contents insurance Car insurance To borrow money Extend her overdraft Current Account Loan Overdraft Skint
  5. 5. Chris is 35. He is an analyst at a City brokerage firm. He is interested in the environment, arts and international affairs. He is reads widely, is financially engaged and confident. He is always looking for ways to manage their money better - particularly again through the financial press Chris “I read the financial pages of my newspaper” “I look for profitable ways to invest my money” “I am comfortable on my present income” “I prefer holidays off the beaten track” “I am prepared to pay for environmentally friendly products” “I'm prepared to pay more for good quality products” “I travel a lot on business” “I get fed up with junk mail, even from my bank. I do everything on-line, why do they send me stuff in the post?” He says He needs He has To do all his banking on-line To make large payments on-line To manage his account when on business overseas To send the bank emails, not talk on the phone or visit the branch Current account Credit Card Savings account City Dude
  6. 6. Clare and Jody have been living together since university. Clare works in PR and Jody is a researcher at a TV production company. They have saved up a deposit and now want to buy their first home – a two bedroom flat in Streatham “We went travelling after we graduated, we’re paying off the student loans, it’s time to start settling down” “With a bit of help from our families we’ve managed to put aside enough for a deposit for a small flat” “We’ve each got our own bank account – sometimes we wonder whether it would make sense to pool our resources in the same account” “We always shop around to find the best deal, neither of us buys on impulse” “The internet is part of our lives” They say They needs They have Help in understanding mortgages Apply for a mortgage Manage mortgage on-line Insurance No relationship with the Bank Clare and Jody First time Buyers
  7. 7. Rob is 35. He is the director of a small building firm with a turnover of £1m. He is married with a young family. He has a portfolio of properties that he manages. He still has a small outstanding balance on his personal Halifax mortgage He needs He has Easy access to someone to talk to To pay large invoices on-line To know when money has arrived in his account (on the move and on his laptop) Vehicle leasing Business banking account Business loan Business overdraft Business Credit Card Personal current account Personal Credit Card Rob “As the business expands I spend more time on my blackberry than on site” “Managing cash flow is always a pain” “I want to give my children all the opportunities I never had” “I don’t trust stocks and shares. You can’t go wrong with bricks and mortar” “I like to talk to my bank manager. I don’t want someone at the end of the phone. I want an Overdraft facility, I’m willing to pay for it but no-one is willing to come and see me” “I’ve usually got a healthy balance in my current account, say £15k. You never know what’s around the corner” He says Large Local Business
  8. 8. Sharon runs her own business as a mobile hairdresser and stylist. One day she will set up her own salon but her clients keep her so busy she never seems to find the time to do anything about it She needs She has Self employed insurance Business current account Business everyday saver account Current account Sharon “I love my job, I’ve got some great customers who I see on a regular basis” “Doing my accounts is a real headache! My qualifications are in hairdressing – not sums. I failed my maths GCSE” “I’ve worked in salons in the past, but right now I prefer the flexibility of working on my own. I’d love to set up my own salon but I don’t know where I’d start” “I try to save as much as I can, but I’m not the most disciplined of people” She says Small Local Business Help in planning her business finances Business mortgage Business loan Manage her business account on- line Manage her personal account on- line
  9. 9. Lucy is 23. She is just about to graduate – and has a place on a graduate trainee scheme. She is going to move to London to live with friends “I’ve just graduated and I’ve got a mountain of debt. The student loan is OK, but I’ve got to do something about the bank overdraft” “I never seem to have any time to sort out my finances, I just ignore it” “Yeah, I know I’ve got to save, but I’ll do it in the future” “I’ve spent 4 years at uni living off tinned beans, now I can actually buy things!” “Right now it’s not buying a house, I don’t want to tie myself down. I want luxuries. Like skiing holidays and decent bars and clubs” “Living with my mates is all well and good, but it would be nice to rent a place with my boyfriend” She says Her needs She has Financial planning Travel insurance Student Account Overdraft Lucy Student / Graduate
  10. 10. Marjorie is the first female treasurer of Chigglewick Bowling club. She’s been a member since she moved to the village in 1974. Before she retired she worked in the local branch of Nat West as a senior Cashier “The club was founded in 1931” “we’ve got around one hundred and sixty playing members plus forty social members”. “We have a very active social calendar; during the season we have monthly social events, and during the winter regular meetings are held on Friday evenings with various activities.” “We play in all the County competitions and our A team are currently third in Division One in the County league” “Membership fees are £75 of which £30 covers green maintenance. Social members pay £45” “Sid Smith is the president of the club, he is a signatory on the account” She says Her needs She has Save money Set up and manage standing orders and DDs Pay bills Manage the accounts (transfer surplus funds) Change signatories / mandate Pre-order change for events Business Current Account Business Savings Account Marjorie – treasurer of Chigglebrick Bowling Club Charitable Society
  11. 11. Derick has been retired for ten years now. Their children have left the nest and they are enjoying themselves. Doris is not too well, but wants to keep going and see the world. “We want our savings to give us more income” “We worry that we have our retirement planning sorted. And inheritance for the kids? That’s a cause for concern” “We enjoy ourselves in our retirement. It may not be the done thing but we’ve both got cars and there’s the motorhome as well.” We love going on Cruises, but it can be difficult finding travel insurance, what with Doris’ dicky heart” “We have banked with The Bank for 50 years, but you’d never have guessed. We want to be made to feel important.” “The internet is great. We’ve just got Skype and can talk to and see our Grandchildren in Australia” They say Their needs They have To save money Retirement and inheritance planning Insurance More personalised service Current account Derrick and Doris Silver Surfers
  12. 12. Marek is from Poland. He has just started a job as a software developer in London. He is living with friends. He needs a bank account to pay his salary into and wants to send some money home to Poland every month “I’m going to be here for a few years, until I’ve saved enough to buy house in Poland” “I want to be treated as though I am a UK citizen” “I don’t want to compromise on my lifestyle for saving, but I’m always looking for a good deal” “I don’t like to pay for stuff I don’t need” “I want to be able to access the bank account when I am in Poland” “I’m worried it’s going to be a real hassle to set up a bank account over here” “I seek advice from friends who have already settled here” He says His needs He has Open a bank account A credit card An overdraft facility To save money On-line access Access his money abroad Transfer money to overseas account No relationship with Bank Marek Ex-Pat
  13. 13. Marc McNeill Twitter: dancingmango