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Excelerated Sourcing, SAP Sourcing Overview


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Excelerated Sourcing assists organisations running SAP in become best-in-class procurement functions through our advisory, implementation and optimisation services. Our focused services will enable an organisation to increase control and compliance in the end to end process which will lead to increased cost reduction and improved measurable and sustainable performance.

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Excelerated Sourcing, SAP Sourcing Overview

  1. 1. SAP Sourcing - Optimise your Procurement & Sourcing ProcessesCreating World Class ProcurementProcesses through SAP Solutions
  2. 2. Agenda Introductions Overview of SAP Sourcing SAP Sourcing Functionality Overview SAP Sourcing Demo SAP Strategy and Futures with Paul Hodgson Excelerated Sourcing – Our Services Q&A 1
  3. 3. Introductions
  4. 4. Introductions Excelerated Sourcing  Speakers for Today Conor Mullaney SAP Services Partner – Director Procurement Excelerated Sourcing 15 years SAP Procurement  Located in UK Implementation experience Experienced team with multiple Kevin Pointon implementations Senior Consultant Excelerated Sourcing 3 years SAP Sourcing Implementation experience Paul Hodgson SAP Solution Consultant SAP 6 years SAP experience 3
  5. 5. Overview ofSAP Sourcing
  6. 6. Procurement Trends Focus on Cost Savings Importance of Governance Supplier Risk Management Sustainability Initiatives Demand for Rapid Productivity 5
  7. 7. SAP Procurement PortfolioEnables the Complete Source to Pay Process Source Strategic Procurement Qualify Negotiate Enables the complete source to contract process Analyze/ and the consistent Strategize improvement of strategic Award sourcing activitiesRequisition orSpot Source Contract Operational Procurement Enables the complete procure InvoiceApprove to pay process from daily requisitions (including spot sourcing) to the order and pay Receive process for all goods andAssign services Order
  8. 8. Extending Valueof Business SuiteSpend Performance SAP Sourcing Business Suite 7Management Spend Analysis
  9. 9. SAP Sourcing Delivers the Strategic Source to Contract ProcessEffectively Managing Today’s Important ProcurementNeeds with Rapid Time to Value  Over 400 customers  Complete strategic source- to-contract process  Supplier qualification, development, performance  Enables standard ERP integration  New Intuitive UI 8
  10. 10. SAP Sourcing “Source to Contract” Process EnablementSAP Sourcing Project & Supplier Contracts Sourcing & Process Qualification & Repository & Evaluation Management Management Negotiation Standardize sourcing  Supplier self-registration  Simple to complex RFx  Centralize contracts process: steps, tasks, and self-maintenance events  Contract authoring owners, due dates, etc.  Single entry point for all bid  Proposal evaluation,  Standard templates and User dashboards and contract activities scoring, and analysis clause library Centralize all sourcing  Management of  Reverse and forward  Collaboration and project management prospective supplier auctions approval workflows database 9
  11. 11. SAP SourcingFunctionalityOverview
  12. 12. SAP SourcingTaking Innovation to the Next Level Designed with the Professional Simple & Casual Users in Mind Seamless Seamless Functionality & Services Strategic Short Time to Value & Rapid Strategic Impact
  13. 13. SAP SourcingThe Strategic Sourcing SolutionDesigned for Sourcing Professionals Strategic Sourcing Contract Management Supplier Management User ExperienceSourcing Productivity Analytics ERP Integration Sourcing OnDemand
  14. 14. SAP Strategic SourcingDelivers the Strategic Sourcing Process Effectively Managing Today’s Important Procurement Needs with Rapid Time to Value  Enables the strategic sourcing process across all categories of spend  Delivers sourcing strategy and project management capabilities  Manages supplier identification, qualification and on boarding  Provides extensive RFI, RFQ, RFP and Auction tools and templates  Enables effective bid negotiation, evaluation and awards  Drives rapid time to value via On Demand Deployment and ERP integration
  15. 15. Sourcing StrategyDelivers Effective Strategy &Project ManagementSourcing Strategy Capabilities Benefits Monitor and Track All Projects ■ Monitor and track all projects, ■ Effective project Establish Sourcing Process costs and savings management and increased and Methodology visibility ■ Establish process and project Drive Process Repeatability governance ■ Enables best practices for and Shorter Cycle Times reduced cycle times ■ Create “blueprint” for sourcing methodology ■ Effective templates enable better methodology ■ Define project strategy, timeline, owners, and ■ Provide consistent interface collaborators for managing the end to end project ■ Configure alerts and ■ Drive transparency into reminders for key timeline activities sourcing status and next steps ■ Workbench access to key ■ Deliver comprehensive reports reports for insight and visibility
  16. 16. Supplier QualificationProvides Effective Identification & On BoardingSupplier Qualification Capabilities Benefits■ Simple supplier self- ■ Configurable registration ■ Easy to use supplier registration and self providing key information registration reduces cycle time maintenance including – business■ Effective identification and on classification, categories ■ Enables fast supplier boarding supplied, diversity status, identification and selection■ Transparent supplier insurance certifications, and sustainability criteria ■ Provides effective evaluation management of supplier ■ Searchable supplier repository information by range of characteristics ■ Streamlines access to event ■ Supplier managed profiles, and centralization of updates and or additions information ■ Supplier single point of access ■ Delivers effective supplier to relevant sourcing events creation process and key information ■ Integration ability to initiate the creation of a supplier in ERP
  17. 17. RFX/Auction ManagementProvides Extensive Sourcing ToolsRFX/Auction Management Capabilities Benefits■ Enables simple to complex ■ Create, select RFI, RFQ, or ■ Streamlines RFX creation RFIs, RFQs, and RFPs and reduce cycle time RFP template■ Supports Reverse and Forward Auctions ■ Extensive libraries inclusive of ■ Enables consistent use and■ Drives robust sourcing process schedules, questions, and compliance with best best practices supporting information practices ■ Drives more effective ■ Sophisticated multi currency scoring and bid evaluation bid scoring and weighting ■ Provides ability to manage ■ Support for heavy bidding complex events volume with multiple suppliers ■ Supports multiple auction ■ Flexibility to create many types to enable wide range auction types to support of strategies different strategies ■ Enables insight and ■ Comprehensive bidding transparency to effectively window to manage auctions manage auctions ■ Full project management ■ Delivers sophisticated status reporting sourcing event reporting
  18. 18. RFX/Auction ManagementProvides Extensive Sourcing Tools Features■ RFI, RFQ, and RFP■ Multi-round process supported■ A full range of question types■ Preference setting and multi-level weights■ Reverse and forward auctions with different negotiation strategies■ Support for heavy bidding volume with many suppliers■ Auction flexible disclosure rules and automated extensions
  19. 19. Negotiate and AwardDrives Effective Bid Negotiations & AwardsNegotiate and Award Capabilities Benefits■ Enables comprehensive scoring ■ Automated system scoring ■ Provides an effective tool to and evaluation enabled through complex streamline scoring■ Streamlines the negotiate and algorithms award process ■ Enables team scoring across■ Provides real-time insight and ■ Team and collaborative scoring a range of stakeholders transparency Drives efficient bid ■ Detailed side-by-side bid ■ comparisons on price and non- comparisons and evaluations price factors ■ Delivers extensive total and ■ Weight scores to establish a total attribute scoring per supplier value score per supplier bid ■ Real-time Q&A discussions with ■ Supports effective suppliers collaboration across team members and suppliers ■ Flexible auction disclosure rules and automatic extensions ■ Delivers maximum auction enablement and engagement ■ Auction real- time count down clock and updates ■ Enables auction status insight and transparency from start to finish
  20. 20. SAP Contract Lifecycle ManagementSupplier Qualification Capabilities Benefits Enable contract creation from ■ Integration with MS-Word for ■ Captures and reports on all draft to review/approval to draft generation key information by contract execution type Include the right stakeholders ■ Document management with and decrease cycle times check-in/out, redlining, version ■ Minimizes legal risks compare, and metadata synchronization ■ Provides end-user flexibility ■ Secure document access for ■ Leverages a commonly used third parties via portal toolset ■ Review and approval workflow ■ Allows for internal and external with document phasing collaboration and accurate contract data ■ Alerts for expirations or key thresholds ■ Eliminates need for emailing ■ Standard integration with SAP ■ Keeps a complete audit trail of ERP-MM for creation of the negotiations process outline agreements and contract execution
  21. 21. SAP Sourcing and the Sourcing Lifecycle Analysis Sourcing Contracting Projects • Enforce standard sourcing processes • Collect project documentation, approvals, savings data, etc.Requests • Report on work in progress, savings to date, etc.• Emails• Phone calls• Existing systems RFx • Standardize and automate sourcing processContract • Manage items & pricing Contract Mgt.Management • Standardize contact • Collaborate management participation and processes scoring • Author & negotiate contract documents • Track & governAnalysis• Spend & Auctions amendments / change orders Compliance • Manage items & • Manage renewal• Historical pricing process analysis • Standardize and automate sourcing process Supplier Management 20
  22. 22. SAP SourcingDemo
  23. 23. SAP Strategy andFutures with PaulHodgson
  24. 24. SAP Procurement Portfolio –Execution of the Strategy Relevant mobile apps ORCHESTRATION (shopping cart and ON DEVICE contract approvals) SAP Sourcing OnDemand • Strategic Sourcing • Contract Lifecycle Mgmt ON DEMAND • Supplier Management SAP Supplier InfoNet (predictive supplier New! performance mgmt) ON PREMISE DEC 1.0 TECHNOLOGYSAP BusinessObjects SAP Sourcing & SAP Invoice Spend Performance SAP Contract SAP SRM SAP ERP Management Management Lifecycle Mgmt by OpenText * Supplier Network / Connectivity via Crossgate
  25. 25. Our Services
  26. 26. Complete Procurement Services to TransformProcurement ProcessesADVISORYProcurement Transformation Value AssessmentsSource to Pay Design and Roadmap Consulting SAP OPTIMISATION TOOLSProcurement BPO Advisory and Design SmartOCI – Consolidated CatalogueSupplier Enablement Consulting myPurchase Duet IntegrationUpgrade Assessment Supplier CSR and Risk Management IMPLEMENTATION SERVICES – Fixed Priced/Rapid Deployment SAP eSourcing & SAP SRM Integration SAP Spend Performance Management SAP Contract Lifecycle Management Analyze Qualify Negotiate Contract Procure & Manage & & & & Pay Implement Performance Manage Strategize Award Fulfill Source-to-Contract Procure-to-Pay
  27. 27. Q&A
  28. 28. Thank You!Contact Information 27