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Burberry Social media analysis university of strathclyde

  1. 1. Social Media Analysis Published By: YU DAN University of Strathclyde
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONSOVERVIEW• Burberry Group plc (LSE: BRBY) is a British luxury fashion house, manufacturing clothing, fragrance, and fashion accessories which was invented by founder Thomas Burberry in 1865.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlPKOX7G0oQMISSION• The mission of Burberry is to meet customers ‘needs and tastes by continuously providing high quality and fashionable productsBUSINESS STRATEGY• The business strategy of Burberry is to manage and maintain its integrity and vitality of this extraordinary brand, and at the same time they will continuously develop businesses which are relevant to ever-evolving markets and consumer tastes
  3. 3. EVALUATION OF BURBERRYs CURRENT USE OF SOCIAL MEDIABURBERRY: A SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS STORY• There is a new factor to Burberry’s success. It is its creation and distribution of branded digital and social media experiences.
  4. 4. http://www.youtube.com/user/burberry?ob=4&feature=results_main
  5. 5. INTERNAL ANALYSIS CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF BURBERRY.COM www.burberry.comOBJECTIVES:To become a Social Enterprise, linking social media into everything whichcreates social value.WHAT THEY DO AND IMPACT:All pictures of all categories of Burberry products on homepageTo allows users to register their own accounts to shop online Flexible andpractical for customers’ online shopping.Video streaming facility, videos give a good experience of Burberry products,fashion show collections of different years and different seasons, significantlyincreasing customers’ motivation and engagement to buy the product
  6. 6. “The art of the Trench”, a exclusive site for customer communications andinteractionsBurberry Acoustic, collaborating with musicians and artists to put together anincredible group of ongoing acoustic sessionsWhats more: overviews of Burberry Company, heritage, customerservice, sitemap of Burberry shops, language selsctionLIMITATIONS: No customized product channelPROBLEMS: Sometimes customers cannot log inEFFECTIVENESS: Burberry has made a success story in its social mediaapplication. It has effectively and successfully used social media to supporttheir business, brand, culture and everything which creates value
  7. 7. EXTERNAL ANALYSISThere are more than hundred kinds of external social media links which supportBURBERRY and increase it awareness. Some external social media icons with hyperlinkis shown below:
  8. 8. On BURBERRY official website there areMainly 3 kinds of social media links as shown below:
  9. 9. WHAT THEY DO AND IMPACT:FACEBOOK: Over 3 million fans, to let its users to subscribe to the website via SMS, to let userstrack trends and to provides the brand with immense feedback, to enables a back and forthcommunication between users, to provide videos on the website which let users to trackBurberry events and updates in real timeTWITTER: 82,978 followers now, to include, celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, fashion adnews and opinion leaders, to link to almost immediately update on Burberrys activities, to linksdirectly back to Facebook and the two sites work in tandem to create immense traction, toallows followers to receive updates through text messagingYOUTUBE: to constantly updates videos related to the brand, not only a tool that functions inand of it but also provides a support system for Facebook, Twitter and the homepageA SUCCESSFULLY INTEGATED USING SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS OF BURBERRY: A succsfful storyof integration of its "The art of the trench" and FacebookLIMITATIONS & PROBLEMS AND EFFECTIVENESS: For example, nearly no videos in otherlanguage, but still very effectively use external social mediaHOW OTHER SAY ABOUT BURBERRY’S SOCIAL MEDIA
  10. 10. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Burberry wears Social Media trench coatCOMPARISON: For example, compared to a most competitive competitor, LOUIS VUITTON, forBurberry in using social mediaCORE COMPETENCE OF BURBERRY: First mover advantage, “experience effect” and lesscost, mature exclusive way of using social media tools, has already accumulated a large amountof first mover advantage resource, such as the Burberry Face book fans, Burberry Twitterfollowers, Burberry YouTube viewers, the stable and mature Burberry social network, popularityand frequency of appearanceRECOMMENDATION TO FURTHER IMPROVE BURBERRY’S COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE:On one hand, it should maintain and develop this situationOn the other hand, Burberry has extra capability to expand and innovate its using social mediacompared to other companies
  11. 11. SOME OTHER COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE• Luxury goods group Burberry has hooked up with social networking company Facebook to launch a Web site celebrating its trench coat, becoming the latest retailer to use social media in a bid to boost its brand.• The Web site, artofthetrench.com, will allow members connected via Facebook to submit images and stories about Burberry trench coats and share them with one other.• The move puts Burberry among a procession of retailers using social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to get their brands in front of consumers and interact with them.• It gets the support from social media of British royal family.• It appears in the MILAN fashion weeks, which means it gets support from almost all the major mainstream medias.
  12. 12. 6IS APPROACH
  13. 13. • INSIGHT & IMPACT – Building a luxury, valuable, good quality, worthy and reliable brand – Increasing brand awareness, Increasing sales, Increasing interaction with customers, reducing costs, building a quality customer base, building high growth potential customers• Involvement – Increasing almost several billion customers on social medias, increasing the quality and loyalty of customers• INTERACTION – Listening, exchanging value with customers, customization of design and so
  14. 14. • Intimacy – For its luxury, noble and valuable, its customers really like this brand and hold a positive sentiments to BURBERRY• Influence – There are so many effectively internal and external social medias which support BURBERRY. Such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, MILA N week fashion shows and so on.
  15. 15. BENEFITS FROM SOCIAL MEDIA: It largely increases the awareness of BURBERRY in the world. It forms a wide information network for BURBERRY. It increases the reputation and reliability of BURBERRY brand. It increases the confidence and loyalty of BURBERRY customers.OPPORTUNITIES FOR BURBERRY:Opportunity in developing countries, such as India and ChinaBlogsThere are still many developing social media tools in other countries, and they also have largeamount of users.With the increase of Globalization, the users of these social media will continuously increaseWith the increase of using internet, the number of potential social media users is significantThe revolution and innovation of new social media tools will bring large amount of users,such astwo-way interaction social media tools
  16. 16. RECOMMENDATIONSIn order to increasing global awareness, Burberry should target the topdeveloping countries in the world. Such as China, India and Brazil. Forexample, to present on QQ, RenRen and 51.comIn order to engage younger customers and to form Burberry patterns into theirconsciousness, Burberry should formulate processes which represent theBurberry patters. For example, a gaming segment into their social mediainitiative.In order to engage the professional community, Burberry should increase thebrand’s participation on professional networking websites.In order to increase conversations related to the brand on blogs, Burberryshould create a website which is for users to blog about their brand, theirproducts, their fashion trends and so on.
  17. 17. In order to increase its competitive advantage, it should continuously updatethe contents on all their social media channels.In order to provide a further push, Burberry can develop an app for smartphones, which will enable customers to access the Burberry site directly and tobuy some products. IPhone/IPad, BlackBerry, Samsung, Android and all othersmart phones.In order to increase the user friendly, it should build a direct feedback channel
  18. 18. REPORT STRUCTURE• Introductions• Internal analysis• External analysis• Competitive analysis• 6Is Approach• Recommendations & Conclusions