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Cathryn allen assignment4


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A look at the importance of a catering companies need to update to having a mobile and tablet friendly site.

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Cathryn allen assignment4

  1. 1. Move Towards the Future TodayTransform your Website to be Mobile & Tablet Accessible
  2. 2. The Modern Bride...• needs to makewedding arrangementsquickly & easily• is constantly on the go• is knowledgeable ofmobile and tabletdevices
  3. 3. So, make her special day easier by being accessible.
  4. 4. • By the year of 2013 the amount of mobile data users is expected to triple.• Apple is estimated to sell a total of 35 million iPad 2’s by the end of 2011 and they sold 600,000 it’s debut week.• The way consumers access online data has been changed forever with the use of mobile devices & tablets.
  5. 5. How to Make it Happen 1. Implement HTML5 2. Use Simple & Effective Design 3. Make Available on all Devices
  6. 6. HTML 5• Allows devices who are not compatible with Adobe Flash to view video content.• Offer background notification options• Offers GEO location• Compatible with Safari iOS, Android Browser, BlackBerry Browser, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, and webOS Browser.
  7. 7. Effective Design• Mobile Design • Offer the most used options • Use clean & simple images • Limit the content• Tablet Design • Use interactive media • Make text legible
  8. 8. Compatibility with• iPads• Tablets• Droids• iPhones• Blackberries• Etc.
  9. 9. What you need!Simple Mobile Interactive Design Options for Tablets
  10. 10. What you don’t want!• Illegible text• Small distorted images• Multiple URL’s
  11. 11. What you have...• Illegible navigation bar & text• Distorted overall design• Oversize images
  12. 12. Moves Towards the Future by:• Defining the top 5 reasons brides visit your site & make those options available on the homepage• Avoid hyperlinks & oversized images• Make menus into a webpage that has legible text
  13. 13. References••••••••