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Introducing Joost Widgets (2007 talk)


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This is from a talk I gave in 2007, about the widget system and other developer APIs for Joost. It is now very out of date, Joost has an exciting new Web-based video player instead. I think the widget stuff was ahead of its time, even if moving to a Web player made sense. So I wanted to keep a record of what was built before memories fade completely :)


For a more recent Joost dev demo, see for an example of embedding the new Flash player.

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Introducing Joost Widgets (2007 talk)

  1. 1. Introducing Joost Widgets Dan Brickley
  2. 2. Joost overview • “Best of Internet & best of TV” • Streaming video distribution system • Branded, high-quality TV content • Interactive social experience • Engaging advertising delivery platform • Public beta since October 1st
  3. 3. Joost: Bringing TV into the Web • Joost as platform: – Balancing viewer, owner and advertiser needs brings stability for creative quot;extrasquot; and mashups – Mix professionally-produced content with user ratings, blogs, annotations, add-ons • Joost Widgets: a social TV platform • Web 2.0 +/- 1 – Built and extended with modern Web technology, modern Web attitude
  4. 4. Quick look at Joost (videos) • Full screen video • Search, navigate and customise channels • Interactive overlays
  5. 5. Quick look 2 ('My Joost' video...) • Widget themes... – software-style extras (eg. alarm clock, games) – communication-oriented (IM/chat) – “DVD Extra”: annotations, subtitles, blog posts – Finding and sharing (invite, share, bookmark, rate) • Not rigid categories – fun to combine all 4: – 'Coke Bubbles' widget lets you chat, find, share and annotate...
  6. 6. Widgets and their World • Where TV really meets the Web • Widgets are bundles of Web technology running “inside the TV” • Tech: HTML, ECMA/Javascript, CSS • & more: SVG, E4X, Canvas, RDF, XMPP... • Various Joost-specific APIs • Opened up for 3rd party development (including commercial widgets) • Built using same technology as Joost
  7. 7. Platform details • Core of Joost UI is a highly customised Web browser • We added swooshyness, a growing set of TV- related APIs, and streaming video content • Widget API targets the quot;Web 2.0quot; skillset (Ajax etc...) • Joost APIs lets you navigate EPG, play/pause/rewind shows, draw things on screen • More APIs and data interfaces on the way - feedback welcome!
  8. 8. Example: annotation & subtitles
  9. 9. “TV meets the Web” revisited: • Whose annotations do you want to see? • Just from friends / family? • Or from famous bloggers? • Use reputations from external systems? • TV isn't the Internet... • Widgets can bring as much Internet to your TV (and living room) as you want – or as little.
  10. 10. Example: Krabbel (“scribble”)
  11. 11. Engage with friends...
  12. 12. Engage with content...
  13. 13. Guess who?
  14. 14. (that was Audrey Hepburn)
  15. 15. (Richard Gere) (you get the idea)
  16. 16. Widgets – not rocket science • 2-3 pages of HTML & Javascript • for this code and more...
  17. 17. Inside your Widget • config.xml, main XML or HTML file, javascript code and any image • UI: mini-Web pages, sprites, subtitles, platform APIs • Brains: Javascript, remote services • Packaged as a .zip file • Install from file or URL
  18. 18. Joost Links: Bridging to the Web • There's more to Widgets than Widgets... (“what if I don't like writing Javascript...?”) • WebArch 101: “To benefit from and increase the value of the World Wide Web, agents should provide URIs as identifiers for resources.” • All Joost videos and channels have a Web page URL e.g • Bloggable, linkable, shareable ... • Browser plugin connects page to desktop app • Deep linking into desktop TV: #start=123000
  19. 19. Data Interfaces • RDFa, Atom/RSS feeds – pages and search • Microformats/GRDDL • Listings and channel data – for Widgets (see Widget API) – for Websites (eg., TIOTI, joostlist, ...) • User-created extras: blogs, channels, tags
  20. 20. Custom channels (via XML)
  21. 21. “Web 2.0” themes & Joost • Standards and APIs - help users find stuff • Community data - helps users find stuff • Mashups, data integration, cross-site linkage - many paths into content • Blogs, social networks, user profiles • Better tagging – beyond “tiffany” and “paris”? who/what/where/when...
  22. 22. “paris, texas” or “paris hilton”?
  23. 23. Standards and dev community • Built on and with W3C standards • Extended with “Joost platform” APIs • Generic widgets don't make the most of TV • Code mobility vs coder mobility, we need “widgetarians”... • “Fun” issues: – Signed widgets – Storage APIs (local, remote) – Interwidget communication – Usable, clear privacy models
  24. 24. Become a Widgetarian! • Developers site and blog: • – Join email list: joost-dev- • Stay in touch!
  25. 25. Thanks... • Questions?