Empty your mind


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Empty your mind

  1. 1. An empty areatroubles manypeople.
  2. 2. Filling is bringing your own touch in a way to invent your own world…
  3. 3. The universe makes its expansion crossing something we call the interstellar space !
  4. 4. Filling an empty space is a kind of love missing or missing confidence about ourselves!
  5. 5. But filling needs two energies ! Thinking how tofill and moving things to fill the space !
  6. 6. It’s the same thing in relationships ! Someone isobliged to speak. He fills up the space with words !
  7. 7. These actions forbide us to see the present andwhat is here at the moment of the action!What is the empty space ?
  8. 8. When we act, the entropy becomes low, but creates tensionsto go back to quiet and balanced situation : So, the entropybecomes very high ! The disorder grows up !
  9. 9. But yet, did you see theEarth from the viewpointwhere the water area is thelargest ?Here, all seem to be in acertain order. It’s a visualimpression. This blue ballshows something praticallyhomogenous. But it’s anappearence.
  10. 10. Look at these blank sheets you look from the beginning of thisslideshow ! I’m sure you’ve thought to fill some of them withnew ideas ! Why ?
  11. 11. What makes you oblige to fill an empty space ?May be an unconsciouness situation !
  12. 12. When I’m tired, after sport exercises, I wish poeple let mequiet to have my own space, to recover my energy!
  13. 13. We fill the empty space, we move the things to let our prints.We are trying to print our actions for a long time. It’s what wethink, but it’s an illusion!
  14. 14. What’s the difference between you and a note ?You are two made of atoms. In a moment, you’llbe free atoms regenerated in the Nature.
  15. 15. Considering that the matter ismade of 99,999999% of emptyspace, think that the world inwhich you live is yet empty !
  16. 16. Therefore, you move a certain emptyspace (the things you want aroundyou) to fill a certain space which is alittle bit more empty!
  17. 17. So filling is like emptying !You create an illusion ofbuilding something !
  18. 18. The appearence of this world is that you can’taccept that you live in something inconstant by thefact that you transform everyday, you think everysecond. Each time your world is not the same thana few seconds before.
  19. 19. And the entropy falls down, butcosts a lot of energy.
  20. 20. Finally, after a moment, you wish to change. So,what you did is not what you want to keep ! Youspend a new energy to create again!
  21. 21. In such a way, your life is unstable.Maybe you never asked about youroriginal empty space !
  22. 22. Thinking is not the only way! Thinking is confusion. Human beings fill their life with things which make them fragile, because, more they think, less they remain in symbiosis with the deepest nature of their own nature !Human beings think that we don’t think !
  23. 23. I Empty !Do not thinking is not filling. It isunderstanding everythingbecause no schemes come totrouble our vision.
  24. 24. When the empty space gets in your mind, take the time tohelp it to come, don’t reject it. When a « blank » situationappears in your brain, it’s the moment to inspire all thepossibilities of your life !
  25. 25. The Bee flybirdis the smallestbird of theworld (1,6grammes) If this is not important, what could be ?
  26. 26. When you live, you inspire and you expire. Half time youcreate an empty situation, everyone will live a the moment alittle death. Beetwen two beats, your heart stops,nevertheless you are no dead.
  27. 27. You are always beetwen two states. The empty space makes youafraid: It’s why you want to fill it. It’s why you fill your lungs, it’swhy you do this or that !
  28. 28. Now, if you try not to think, you thinkthat’s impossible! Why ?
  29. 29. Not thinking is a permission. You allow you to leteverything coming to you. It means, you accept to accessto new things, new informations!
  30. 30. But you think you need a certain energy torecover a state of equanimity. It’s false ! Youdon’t need anything!
  31. 31. When I was young, I was very happy, because I did haveto think. Now, I become an adult, I have many things tothink about, to make care about and it makes me crazy!
  32. 32. Making an empty mind allows you tomake me sticked to the ceiling ! A thingyou think impossible for the moment !
  33. 33. It’s why your believes format your mind, and why moreyou grow, less you are happy. Now, make the way reverse,and live as if you were an animal, throw out every idea,look, feel and become everything !