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home business success quotes

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101 home business_success_quotes

  1. 1. Who is Dan Beldowicz…I am a Husband, Dad of 4, Internet MarketingConsultant, Speaker and Author… I have been buildingpassive residual incomes online for the past 15 yearsand consulting large companies and brand names forthe past six years.MySecondSalary.com was started to teach my friends and family aboutwhat I do in my spare time, hence the name.“The 101 Most Sensational, Inspirational and Motivational SuccessQuotes for Home-Based Businesses” is a compilation of the quotes thathave pulled me through the tough times and propelled me to where I amtoday. Share these with anyone and everyone that you want to seesuccessful…If you are like me and I believe you are, these will motivate andinspire you to new heights!
  2. 2. “All that is necessaryto break the spell ofinertia and frustrationis this: Act as if it wereimpossible to fail.”-- Dorothea Brande, writer
  3. 3. There are only two ways to live yourlife. One is as though nothing is amiracle. The other is as thougheverything is a miracle."-- Albert Einstein
  4. 4. “It does notmatter howslowly you go,so long as youdo not stop.”Confucius (551B.C.–479B.C.)Chinese philosopher
  5. 5. “The challenge is in the moment,the time is always now.”James Baldwin (1924–1987) Novelist and essayist
  6. 6. "When looking back, usuallyIm more sorry forthe things I didnt dothan for the things Ishouldnt have done.”-- Malcolm Forbes
  7. 7. "Someone once asked me what I want onmy epitaph when I pass away. Just thewords – I tried. Thats what this gameof life is all about.Trying.Theres the tryers,the criers and the liars.”-- Mickey Rooney
  8. 8. "Twenty years from now you will be moredisappointed by the things that you didnt dothan by the ones you did do. So throw offthe bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore.Dream. Discover." -- Mark Twain
  9. 9. "The young do not know enough to beprudent, and therefore they attempt theimpossible - and achieve it, generation aftergeneration."-- Pearl S. Buck
  10. 10. "One doesnt discover new landswithout consenting to lose sight ofthe shore for a very long time."-- André Gide
  11. 11. "Do not go where the pathmay lead, go instead wherethere is no path and leave a trail."-- Ralph Waldo Emerson
  12. 12. "In any moment of decision the best thingyou can do is the right thing, the next bestthing is the wrong thing, and the worst thingyou can do is nothing."Theodore Roosevelt (1858–1919)26th president of the United States
  13. 13. "This is the time.This is the place.I am the man.I will act now."Og Mandino (1923–1996)Writer and sales guru
  14. 14. "As long as we are persistent in our pursuit of ourdeepest destiny, we will continue to grow. Wecannot choose the day or time when we will fullybloom. It happens in its own time."-- Denis Waitley
  15. 15. “We have to dare to beourselves, howeverfrightening or strangethat self may prove to be.”-- May Sarton
  16. 16. "You are never reallyplaying an opponent.You are playingyourself, your ownhighest standards, andwhen you reach yourlimits, that is real joy."Arthur Ashe (1943–1993)Professional tennis player
  17. 17. "The best place to succeed iswhere you arewith what you have."Charles M. Schwab (1862–1939) American industrialist
  18. 18. "Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up. It knows itmust run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed.Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun theslowest gazelle or it will starve to death.It doesnt matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle –when the sun comes up, you had better be running."- unknown
  19. 19. "When nothing is sure,everything is possible."Margaret Drabble (1939 – )English novelist
  20. 20. "Trust yourself.You know more thanyou think you do."Benjamin Spock (1903–1998)Physician and author
  21. 21. “Discipline is the bridgebetween goals andaccomplishment.”- Jim Rohn: Motivational speaker,author, entrepreneur
  22. 22. "If not now, when?"Hillel (1st. Century CE)Jewish scholar
  23. 23. "Dont just stand there,make it happen."Lee Iacocca (1924 – )Former president and CEOof Chrysler Corporation
  24. 24. "Dont measure busywork.Dont measure activity.Measure accomplishment.It doesnt matter what people doas much as it matters what theyget done.“—Larry Winget: professional speakerand bestselling author
  25. 25. "Yesterday is gone.Tomorrow has not yet come.We have only today.Let us begin."Mother Teresa (1910–1997)Catholic nun, Nobel Peace Prize winner
  26. 26. “You have brains in your head.You have feet in your shoes.You can steer yourself any directionyou choose.”Dr. Seuss (1904-1991)Childrens book author
  27. 27. “Why not?Why not you?Why not now?”AslanHeroic lion in
  28. 28. "...if no changes werenecessary for you toachieve financialindependence,youd already bethere.“- John Cummuta
  29. 29. "Think of yourself as onthe threshold ofunparalleled success.A whole, clear,glorious life liesbefore you.Achieve! Achieve!"Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919)Scottish-American industrialist
  30. 30. "There are three things you must do inorder to become wealthy. You must havethe right mindset, discover your purpose inlife, and find a business that expresses thatpurpose.“- Andy Fuehl Author and authority on money and wealth psychology
  31. 31. "Prosperity belongs tothose who learn newthings the fastest.“- Paul Zane Pilzer: economist, entrepreneur,college professor
  32. 32. "Obstacles are those frightfulthings you see when you takeyour eyes off your goal."— Henry Ford: was the founder of theFord Motor Company
  33. 33. “Overnight sensations are usually notreally overnight sensations. They’repeople who worked very hard in astructured and methodical way to getwhere they wanted to go.”- Thomas Schweich: attorney, author, and esteemed risk-avoidance lecturer
  34. 34. “Rich people start off as poor people.The difference is they take the nickelsand dimes and they invest it— they didn’t spend it all at the mall.”- Ric Edelman: author of "Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth," financialguru.
  35. 35. “There aint no rules around here.Were trying to accomplishsomething.”Thomas Edison (1847-1931) Inventor andbusinessman
  36. 36. “Its not knowing what to do,its doing what you know.”-Anthony Robbins: Authority on leadership psychology
  37. 37. “You cannot teach a man anything. You canonly help him discover it within himself.”— Galileo Galilei: Was an astronomer, physicist, and philosopher
  38. 38. “It is not what we get. But who webecome, what we contribute ... thatgives meaning to our lives.”-Anthony Robbins: Authority onleadership psychology
  39. 39. “You cant pushanyone up the ladderunless he is willing toclimb himself.”-- Andrew Carnegie
  40. 40. "No one lives long enough to learneverything they need to learn startingfrom scratch. To be successful, weabsolutely, positively have to findpeople who have already paid theprice to learn the things that we needto learn to achieve our goals."-- Brian Tracy
  41. 41. “My mentor said, ‘Lets go do it,´not ‘You go do it.´How powerful when someone says,Lets!’”-- Jim Rohn
  42. 42. "The ability totriumphbegins withyou. Always."Oprah Winfrey (1954 - )TV talk show host andentrepreneur
  43. 43. "Celebrate whatyouve accomplished,but raise the bara little highereach timeyou succeed."Mia Hamm (1972 - )American soccer player, Olympicgold medalist
  44. 44. Insanity: doingthe same thingover and overagain andexpecting adifferent result.- Einstein
  45. 45. "All you have to dois look straight andsee the road, andwhen you see it,dont sit looking atit - walk."Ayn Rand (1905–1982)Russian-born writer andphilosopher
  46. 46. "I do not think there is any otherquality so essential to success of anykind as the quality of perseverance. Itovercomes almost everything,even nature."-- John D. Rockefeller
  47. 47. "Its determination andcommitment to an unrelentingpursuit of your goal that willenable you to attain the successyou seek."-- Mario Andretti, Race Car Driver
  48. 48. "Create a definite plan for carryingout your desire, and begin at once,whether youre ready or not, to putit into action."-- Napoleon Hill, motivational expert
  49. 49. "Be like apostage stamp.Stick to onething until youget there."-- Josh Billings, humorist
  50. 50. "The starting point of allachievement is desire.Keep this constantly in mind.Weak desires bring weakresults, just as asmall fire makes asmall amount of heat."-- Napoleon Hill, author
  51. 51. "Rowing harder doesnt help if the boat isheaded in the wrong direction."-- Kenichi Ohmae, business coach
  52. 52. "Smallopportunities areoften the beginningof greatenterprises."Demosthenes(384 - 322bc)Greek orator
  53. 53. There is a real magicin enthusiasm.It spells thedifference betweenmediocrity andaccomplishment.Norman Vincent Peale
  54. 54. "I have learnedto live each dayas it comes, andnot to borrowtrouble bydreadingtomorrow."Dorothy Dix (1861 - 1951)at the time of her death,Americas highest-paid andmost widely read femalejournalist
  55. 55. "Accept responsibility for yourlife. Know that it is YOU who willget you where you want to go,no one else."Les Brown: Motivational speakerand author.
  56. 56. “The price of greatness isresponsibility.”Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)British statesman, prime minister during WWII
  57. 57. “If you dont change, reality in theend forces that change upon you.”- Stuart Wilde: Metaphysical author, modern visionary
  58. 58. “ If you cant fly, run.If you cant run, walk.If you cant walk, crawl.But by all means,keep moving.”Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929–1968)American civil rights leader Nobel Peace Prize winner
  59. 59. "Ideas are a dime a dozen. Peoplewho implement them are priceless."-- Mary Kay Ash, Entrepreneur
  60. 60. "Dig the wellbefore you arethirsty."-- Chinese Proverb
  61. 61. Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your lifelike most people won’t, so that you can spend therest of your life like most people can’t.
  62. 62. “ The big rewards cometo those who travel the second,undemanded mile. ”Bruce Barton (1886–1967) American advertising executiveU.S. congressman
  63. 63. "If you wait until allthe lights are ‘greenbefore you leavehome, youll neverget started on yourtrip to the top."— Zig Ziglar: Motivationalauthor and speaker
  64. 64. “I will never quit.I persevere and thrive onadversity... If knockeddown, I will get back up,every time.”U.S. Navy SEALs
  65. 65. "The bad news is time flies.The good news is youre thepilot."-- Michael Altshuler
  66. 66. "You need to overcome the tug of peopleagainst you as you reach for high goals."-- George Patton, General
  67. 67. “If we wait for the moment wheneverything, absolutely everything,is ready, we shall never begin.”—Ivan Turgenev
  68. 68. “Ignore peoplewho tell you‘you can’t ortry todiscourageyou.”-Jeffrey Gitomer
  69. 69. “Stop stewing andstart doing!”– Denis Waitley
  70. 70. “ To tend, unfailingly, unflinchingly,towards a goal, is the secret ofsuccess. ”Anna Pavlova (1881–1931)Russian ballerina
  71. 71. "Sometimes we stareso long at a door thatis closing that we seetoo late the one that isopen."-- Alexander Graham Bell, inventor
  72. 72. “There is onlyone thing thatmakes a dreamimpossible toachieve:the fear offailure.”Paulo Coelho (1947 – ) Brazilianwriter
  73. 73. "Nurture your mind with great thoughts.To believe in the heroic makes heroes."-- Benjamin Disraeli, British prime minister
  74. 74. "Only those who riskgoing too far canpossibly find outhow far one can go."-- T.S. Eliot
  75. 75. "To succeed in lifein todays world,you must havethe will and tenacityto finish the job."-- Chin-Ning Chu
  76. 76. "In business, words are words, explanationsare explanations, promises are promises,but only performance is reality."-- Harold Geneen, industrialist
  77. 77. "Ninety-nine percent of failures come frompeople who have the habit of makingexcuses."-- George Washington Carver, botanist
  78. 78. "You miss 100% of the shotsyou never take."-- Wayne Gretzky, Hockey Great
  79. 79. "Being miserable is a habit.Being happy is a habit.The choice is yours."-- Tom Hopkins, sales trainer
  80. 80. "Each man (is) the architectof his own fortune."-- Appius Caecus, builder
  81. 81. "You read a book from beginning to end.You run a business the opposite way.You start with the end, and then you doeverything you must to reach it."-- Harold Geneen, industrialist
  82. 82. "The moment you commitand quit holding back, allsorts of unforeseen incidents,meetings and materialassistance, will rise up to helpyou. The simple act ofcommitment is a powerfulmagnet for help."-- Napoleon Hill, Pioneer of PersonalAchievement Philosophy
  83. 83. "The most creative act youwill ever undertake is theact of creating yourself."— Deepak Chopra, M.D.: Author on mind-bodymedicine and spirituality
  84. 84. "Making a decision usually means takingone of two roads. One is doing the rightthing. To take the other road, you have tosit back and spin a story around thedecision or action you are taking. If youfind yourself thinking up an elaboratejustification for what you are doing, youare not doing the right thing."-- Wayne Sales
  85. 85. "All life is a chance. So take it!The person who goes furthest is theone who is willing to do and dare."-- Dale Carnegie, motivational expert
  86. 86. “ The way to get startedis to stop talking andstart doing. ”Walt DisneyAmerican entrepreneur &entertainment icon
  87. 87. “As for worrying about what other people mightthink - forget it. They arent concerned about you.Theyre too busy worrying about what you andother people think of them."-- Michael le Boeuf
  88. 88. "Do not wait; the time will never be"just right." Start where you stand,and work with whatever tools youmay have at your command, andbetter tools will be found as you goalong."-- Napoleon Hill, Writer
  89. 89. “The secret of success in life is fora man to be ready for hisopportunity when it comes.”—Benjamin Disraeli
  90. 90. "In the absence of clearly-defined goals,we become strangely loyal to performingdaily trivia until ultimately we becomeenslaved by it."-- Robert Heinlein
  91. 91. "If you are going through hell,keep going."Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) English statesman
  92. 92. "Yesterday is not ours to recover, buttomorrow is ours to win or to lose."Lyndon B. Johnson (1908–1973) 36th president of the United States
  93. 93. "Dont gamble on the future,act now, without delay."Simone de Beauvoir (1908-1986) French philosopher and author
  94. 94. “The rung of a ladder wasnever meant to rest upon,but only to hold a mansfoot long enough toenable him to put theother somewhat higher.”Thomas Henry Huxley (1825–1895) Englishbiologist and educator
  95. 95. "The greater dangerfor most of us liesnot in setting ouraim too high andfalling short, but insetting our aim toolow and achievingour mark."-- Michelangelo, Artist
  96. 96. "Success is 99 percent failure."-- Soichire Honda
  97. 97. "Never let yesterdayuse up too much oftoday."-- Will Rogers, humorist
  98. 98. "The history of theworld is full of menwho rose toleadership by sheerforce of self-confidence, bravery,and tenacity."-- Mahatma Gandhi
  99. 99. “In order to do what really matters toyou, you have to, first of all, knowwhat really matters to you.”- Dr. Ed Hallowell: Psychiatrist and author
  100. 100. "No man iscapable of self-improvement ifhe sees noother model buthimself."-- Conrado I. Generoso
  101. 101. “Genius is 1% inspirationand 99% perspiration.”Thomas Edison (1847–1931) Americaninventor and salesman - frequentlyworked more than 40 hours straight
  102. 102. "If you dont fail now and again,its a sign youre playing it safe."-- Woody Allen, Director
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