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Project Management for Boy Scouts


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An overview of the important project management skills that will make your Eagle Scout Project a success.

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Published in: Leadership & Management
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Project Management for Boy Scouts

  1. 1. Life to Eagle
  2. 2. Project Management An Overview by Kevin Carroll, MBA, PMP Eagle Scout Class of 1995 → Agenda Topics
  3. 3. Topics • Additional Resources • Project Management Stages • Setting SMART Goals • PM Knowledge Areas • Balancing Constraints → Resources
  4. 4. Resources • Mentor • Eagle Scout Association • SWO Chapter of PMI → Stages of Project Management
  5. 5. Project Management Stages • Initiating • Planning • Executing • Controlling • Closing • Log time toward PMP! → Setting SMART Goals
  6. 6. Setting SMART Goals • Specific/Measurable • Motivating • Attainable • Relevant • Trackable/Timebound • To… • In a way that… • So that… → PM Knowledge Areas
  7. 7. PM Knowledge Areas • Scope • Cost • Schedule • Quality • Risk • Communications • Procurement • Human Resources → Balancing Constraints
  8. 8. Balance The Best Scope Time Cost Quality Can one factor be changed without affecting the other three?
  9. 9. Project Management An Overview by Kevin Carroll, MBA, PMP Eagle Scout Class of 1995
  10. 10. Develop Project Charter Dev. Project Scope Stateme nt Close Project Contract Closure Direct & Manage Project Exec. Perform Quality Assuran ce Acquire Project Team Develop Project Team Request Seller Respons es Informat ion Distribut ion Select Sellers Contract Administ ration Risk Monitori ng & Control Manage Stakehol ders Perform ance Reportin g Manage Project Team Perform Quality Control Cost Control Integrat ed Change Control M&C Project Work Risk Manage ment Planning Create WBS Develop Project Mgmt. Plan Scope Definitio n Scope Planning Initiating Closing Controlling Executing Activity Resourc e Estimati ng Activity Definitio n Activity Duration Estimati ng Activity Sequenc ing Schedul e Develop ment Risk Identific ation Qualitati ve Risk Analysis Quantita tive Risk Analysis Cost Estimati ng Cost Budgeti ng Human Resourc e Planning Plan Purchas es Acquisiti ons Quality Planning Commu n. Planning Plan Contract ing Risk Respons e Planning Schedul e Control Scope Control Scope Verificat ion Planning
  11. 11. Leadership • Envision • Engage • Energize • Enable • Execute