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Dan Beard ESA Scholarship App


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Dan Beard ESA Scholarship App

  1. 1. Procedures:  The Eagle Scout applying for a scholarship must personally complete the application.  Complete the official scholarship application and enclose only the items requested in the requirements. Additional pages will not be considered.  Answer all questions as fully as possible.  Directly type all responses into the application file. The application should not exceed four pages in length.  When finished you must email the final application to:  Applications emailed between February 1st and April 15th will be considered. You will receive an email notification when your application is received.  Applications become the property of the selection committee and will not be returned.  Submitting an application does not guarantee a scholarship will be granted. The decision of the committee is final. Requirements: All applicants must 1. Be an Eagle Scout and have received credentials from the national office. 2. Be a graduating high school senior or an undergraduate college student who is not currently in his senior college year. 3. Submit an application that is emailed between February 1st and April 15th. 4. Submit: High school transcript and ACT/SAT test scores. 5. Provide one signed recommendation from a volunteer or Scout leader. 6. Have demonstrated leadership in Scouting and have a strong record of participation in activities outside of Scouting. 7. The applicant must have received his Eagle Award in a troop registeredin the Dan Beard Council OR have been active in the Dan Beard Council for the past two years. 8. The selection committee may (if necessary) conduct interviews of the finalists.
  2. 2. Dan Beard Council Eagle Scout Association College Scholarship Application Form Applicant’s Information Name ________________________________________________________________________ First Middle Last Home Address_________________________________________________________________ City_______________________________________State_____________Zip_______________ Home telephone number __________________________Birth Date_____________________ High school graduation date__________ Eagle Board ofReviewDate___________________ Troop number___________ Chartered by_________________________________________ Received Eagle in Dan Beard Council ____ yes ____ no. Ifno, what date did you become active in Dan Beard Council? _______ date. What was your role and Troop/organization? _________ __________________________________________________________________________________. Please answer the following questions as completely as possible in the space provided. Additional pages will not be accepted with your scholarship application. Service to Scouting: What Scouting leadership positions have you held? ____________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Other than Eagle, what Scouting honors/awards have you received? _______________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Describe your Eagle Service project and who it benefited. How did you do it and what was the impact? Note: Service is one of the values a Scout learns along the trail to Eagle. The Dan Beard Council Eagle Scout Association Scholarship recipient will demonstrate an exemplary record of service to Scouting and his community. The selection committee will also consider academic merit and financial need.
  3. 3. One of the values of an Eagle Scout is service to Scouting. Briefly describe your service to Scouting and your plans for the future. Service to your Community: One value of Scouting is service to the community. Describe your contributions to your church, school, and your community. Academic Merit: My high school GPA is ____________ on a scale of ___________ College Test Scores: Use either ACT or SAT but NOT both: ACT ____ or SAT (1600 max score) ______ SAT (2400 max score) _______ Class Rank _________out of _____ (List your school’s official Ranking) What high school honors have you received? __________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
  4. 4. What is/are your goal(s) during college? How will college help you achieve your life goal(s)? Financialinformation: What is your overall financial plan for college? Where will you get the money to pay your expenses? One of the Scout Laws is Thrifty. How have you been personally thrifty in preparing for college expenses? Are there family circumstances that should be considered?
  5. 5. FinancialData: 1. How many family members, including you, will be attending college or any other educational institution charging tuition next year? _____________ 2. Number of dependent children in your family? _________ Ages_______________ 3. What College(s)/University(s) have you chosen or are considering? A. _______________ B. _________________ C. __________________ 4. List next year expenses for each school. Tuition A. ________________ B. _________________ C. __________________ Room/ Board A. _______________ B. __________________ C. __________________ 5. Specifically how will your college expenses be funded? Parents' Contribution? $____________ Your contribution? $ ________________ Scholarships? $ __________ Loans? $__________ Grants? $ ____________ Other Sources? $ _________ (describe) ___________________________________ SUMMARY: Why should the selection committee consider you for this scholarship?