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Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. The final thing is This contents page was the picture actually created by another student (who I arent very clear do not know) so I chose and not very to deconstruct it, engaging, the people in themThe colour scheme in arent lookingthe page it mainly into the camera,yellow, black and and the writingwhite, but there are over the topsome other pinks doesn’t reallyand greys mixed into stand out so it isthis which I think hard to read themakes the page look text and see thequite messy, not very picture, theyprofessional and not blend in rathereasy or pleasant to than popping outread, there is also a at you, there islot on the page and too much goingnot very simple and on in the pageclear whats going on, and its hard towhat page different take in all thethings are on, and information atthere is a lot of once, it is allunmarked things. really just a mash up of colours.