Zambelletti, dana, two step equations


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Zambelletti, dana, two step equations

  1. 1. Two Step Equations Intended for grades 7-8 By Dana Zambelletti
  2. 2. Technology Integration• Rationale – Algebra is a topic that students will be dealing with throughout high school, and it is important that they understand it. Solving equations can be tricky, especially when it comes to multi-step equations, so it is helpful to have a step by step approach to guide students through the process. – By using technology, we can reach a broader range of students. Students learn in all different ways so having multiple outlets available can help tremendously.
  3. 3. Website Reliability• The websites used in this presentation have been thoroughly examined for usefulness and reliability.• The websites are also hyperlinked throughout the presentation for reference.
  4. 4. Khan Academy Video • This video demonstrates how to do a two step equation, and gives students a more visual way to look at it.
  5. 5. Blog• This blog would be a useful resource. It provides different tips and lesson ideas to use in the classroom.
  6. 6. Internet Podcast• This podcast features different topics from algebra, one of them dealing with solving equations. This would be a great resource overall for students because it covers everything they will be learning in an algebra class
  7. 7. Internet Resources• Khan Academy – Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that provides free tutorials. It is a great resource for math, and this link takes you directly to a page where you can practice solving 2-step equations.• FREE – Federal Resources for Educational Excellence provides resources for both student and teacher on different academic topics.
  8. 8. Internet Resources• Wolfram MathWorld – This website is a great resource for any math topic. It features different innovative and interactive ways to explore math problems.
  9. 9. Inspiration
  10. 10. iPod/iPad App • This app specifically deals with algebra and solving equations. It is a more interactive way for students to practice their algebra skills
  11. 11. Interactive Game
  12. 12. QuizStar• This would be a different way to administer a quiz. This would also be a helpful tool for students who maybe prefer learning online.
  13. 13. Subject-Specific Resource• This website provides different lesson plan ideas based on subject and grade level, as well as provides different activities that are related to the topic.
  14. 14. Additional Resources• Math Tools- this website provides different resources for teaching algebra. It gives different lesson ideas, activities, and technology resources.• Cool Math-this website provides extra practice with equations. It allows you to click on a type of equation you want to practice and then generates different examples for you to solve. This would be great for students who want extra practice, or who might be struggling.
  15. 15. SlideShare• Using Slideshare, I am able to upload my presentation or notes, and students would be able to access them outside of the classroom. This is helpful for students who may not have been in class, or students who may have missed something while taking notes.