Cynthia Evans Mediaedge Consumer Comm Integration


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How technology, the internet and bandwidth are facilitating integration and convergence
in consumer communication in the Americas.

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Cynthia Evans Mediaedge Consumer Comm Integration

  1. 1. Integrated consumer communication Presentation: June 4, 2009 Portada Latin America Summit
  2. 2. Latin America
  3. 3. Latin America Entertainment TV Music Radio Movies Internet Electronics Telephone Service Food Banking Content
  4. 4. Latin America Technology, internet and bandwidth facilitate integration, convergence in consumer communication
  5. 5. People visit blog sites and chat from all over the world
  6. 6. Integration happened already •Across media – Sports TV/internet/mobile packages •Across borders - TV content migration north to south, and vice versa • Across brands – Plug and play • Across themes – Sports, news, weather, celebrities • Across consumers – Social media Context and content link consumers and brands
  7. 7. The seven indicators of integration Addressable Portable Searchable Social Interactive Transactional Everywhere
  8. 8. c. 80% of the population have technology More Cellular driven Latin • 77% have web/cable TV/broadband/cell America • 47% have web/cable TV/broadband More Cable and Web driven US • 85% have web/cable TV/broadband/cell Hispanic • 70% have web/cable TV/broadband Geographic borders become less important, than culture and interests and beliefs Source: TGI LATINA 2008 Wave I + II (Y9w12) v.02.12.2009; SMRB NHCS Full Year 08
  9. 9. Almost half of TV viewing occurs in company of other forms of communication: Internet Cell phone chat Word of mouth [socializing] Source: GroupM Latin America Studies/MEC Sensor, MS Mindset
  10. 10. Consumers filter media according to interests The opportunity is creating integrated packages organized for context and content not necessarily media and geography
  11. 11. Brands are adapting how they engage consumers • Content and context trump channel for influence & attention • Content may be implemented in various channels and disciplines – advertising, placement, promotion, sponsorships • Success comes from a good idea, something that is interesting • Based on [REAL] consumer insight • Gives [REAL] return on investment Consumers receive and participate in advertising, their way!
  12. 12. Find the link Leverage the synergies Create ROI
  13. 13. Here are some thought starters • What is the consumer insight • What is the idea that links a brand with consumer interests • What is the return on investment
  14. 14. What is important to consumers Q – Please can you tell me how important each of the following elements are to you in your life? (All important)
  15. 15. Things that link the Latin Americas • Music • Soccer •Personal care • Social responsibility • Friends and family
  16. 16. How do we link them to create brand consumer engagement? Let’s talk about soccer
  17. 17. A round ball, friends, and a dream
  18. 18. Agendas are arranged around soccer “Definitivamente yo soy de las personas que programa la agenda del día en torno al partido semanal de mi equipo favorito, busco en internet qué día, a qué hora y en qué canal lo pasan. Cualquier compromiso social, familiar, etc., deberá suceder preferiblemente despues de este partido” - Mexico “Las mujeres tambien ven el futbol sobre todo durante el mundial, no es algo solo de hombres. Cuando es un partido de un equipo local ahi si las mujeres odian ver el futbol y es mas probable ver a hombres en un bar o restaurante o mas que nada en la casa de alguien” - Florida And there are futbol widows as well as football widows Source: MEC MediaLab Digifaces
  19. 19. Consumers have multiple choices for content Average daily visitors = 89,000 persons [Comscore, Jan-April, 2009] Mexico televised soccer Averages ~3.5 rating p12+ [IBOPE Mexico, Q1, 09] YouTube instructions on ‘Live TV on the Internet for free’ Average to date = 3,576 views Source: YouTube, IBOPE Mexico, Comscore
  20. 20. Soccer is followed across media % of Soccer people who visit sports web sites Type of media website Source: TGI LATINA 2008 Wave I + II (Y9w12) v.02.12.2009, Simmons NHCS, full year, 08
  21. 21. Content providers cross geographic borders Latam US Hispanic Rank #3 Rank #2 ESPN 2.4mm visitors/mo 1.5mm visitors/mo Fox Rank #4 Rank #4 Sports on MSN 2.4mm visitors/mo 885k visitors/mo Yahoo Rank # 6 Rank #1 Sports 2.3mm visitors/mo 1.9mm visitors/mo If the destination is the same, integrate communications Source: Comscore, April 09, Total unique visitors
  22. 22. How do you play the synergies?
  23. 23. Elements of integrated consumer communications Communications Entertainment, planning sports and TV Cable partnerships Digital Content (digital, direct, search) Out of home & Retail mobile Broadcast TV & Radio
  24. 24. What is [are?] Social Media? Social media timeline 24
  25. 25. People are socializing across the border Property Latin America US Hispanic Rank #1 Rank # 2 Facebook 34% Reach 31% Reach 28mm 6mm visitors Rank #2 Rank #3 Windows Live Profile 30% Reach 8% Reach 26mm visitors 2mm visitors Rank #3 Rank #5 HI5 18% Reach 6% Reach 15mm visitors 1mm visitors Rank #6 Rank #1 My Space Sites 10% Reach 47% Reach 8mm visitors 10mm visitors Source: Comscore, April 2009
  26. 26. Audience is important, but also what people say People are talking every day The sentiment +/- is a factor Understanding both is a good starting point to finding synergy
  27. 27. Sentiment translates into influence Managing word of mouth [consumer chat] is part of the media plan
  28. 28. The synergy: Leverage interest areas across consumers and geographic boundaries in paid, owned and earned media
  29. 29. Instead of media plan like this, spots and dots
  30. 30. There is a strategy across platforms and roles
  31. 31. The ROI: It depends, but. . .
  32. 32. Latin Americas $750,000 and 1,015 TRPs invested centrally can yield $1,800,000 of media value locally
  33. 33. What Brands need to do Be willing to think differently
  34. 34. And, a final note
  35. 35. State of play is economic meltdown 35
  36. 36. Recessions (like wars) are times of rapid innovation • 1929 – radio sales surged (from 35 % to 67 % in 4 years) • The price of a radio then in today's prices is around US$2,000 • 1975 – Bill gates launched Microsoft • Three weeks after 9/11 Apple launched the iPod 36
  37. 37. And, don’t worry, “recession, what recession? we’ve been in recession since 1994” Client Director, Mexico, January 09