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Newsforce Customer Deck - 2009


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Once upon a time you couldn’t buy your way to the top of a search engine like Yahoo or Google. That changed, and an entire industry blossomed out of how to leverage the opportunity. Now, with Newsforce, you have the same opportunity to have total control of your stories in the national news media.

Newsforce News Network is "Storytelling Media" - it allows brands and organizations to tell their stories directly to the public via prominent guaranteed placement a network of 280+ premium newspaper and news sites nationwide (no journalists required). Newsforce is a mashup between Advertising and PR: all the control and measurement of advertising, but utilizing the messaging strategies of traditional PR to change public perceptions through persuasive content and stories. You can tell your stories, your way, when and where you want.

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Newsforce Customer Deck - 2009

  1. 1. Newsforce Network Promote Your Digital Content and PR Strategies With “Storytelling Media” Dana Todd Chief Marketing Officer 1
  2. 2. Your Stories: Told When, How and Where You Want WHY: Because you want to engage and PERSUADE the high quality news audience online. WHAT: Newsforce Network is an “always on” platform that allows YOU to control and measure your communication strategy in real-time. (No journalists required.)
  3. 3. Persuading the Public How do you get people to change their behaviors and attitudes, or convince them there’s a problem to be solved? How do you get into their mental choice “short list” of solutions, and persuade them to act? One way is through immersive storytelling which supports your advertising, PR, and social media tactics YOU write one story or hundreds to enact your strategy, and WE promote them in online news media Sample story strategies: Product/category awareness (“Did you know…?”) Corporate social responsibility (“Watch video of our green initiatives”) Crisis management (e.g. “Our product is safe” or “We don’t need a bailout”) Community building (“Here’s what’s happening in our social media network”) Entertainment (“Exclusive interview with…”) Political attitude changes (“The proposed bill is a bad idea – here’s why”) 3
  4. 4. Single Platform for ‘Storytelling Media’ Feature Articles Premium News & News releases Search Engines (SEO) Advertorials Videos Audio Podcasts Opinions Social Media Enabled Webcasts Landing Page Stories to Tell Activity Reports and Campaign Optimization
  5. 5. Capture, Engage, Measure Create Awareness Via News & Promotion Educate Consumers With Your Content Influence Attitudes, Sales, Traffic 5
  6. 6. Product Awareness Use Case: Health News Category Newsforce “Storyboard” ad unit • Sample of Newsforce Headlines in Ad Unit (3 headlines in 300x250) • Category targeting + Semantic content targeting = Relevancy 6
  7. 7. Crisis Management Use Case: Peanut Butter Scare Newsforce contextually matches for content and category 7
  8. 8. Your Story: Interactive, Social, Clickable! Social: bookmark, share, blog, rate, email, IM, print Engagement features: - links - photos - videos - audio - contact information We Host Your Story in a Trackable, Multimedia Template View live example here BONUS: FREE SEO INCLUDED! We submit stories to search engines
  9. 9. 280+ Premium News Partners 74 million unique visitors / 19.5 trillion page views monthly 9
  10. 10. Demo Site to See it Live Since our ads run across hundreds of national and regional news sites, it’s hard to just “drive by” and show you one, so we’ve set up a demo area to show you how it looks on a dummy news site – you can click actual headlines: 10
  11. 11. Does it Work? Eye Tracking Proves Engagement Percent Eye Attraction Higher Newsforce over 817% Display Ad Newsforce over 305% Google Adwords Newsforce Storyboard 11 Source: Newsforce Engagement Study, Enquiro, 2008
  12. 12. Newsforce + Traditional PR = Powerful Combination • We don’t replace your • Write your stories as if “earned media” YOU were the journalist • Use Newsforce to • Unfold your persuasive showcase your press platform using many coverage & extent your different stories visibility
  13. 13. Users Can Socialize Your Content 13
  14. 14. Sourcing Content Is Easy - We Can Help Custom content Press releases Features Editorial articles Website content Opinions Corporate blogs Collateral Videos Photos Advertorials Audio podcasts Webcasts With large campaigns, we’ll help you write your stories! 14
  15. 15. Powerful Reach to a Desirable Audience 89% of newspaper website users purchase online versus 56% of general users On content sites, message association is almost 70% greater than interactive ads placed with ad networks Content sites are particularly effective at improving brand favorability and purchase intent, typically the most difficult metrics to impact Branded content brings a higher quality audience. Audiences were more likely to buy products and services in a number of key categories Search only reaches a small portion of the potential audience you can reach with Newsforce 2007 2003 Change Internet users spend nearly 50% of online time visiting content Content 47% 34% +37% Search 5% 3% +35% Commerce 15% 16% -5% Communications 33% 46% -28% 15 Sources: Newspaper Association of America, Online Publisher Association
  16. 16. Newsforce: Measurable Awareness Newsforce campaigns perform similar to banner ads Text links: 26% CTR Videos: 10% CTV rate Photos: 7% CTV rate Social Buttons: 3% CTR Plus Social Sharing Awareness/ Awareness: Direct Response Measure exactly Ripple Effect Understand how many audience eyeballs on your interaction news blurb with your story *based on data 7/08-10/08 16
  17. 17. Reporting Helps You Modify and Optimize You can change your story! Use real data to make decisions: Story page views & click activity Headline click rates (you can test 2 different headlines simultaneously) Multimedia engagement - clicks/views of photos/videos Social engagement - clicks/actions on social media buttons We can support most 3rd party tracking tags 17
  18. 18. Big Brands Love It
  19. 19. Some of Our Customers Agencies Brands Sears Euro RSCG Kmart Initiative Eagle Snacks Ruder-Finn Interactive Schering-Plough PHD Hyatt Carat Chumby Edelman Weight Watchers Sitewire Seamaster Cruises The Buyer Group Authors John Assaraf & Zocalo Group Ken Blanchard Ogilvy Action Elixir Interactive Red Lobster Thunderbird Marketing Protea Media 19
  20. 20. Buy Newsforce Like Ad Space You pay only for the audience impressions of your blurb on our storyboard ads – we build and host your story’s landing page indefinitely for FREE! Buy Categories across our national network of 280+ news sites: Life/Health, General News (Breaking, World, Local), Business and more categories coming soon! CPMs range $6-$12, depending on budget and category. Example: at $6 CPM, a monthly budget of only $6000 lets you showcase your story 1 million times! (budgets can be used for one or many stories) We will work with you to build a campaign that fits your needs and budget requirements! 20
  21. 21. Cost/Benefit Newsforce Network is a great buy! To get the same impact on your own, you’d have to: Negotiate contracts with hundreds of news sites, and convince them to allow you to run your advertorials in ad space Build an ad serving platform that contextually matches your stories to the surrounding news editorial Pay full price for each ad unit (multiple advertisers share the cost of each Newsforce storyboard) Build a social media/multimedia landing page CMS for displaying and tracking your story elements (text, multimedia, links, etc.) Submit your stories manually to search engines, or build an RSS feed to support organic distribution and syndication 21
  22. 22. Contact Information Dana Todd Newsforce, Inc. 619-459-3603 Be our Facebook Fan! Follow us on Twitter: 22