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Chiaroscuro project


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A slide presentation for my Art 10 students on understanding form and space through the development of light and shadow.

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Chiaroscuro project

  1. 1. CHIAROSCURO Understanding Light and Shadow
  2. 2. USING LIGHT AND SHADOW TO CREATE FORM Chiaroscuro- Italian for light/dark • Uses high contrast in values to suggest shape and form • Primarily developed in the Renaissance • Use of chiaroscuro presents implied shape
  3. 3. LEONARDO DAVINCI Chiaroscuro • Outlines were eliminated • Form developed within the space • Allowed for more realistic presentation of space Leonardo – Study of Drapery circa 1473
  4. 4. MIDDLE TONE Notice that the hands in this image take form through the use of light and shadow. Any sense of line is implied through the development of a contrast between values. Chiaroscuro developed on neutral paper using white for highlights, black for shadow, and the paper itself becoming a middle tone
  5. 5. JOHANNES VERMEER The Kitchen Maid c1658 Vermeer used chiaroscuro to bring depth to images of everyday living. Light and shadow give a strong sense of dimensional form
  6. 6. YOUR ASSIGNMENT Three Drawing Process 1. Drawing shadows with charcoal on white paper 2. Drawing highlights with pencil crayon or white conte on black paper 3. Drawing both highlights and shadows with a neutral background paper Working with chiaroscuro techniques, you will be developing form through the use of value.
  7. 7. CHOICE OF SUBJECT For this assignment, you may choose to use one or three of the following subjects for your drawings: 1 Drapery as put up on the board, with lamps to create areas of contrast 2 Your jackets/sweaters draped over a chair in an interesting composition 3 A still life set up in a small box that you can shine a light on to create areas of contrast 4 Mr. B (the Skeleton) in the Art Room Please note that we will be spending time in the library as well as the art room for this project. You should try to complete one full drawing per class this week
  8. 8. FOR YOUR DRAWINGS Ensure that your black paper and your white paper are the same size Create a two inch border all the way around your black and white papers. Most of your image should be contained within the boarder. Make certain that when you are drawing that you are filling up your drawing space For the neutral paper, create a one inch boarder and use BOTH black and white to create light and shadow
  9. 9. AFTER YOUR DRAWINGS ARE DONE… Using your first two drawings, you will be creating a woven image. Before starting, make sure that you get pictures taken of each image. You will need to mark off lines on both of these drawings, one drawing on the vertical axis and one drawing on the horizontal axis. Cut these lines. Align the drawings and create an interesting image by weaving your work together. Please note- it does not have to be a 1:1 weave. You can play with it to develop the maximum visual interest.
  10. 10. SOURCES AND INSPIRATION History of Art, 4ed. By H.W. Janson Art Renewal Centre Museum, Encyclopedia Britanica Online Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia Incredible @rt Department Weave Drawing Assignment, Ken Schwab,