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Us ing IBM ® L o tu s ® iNo te s™ 8 .5. 1

                                            © Copyright IBM Corporation 2010
General Setup                                                                                    Mail
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Lotus iNotes 8.5.1 Reference Card


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This reference card provides an overview of the user interface, and a table of frequently used tasks.

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Lotus iNotes 8.5.1 Reference Card

  1. 1. Us ing IBM ® L o tu s ® iNo te s™ 8 .5. 1 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2010
  2. 2. General Setup Mail To... Do this... To... Do this... Open an application Click the Find a message using scroll Display information as you scroll through your mail list application icon: hints views, based on how you have the view sorted (For example, sort mail by date or sender). Change modes Click the mode menu on the top menu bar. Mark messages read or unread Select one or more messages, then click Mark as. Enable instant messaging Go to Preferences > Basics. View unread messages only Click Show > Unread Only. Disable type-ahead Go to Preferences > Basics > Type-ahead. View delivery information on a From an open message, click More > Delivery message you receive. Information. Grant other people or groups access to your mail, calendar, to Go to Preferences > Delegation. Mark a message for follow up do, or contacts Select a message. Then click on the action bar. Add a shortcut to someone else's Create stationery from a Click More > Save as Stationery Go to Preferences > Calendar > Shortcuts. message you are creating mail Create and store signatures for Go to Preferences > Mail > Signature. Import, export, or delete your messages Notes ID Go to Preferences > Security. Create mail rules In the left pane, click Tools > Rules. Change your Notes ID or Internet password Delete, rename, or create a new Right click any folder. folder Set up and enable archiving Go to Preferences > Archiving. Enable/disable recipient Go to Preferences > Mail > indicators Attention Indicator. Calendar and Scheduling Add sender to your contacts Select a message from someone you want to add to your contacts, and then click More > Add Sender to To... Do this... Contacts. Change the calendar view From the left pane, expand Views, and then select the Block mail from a sender Select a message from someone you want to block, desired view. and then click More > Block Mail From Sender. Create a group calendar From your calendar, click the Group Calendar view in Recall a message From the Sent view, select a message and click Recall the navigator. Then click New. Message. Add an external (Google) Open the Calendar view. Next to calendar My Calendars, click Add. Modes Display an additional time zone Go to Preferences > Calendar. Mode Capabilities Change the time of a calendar Drag and drop the entry into a new time block. entry without opening the entry Full mode All applications and capabilities are available. Remove duplicate entries Double click one of the duplicate entries. When Lite mode Includes access to mail and contacts, frequently used prompted, confirm that you want to repair your calendar. calendar actions, and the day-at-a-glance calendar. This mode is great on the go and at kiosks. Specify a time zone for a While viewing the Meeting form, click the Time meeting Zone icon. Ultra-light mode Check your mail using a mobile device. This mode is also fully accessible from your desktop computer when Check free time of invitees While viewing the Meeting form, click the Schedule tab. using Mozilla Firefox 3.0.x. Create a repeating entry When creating an entry, click the Repeat tab. Automatically process invitations Go to Preferences > Calendar > Autoprocess. Set up Out-of-Office notification On the Action Bar, click More > Out-of-Office. © Copyright IBM Corporation 2010