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FashionPlaytes Market Research Capabilities


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Published in: Marketing
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FashionPlaytes Market Research Capabilities

  1. 1. Market Researchers: Think you can’t talk directly to tweens? Think again! FashionPlaytes has created a powerful new market research solution that’s parent-approved, entirely customizable, and lets you connect directly with girls ages 5-12 in a safe way, without using parents as go-betweens. From simple data collection to full service research, and from mobile research to gamified surveys and more, we make research fun for girls and so much more effective for you. is a FashionPlaytes community that’s grown beyond style and fashion into a 1-million member digital destination where girls talk about everything under the sun, like technology, fashion, school, friendship, the brands they love, and more. Girls make their voices heard every day at FPgirl --- now you can be part of the conversation! We enable research in areas WAY beyond fashion: • Consumer Packaged Goods • Entertainment • Technology • Toys and Games • Apparel • Much, much more! We get actionable results: • Online surveys • Ethnographic research • Mobile surveys • Diary studies • Mobile qualitative • Gamified research • Online bulletin boards • In-Home Usage Test (IHUT) • Your idea here! (We work with you!) Our age-appropriate, COPPA-compliant solutions are perfect for: • Brands • Research companies • Data collection companies Girl-driven content and product design means more feedback for you. Contact: Sarah McIlroy l l 978-985-7995
  2. 2. Say Hello to “Conversational” Market Research We’re introducing an entirely new model that turns research into a genuine, two-way conversation. In order to communicate directly with tweens, you have to have the parents’ trust and consent. We have both. And we’re creating the same two-way conversations with moms as well. Led by FashionPlaytes CEO Dean Wiltse and our VP of Research Dana Stanley, our market research arm has decades of collective experience. Get your conversation started today! “FashionPlaytes is a template for the next generation of insights sourcing platforms. A specialized social network with a highly engaged audience (in this case the hard-toreach tween girl population) combined with highly interactive and engaging game-based research tools, wrapped with the experience for full-service consulting. It’s a brilliant model and one that I expect to see more and more social platforms emulate, as existing research players try to copy.” FPgirl at a Glance • Registered Users: 1,000,000+ • 75,000 poll responses in the past 6 months • Crowdsourced design • A social hangout for girls too young for traditional social media - Leonard Murphy, Chief Editor, GreenBook Blog Club Z at a Glance • Registered users: 10,000+ • Ages 5 to 12 • Verifiable Parental Consent to participate • Allows for quantitative, qualitative, mobile & gamified research! Let’s talk about the conversation you want to have with girls and moms! Contact us today! FPmom at a Glance • Registered users: 12,000+ • Full profiling available Contact: Sarah McIlroy l l 978-985-7995 l Copyright © 2013 FashionPlaytes, Inc. All Rights Reserved.