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BPR Mobile Banking


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Summary presentation for Banque Populaire du Rwanda project to launch mobile banking for all BPR customers (normal Rwandan consumers, farmers, small business people).

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BPR Mobile Banking

  1. 1. BPR Mobile Banking BPR’s exciting new product
  2. 2. Banque Populaire du Rwanda  Largest consumer bank, with the largest branch network in Rwanda.  History of being the “bank of the people”, supporting small business, agriculture.  1 in 2 banked Rwandans have a BPR account.  in Rwanda (June 2010)  BPR Mobile Banking Branches 18 provides Rwandans Sub-Branches 109 access on their terms -- Outlets 61 the bank in their pocket. Staff 1460
  3. 3. BPR Mobile Banking Roadmap Strategy Phase 1: Launch Phase 2: Expansion In this phase, BPR wants to establish the platform for mobile banking – (not public information starting with valuable services for existing customers. currently) • Successfully launch our platform, product and brand • Work out any kinks, get customer feedback • Attract new customers to the bank Q3 2010 Q4 2010 Q1 2011 Q2 2011 Phase 1.5: Development Launch new services, alerts, features • Show growth and development (“living product”) • Enable catch-up with last mobile operators, payment partners • New SMS alerts along with ATM roll- out
  4. 4. BPR Business Goals  Good for Our Customers  Good for Rwandans  Good for BPR
  5. 5. Our Customer Input Validates the Roll-Out 100 90 90 79 79 82 80 71 69 70 66 62 60 50 40 30 20 16 11 7 10 2 0 no possibly very much no possibly very much no possibly very much no possibly very much Would the client use a mobile phone in doing would the client trust using the phone to transfer / Would they be willing to pay a small amount for Do they feel that they would benefit by not having some of the transactions that brought them to the receive money on their account or pay bills, goods this service if it added value? to carry around as much cash with them to pay bank, if such a channel existed? and services bills, other people or goods/services? Would you trust a mobile phone for Would you be Would you like to Would you use a transfers and willing to pay for carry less cash? mobile phone for purchases? it if it added banking? value?
  6. 6. Our Customer Input Validates the Roll-Out 120 107 Number of respondents 100 80 76 80 72 68 60 40 29 21 20 14 6 0 no possibly very much no possibly very much no possibly very much If client could pay for services and goods Would such a service lead the client to Does the client think BPR has tha ability to by phone, would the client reduce the leave more money on their account? introduce such an innovative product? amount of cash they carry with them? Would mobile Do you think this Would you be banking entice is the sort of more inclined to you to carry less service BPR keep more cash? could launch? money in your account?
  7. 7. BPR Mobile Banking - What is it?  An easy-to-use banking tool, available to all customers of connected branches.  Safe, secure, flexible insight and remote control over your account, 24/7 and on-the-go.  Available to BPR customers on all mobile networks in Rwanda:  Access via one easy-to- remember short-code.
  8. 8. BPR Mobile Banking - Features & Benefits  Easy to Use  Convenient & Saves Time  Available in Kinyarwanda, English, French
  9. 9. BPR Mobile Banking - Features & Benefits  Safe, Secure, Reliable  Inexpensive  Innovative
  10. 10. What will it look like? *1550# BPR Mobile BPR Mobile Your BPR account BPR Mobile Banking Banking Banking balance is: Please enter your 1. Balance Enquiry RWF 000,000.00 1. Balance Enquiry BPR Mobile PIN. 2. Mini-Statement 2. Mini-Statement Enter “9” to return 3. Money Transfer 3. Money Transfer to the main menu. 4. Prepaid Airtime 4. Prepaid Airtime 5. Bill Payments 5. Bill Payments 6. Bank Services 6. Bank Services 7. Help 7. Help Pease enter the Enter the amount Please confirm Money transfer recipient BPR of money to be your money successful! account or phone transferred: transfer: RWF 000,000 was number registered RWF 000,000 will transferred to for BPR Mobile be transferred to you wish to BPR Mobile Ref. transfer money to: No: 12345678 Enter “0” to confirm transfer and send. Enter “9” to return to the main menu.
  11. 11. Positioning Concepts BPR Mobile Banking banki mu mufuka wawe BPR Mobile Banking The neighbourhood bank, in your pocket! Announcing: Free SMS Salary Alerts Mobile Banking BPR Mobile Banking Money Transfer Dial Mobile Banking and Bill Payments Payments for Everyone! Check Your Balance Transfer Money Star Africa Television Pay Bills and Top-Up Airtime Star Africa Television
  12. 12. Positioning Concepts BPR MOBILE Banki mu mufuka wawe  Balance Enquiry  Mini-Statement  Money Transfer  Prepaid Airtime  Bill Payments  Bank Services  Help Guess what!!!!!!!! Your bank in your pocket
  13. 13. Launch Timing  Phase I: Planning (2 weeks, 26 April – 07 May)  Phase II: Design & Architecture (2 weeks, 17 – 28 May)  Phase III: Build (5 weeks, 31 May – 09 July)  Phase IV: Test & Acceptance (6 weeks, 12 – 20 July)  Phase V: Launch (TO BE ANNOUNCED) April I May II III June IV July August