Hiring Hacks For Founders


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Thursday, October 29, 2009 presentation by Dan Arkind from JobScore on hiring for early stage founders.

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Hiring Hacks For Founders

  1. For Founders<br />
  2. Hiring<br />IQ<br />
  3. How do I design a hiring plan?<br />How do I compensate people?<br />How do I create a compelling<br /> recruiting process?<br />
  4. Hiring Plan <br />Start from the <br />End State<br />…and work backwards<br />
  5. Hiring Plan <br />Short timeline & explicit goals<br />Product<br />Usage<br />Revenue<br />
  6. Hiring Plan <br />Expect to be wrong. <br />In early stage tech ventures, your <br />hiring plan is your business plan<br />As you learn, update the plan.<br />
  7. Hiring Plan <br />How to build a plan<br />Start with an org chart<br />Visualize A  B<br />Vet with experts<br />Assess existing talent<br />Prioritize<br />Build vs. Buy<br />
  9. Compensation<br />The only meaningful input on compensation is what the people<br />you want to hire make right now.<br />You have to pay more.<br />
  10. Compensation<br />The market is never <br />ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever<br />ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever<br />ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever<br />ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever<br />ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever<br />ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever<br />in a recessive mode for top talent.<br />
  11. Compensation<br />Do whatever<br />it takes<br />… to improve the value of your company<br />
  12. Compensation<br />Hire like an<br />Investor<br />Equity is your currency.<br />Get it. Spend it.<br />
  13. Compensation<br />Make bets<br />Cliffs and vesting<br /> are your friends<br />
  14. Compensation<br />Expect to be wrong. <br />You can’t pay key contributors too much (equity)<br />You can’t get rid of the wrong people fast enough.<br />
  15. PROCESS<br />
  16. PROCESS<br />
  17. PIPELINE<br />
  18. Pipeline<br />Hiring requires focus<br />10 at once, not 10 in 3 months<br />Choice is good<br />
  19. Pipeline<br />What you do now<br /><ul><li>Post and pray
  20. Email referrals
  21. Expensive headhunters</li></li></ul><li>Pipeline<br />Sell<br />Then sell some more.<br />
  22. Pipeline<br />Great stories<br />generate pipeline<br />
  23. Pipeline<br />Turn interviewees <br />into advocates<br />
  24. Process<br />How to pitch a job<br /><ul><li>Mission
  25. Status
  26. Team
  27. Pain
  28. Opportunity</li></li></ul><li>Process<br />Repeatability<br />Candidates should come to you<br />(keep it simple s****d)<br />
  29. Pipeline<br />Ask for referrals<br />Ask for advice<br />(and you get advice)<br />(and you get referrals)<br />
  30. Pipeline<br />Be specific.<br />
  31. HACKS<br />
  32. Hacks<br />Interviewing<br />takes time<br />Write it all down,<br /> ask people to read it<br />
  33. Hacks<br />Assess Less<br />Try before you buy<br />
  34. Hacks<br />NO FEAR.<br />Attract,hire & retain <br />people more senior and<br /> experienced than you<br />
  35. Hacks<br />Change is the only constant.<br />Drive, Personality & Talent<br />TRUMP<br />Skills & Expertise<br />
  36. http://blog.jobscore.com<br />@danarkind<br />