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Team Up to Eradicate Fear


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A 75 min workshop on overcoming fear and building a culture of learning and psychological safety. Uses two agile games created by Dana Pylayeva: "Fear in the Workplace" and "Safety in the Workplace"

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Team Up to Eradicate Fear

  1. 1. Team up to Eradicate Fear Dana Pylayeva
  2. 2. Been There?@DanaPylayeva
  3. 3. What’s your name? What’s your current role? What becomes possible with Psychological Safety? @DanaPylayeva Turn and Talk
  4. 4. Agile/DevOps Coach & Trainer, Author, International Speaker @DanaPylayeva Dana Pylayeva
  5. 5. Culture of Psychological Safety 1. Why organizational learning can’t happen in the cultures affected by fear? 2. How can you start a conversation about fear in the workplace? 3. What Psychological Safety Enhancers can help you, your teams and your organizations? What’s in This Workshop? Culture of Fear @DanaPylayeva
  6. 6. Right to Pass @DanaPylayeva
  7. 7. Adapted from Ron Westrum Fear-RiddenPathologicalCulture GenerativeCulture (ExperimentationandLearning) Bureaucratic Culture Fear Cripples Information Flow @DanaPylayeva
  8. 8. Symptoms of Fear in Organizations @DanaPylayeva@DanaPylayeva
  9. 9. Success Theater of DevOps Adoption Puppet | State of DevOps Report 2018 Average Gap: 58%97% @DanaPylayeva@DanaPylayeva
  10. 10. Fear is an Innovation Killer @DanaPylayeva
  11. 11. “Fight or Freeze” Responses at Work 70% of US workers are NOT engaged at work* *2017 State of American Workplace survey by GALLUP@DanaPylayeva
  12. 12. “Flight” Response at Work Your best people are the quickest to leave if they are disengaged@DanaPylayeva@DanaPylayeva
  13. 13. Practice Recognizing Fear @DanaPylayeva
  14. 14. Your Turn! 1. Distribute “Fear and Symptoms” cards to all players. @DanaPylayeva
  15. 15. Fear in the Workplace 2. Place “Classify Me” cards in the center, face down. 3. One person reads a scenario from the “Classify me” card. 4. Other players work together to find the best matching Symptoms and Fears for this scenario. @DanaPylayeva
  16. 16. What Surprised You? @DanaPylayeva
  17. 17. “How you manage your own fear will either calm things down or further rev things up.” Harriet Lerner, Ph.D. “The Dance of Fear” Fear. You Have the Power to Stop It! @DanaPylayeva
  18. 18. Fear Eradication Strategy Self Team Leadership @DanaPylayeva
  19. 19. Yes! There is a lot You Can Do at All Levels. @DanaPylayeva
  20. 20. Team @DanaPylayeva
  21. 21. Three Simple Tools Feelings CardsStory CubesHappiness Histogram @DanaPylayeva
  22. 22. TEAM Co-Create Team Norms @DanaPylayeva
  23. 23. Run Frequent Retrospectives! @DanaPylayeva
  24. 24. Personal Map (Management 3.0) @DanaPylayeva
  25. 25. Psychological Safety exists when people feel their workplace is an environment where they can speak up, offer ideas, and ask questions without fear of being punished or embarrassed. Amy C. Edmundson @DanaPylayeva Introduce “Psychological Safety” to Your Leadership
  26. 26. Adopted from Measure Team Health and Safety @DanaPylayeva
  27. 27. @DanaPylayeva
  28. 28. @DanaPylayeva
  29. 29. Simple social technologies that distribute participation more widely while drawing out greater difference and variation within groups. Liberating Structures Simple social technologies that distribute participation more widely while drawing out greater difference and variation within groups. Liberating Structures @DanaPylayeva
  30. 30. Safety in the Workplace A fun way to talk about the serious stuff. @DanaPylayeva
  31. 31. Use Dot-Voting to Select a Fear for Discussion 3 Votes per Person @DanaPylayeva
  32. 32. 2. Review “Safety In the Workplace” Cards @DanaPylayeva
  33. 33. 3. Build Your Fear Eradication Strategy To Do Discussing Done Eradication Strategy @DanaPylayeva
  34. 34. One Minute by Yourself. What Is Your Key Learning ? @DanaPylayeva
  35. 35. What Is Your Key Learning ? One Minute in Pairs @DanaPylayeva@DanaPylayeva
  36. 36. What Is One Key Learning You Will Share? Three Minutes in Groups of Four @DanaPylayeva
  37. 37. Add Your Insights to a “My Top Take Aways” poster nearest to you @DanaPylayeva
  38. 38. Are You Ready For Your “Last Chocolate”? @DanaPylayeva
  39. 39. 1.Make a list of things that worry you the most in your workplace. 2. Circle the 4 scariest, most alarming things.
  40. 40. Draw Your Tiny Monster 3. Look at your list again. Map these 4 fears to your monsters @DanaPylayeva
  41. 41. 4. Now walk around and show your monsters to others. 5. Ask them for an advice on tackling your monster. Monsters Walk @DanaPylayeva
  42. 42. Take The First Step Don’t Do It Alone Recognize Fear Symptoms Design Your Fear Eradication Strategy Eradicate Fear From Your Culture Reflect and Repeat Start Introducing Safety Enhancers @DanaPylayeva
  43. 43. Tools and Props Feelings Playing Cards: Borgman-Pulitzer-Winner/dp/B00391H3D4 Rory’s Story Cubes: Happiness Histogram: https://plans-for- Personal Maps: -maps/ Kahoot! Survey: Liberating Structures: Fear in Workplace: games/fear-in-the-workplace @DanaPylayeva
  44. 44. Your feedback will help! SGAUS19 Session Survey
  45. 45. Photos From #SGAUS19 workshop
  46. 46. Learn More With Me: 6/19 - Liberating Structures Public Workshop: tickets-59678845032 Private Liberating Structures or Psychological Safety workshops for your organization Available Upon Request
  47. 47. This Session Was Inspired by: 1. Amy C. Edmondson “Managing the risk of learning. Psychological Safety in work teams” 2. Amy C. Edmondson “The Fearless Organization”, 2018 3. Ron Westrum “The study of information flow: A personal journey” 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. @DanaPylayeva