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Gamifying Retrospectives For Distributed Teams


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Slide for distributed retrospective session presented at Agile and Beyond 2015

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Gamifying Retrospectives For Distributed Teams

  1. 1. Gamifying Retrospectives for Distributed Teams Dana Pylayeva
  2. 2. @DanaPylayeva Agile Coach, Scrum Master, CSM, CSP, DBA Manager, Systems Architect, Java Developer A Little Bit About Me…
  3. 3. What’s In This Workshop?
  4. 4. Welcome To Your New Distributed Organization. Set up
  5. 5. Distributed Team Challenges Fear of Conflict Absence of Trust Lack of Commitment Avoidance of accountability. Inattention to Results “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team ” Patrick Lencioni Lack of face to face communication … Different culture, different time zones…
  6. 6. Retrospectives
  7. 7. Why Do You Skip Retrospectives? Boring Ineffectiv e Waste of my time!
  8. 8. Time To Go Back to Basics!
  9. 9. Retrospective Is About Learning
  10. 10. Retrospective Quiz. Who Is Invited? Scrum Team Scrum Master Product Owner Development Manager Business Stakeholders CTO Face Painting Artist All of the above None of the above Keep the Managers Out!
  11. 11. Framework for effective retrospectives Set the Stage Gather Data Generate Insights Decide What To Do Close Based on “Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great” Esther Derby, Diana Larsen
  12. 12. Retrospective Framework Goal: Establish a safe container, ensure participation, get everyone’s voice heard in the first 5 min. Activities: 1. Check in: your feelings in 1 word. 2. ESVP check in 3. Review working agreements. 1.Set the Stage
  13. 13. Prime Directive 13
  14. 14. Not A Witch Hunt!
  15. 15. Your Turn! Retrospective focus: My First Day at Agile and Beyond 2015
  16. 16. Distributed Retrospective Real-time collaboration in GroupZap On-site team members accessing GroupZap from their laptops Remote team members: turn you cameras on! Video camera
  17. 17. Retrospective Framework2.Gather Data Goal: Build a shared context. Without it people are working from a narrow set of data – their own. Activities: 1. Build a timeline with data 2. Feelings (Emotion seismograph or labels with emotions) 3. Mad/Sad/Glad Major Events During the Last Spring
  18. 18. Timeline In GroupZap2.Gather Data
  19. 19. Timeline With Story Cubes Rory's Story Cubes in real life and on your phone (iOS or Android) 2.Gather Data
  20. 20. Building a Story Of The Last Sprint, One Cube At a Time.
  21. 21. Retrospective In a New York Minute
  22. 22. yond Distributed Retrospective Simulation. Make sure your seat belt is securely fastened!
  23. 23. Your Turn!
  24. 24. Simulating Distributed Environment Dearborn Paris
  25. 25. Retrospective Framework 3.Generat e Insights Goal: Figure out what all this information means Activities: 1. Many options: - Learning Matrix - 4L, 3H.. - Actions Centered 2. Route Cause Analysis - Fishbone diagram - 5 Whys
  26. 26. “Actions Centered” With Google Docs
  27. 27. Retrospective Framework4.Decide What To Do Goal: Focus the team on the items that can be addressed in the immediate future. Activities: 1. Dot Voting 2. SMART goals 3. Circles and Soup
  28. 28. Retrospective Framework5.Close Goal: Access effectiveness of retrospective. Seek feedback on the retrospective itself. Activities: 1. +/- /Delta 2. 3H 3. ROTI (return on time invested) 4. Appreciation
  29. 29. An Alternative – Six Thinking Hats 29
  30. 30. Framing The Hats: Set the Stage Gather Data Generate Insights Decide What To Do Action/ Close
  31. 31. Question_mark_in_Esbjerg_(327122302).jpg business-42583/ hand-71443/ 32378/ 445110/ 64146/ 451203/ Photo credits
  32. 32. Get Inspired • www.plans-for- • gile-retrospective-resources • • • http://www.innovationgames.c om/2014/06/how-to-run-huge- retrospectives/
  33. 33. • GoogleDoc (check out a template by Ilio Krumins-Beens & Terrence McGovern • GroupZap • Padlet • Lino Tools for Distributed Retrospectives: Rory’s Story Cubes: apps
  34. 34. Thank You For Playing Along! @DanaPylayeva Join me, NYC Scrum User Group and our awesome speakers June 1, 2015 at Special discount to all Agile and Beyond attendees: 15% off with AAB15 discount code