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Brand aid Consultants. I can't get no satisfaction


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Brand aid Consultants. I can't get no satisfaction

  1. 1. I can’t get no satisfaction, I can’t get no satisfaction. Cause I try and I try and I try and I try.. I can’t get no, I can’t get no… Mick Jagger, Rolling stones
  2. 2. Love is not enough to satisfy a customer. Current economy shakes old market rules. Yesterday's brand theory is obsolete. Today, first comes trust. Consumers are much more demanding, highly suspicious, and brands are totally transparent. Winning brands are those who constantly give true value, by all means necessary. Branding is a live process, not a specific event. Trust Reliability Delight
  3. 3. When brands suffer from mismatches, confusing interactions, no employee pride and internal buy-in, customers lose faith and your competitive edge gets damaged. Simply, brand value and revenues are dropping. Bottom line: you lose money Unique value-benefits combined with healthy customer engagements will turn every brand action into a positive incremental change. Customers re-believe in your brand, stay longer, spend more, and ultimately bring friends. Bottom line: you make money
  4. 4. Now, the avoided question you should ask yourself is: Which brand parts are weak or missing?
  5. 5. Managers worldwide face different needs Global & New Markets Customer Interactions Globalising dictates a brand plan Fixing wrong consumer perceptions M&A calls for one brand voice New ways for customer engagement Over-extended brand loses edge No brand standards & systems P.O.S need a current look & feel Irrelevant brand becomes “un-cool” Brand Strategy Organizational Culture New ways to increase revenue Brand no longer boosts pride & moral Competitor holds better position Stakeholder relations must get better Brand fits only one category Reps will deliver more with better tools Exploit brand value for investors Social causes creates positive media
  6. 6. This is where we come into the picture Brand Aid brings a progressive approach for emerging business issues. The old way in brand agencies wasn’t sufficient enough. It was too narrow- minded and full of science fiction. Too many times it ended with just cosmetics. Modern branding is all about turning brand tales into business details. BRAND AID
  7. 7. It is imperative for us to observe your brand from 360 degrees. Just as you do.
  8. 8. Brand Aid is your Pit Stop crew. Our approach is solutionary. We excel in fusing, re-thinking, and re-energizing brands to match today’s tough market realities and pace. We help our clients win races by assuring all the right brand parts perform both inside & out. BRAND AID
  9. 9. Brand Aid provides the right cure for the right pain. You can’t fix brand problems by diverting attention away from the business issues with a new name or a new set of values. These problems were born in weak customer touch-points at each stage of the customer journey. BRAND AID
  10. 10. We lead winning brands through the hurdle race. We are creative problem solvers. Our value lies in spotting, prioritizing, and ensuring every stakeholder interaction or element of your brand gains more value, and sales reach a new record.
  11. 11. Brand Strategy Business Strategy Brand Value Understanding that brand & business strategy must totally match is the start of creating a customer.
  12. 12. Our flexible mode can be adjusted to brands in different categories: Media and Entertainment, Luxury, Leisure, Lifestyle, Well-being, Retail, hi- tech, financial, politics, NGO’s, cities. Brand Aid main focus is on global brands, and brands with an international focus. BRAND AID
  13. 13. When needed, ‘A’ level experts will join us for any brand challenge. Brand Aid offers an exclusive network of carefully picked top pros worldwide, in various fields of expertise: design, cultural research, architecture, promotion, production, new media, web. BRAND AID
  14. 14. What can we do for you? Cross brand checks For singular or a portfolio of brands. Auditing your brand claim, customer interactions, brand environment, online/offline behaviour, internal culture. Value proposition & positioning focus Inventing or re-focusing the brand’s unique competitive edge to re-gain its power and maintain the right course. Brand tuning Fixing mismatches inside & out. Creating flawless customer interfaces 360º, updating obsolete brand elements: idea, story, P.O.S, actions, internal, extensions, proposition, cross-media, brand tools, identity.
  15. 15. What more can we do for you? New market strategy Crafting brand strategy & action plans for global expansion, new markets, market culture matching, re-branding, extension into new categories, Internal branding Creating strategies and engagements that yields employee pride and brand belief, better communication, common goals alignment, identity, buy-in. Brand advisory Advising managers on various brand situations: NPD, business ideas, ongoing strategic discussions, branding programs supervision. hourly, daily, or monthly.
  16. 16. We are a different kind of brand species. We are an internationally awarded brand pros, progressive strategists, and creative innovators. But first and foremost, we are swift, and we cut to the chase. Oh well, we are also charming and humble. . There are no hierarchies at Brand Aid. You’ll always have a direct way to us, enjoying hands-on from the top heads, in a truly collaborative atmosphere
  17. 17. Dana Ben-David, Co-founder Ben- An internationally awarded creative director and a branding pro. Dana holds 17 years of vast experience in new media, TV branding, motion graphics, and animation. Dana was the Chief creative director in four major winning political campaigns for 3 prime ministers. A creative and content consultant for start ups, interactive companies, branding firms, post production firms, TV networks and animation studios. Founder of “The Wellnutz”, an innovative cross platform start up creating a brand for kids focusing on well-being and social responsibility. Dana was the Head of Creative at JCS, Israel's biggest media company owned by Ron Lauder. Leading a team of 30 designers and animators. Responsible for the commercials dept and for international channel branding dept, working with local, Chinese, and European networks. Dana is a sought after lecturer in the fields of creative, design, branding, and cross platform media. Dana holds a B. Des degree from Bezalel, academy of art and design, Jerusalem, and a graduate of the entrepreneurship course at MIT. BRAND AID
  18. 18. Co-founder Itai Talmi, C An International brand strategy expert. Itai offers more than 20 years of vast experience in brand strategy consulting and managerial positions for global and local brands. Itai works in many consumer categories such as leisure, well-being, media, entertainment, telecommunications, high-end brands, services, financial, cities, countries. Itai is helping organizations in creating and maintaining sustainable competitive brands, by matching corporate goals to brand strategy, forming and executing detailed brand plans. Prior to that, Itai was a senior consultant at Dave, a London-based award winning global brand consultancy famous brands worldwide as clients. Itai was also a senior consultant and a team partner at Wolff Olins, one of the most famous branding agencies worldwide. Itai had a 30 min TV show about his brand views, and is a sought after lecturer in many forums. At the World Economic Forum itai led a team with the Peres center for peace in a special brand communication project initiated by Maurice Levi, the head of the Publicis group. Itai is an advisory board member at World Brand Congress 2009, at Mumbai India. BRAND AID
  19. 19. Some of our clients worldwide: We have won the confidence and appreciation of these brands. Call us to know we can make you better. BRAND AID
  20. 20. Dana Ben David: +972 545336377 Itai Talmi: +972 547421821