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Optimizing for Social - Why & How


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Dana Lookadoo spoke to Heather Lloyd-Martin's SEO Copywriting Certification class to explain how to optimize sharing social content and increase audience engagement. Topics covered included the latest trends in social media, what's being shared, and how the search engines are interpreting this information to influence ranking. The use of Open Graph protocol was explained, including use of WordPress SEO to help create those tags. Other best practices addressed how to optimize sharing of content on Facebook and Google+ as well as making tweet retweetable on Twitter. Resources included access to download a spreadsheet to help plan out each post and ideas for going viral.

Optimizing for Social - Why & How

  1. 1. Optimizing for Social – Why & How SEO Copywriting Certification Class Dana Lookadoo . @lookadoo . March 27, 2013@YoYoSEO
  2. 2. Agenda – Optimizing for Social Social Sharing Trends  Who’s Sharing What?  Why Social is Important to SEO Formatting Your Content  With & Without Optimization  Anatomy of a Share Snippet  The Code Behind the Scenes  Pro Tips & Caveats Resources & Inspiration  Social Sharing Worksheet  WordPress SEO Plug-in  Sources for Viral Ideas @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  3. 3. Social Sharing Trends Who’s Sharing What? Social is Important to SEO@YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  4. 4. Latest Trends in Social Sharing @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  5. 5. Who’s Sharing & What? @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  6. 6. Who’s Sharing & What? @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  7. 7. Social Sharing & SEO - Study Published June 2012 Social affects search.  “Social signals from Facebook and Twitter now correlate very strongly with good rankings in Google’s index.” Sharing content on Facebook and Twitter and “getting people to engage with it” sends signals that boost SEO. @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  8. 8. Ranking Factors – U.S. Data from February & March 2012 @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  9. 9. Facebook in Bing SERPs - Personalized
  10. 10. Quality Content > Engaged Social > Rankings Social is about engaging with your customer and clientele and having them amplify and say that you are the authority on a topic... Turning this stuff on doesn’t immediately give you a in a boost in rankings. If people love you and there is a real gravity happening around your product…and if all the signals tell us that, then you are going to rank well and Duane Forrester, Bing drive traffic. SMX West 2013 The Search Police: Matt & Duane’s Excellent Search Engine Adventure @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  11. 11. Does Google+ Matter? Studies show Facebook engagement signals matter. Does Google+? If your audience is there, it does!  What’s your % of [not provided] keywords? @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  12. 12. SPYW (Search Plus Your World) - Personalized @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  13. 13. Google+ in SERPs - Personalized @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  14. 14. Google+ in SERPs – Non-Personalized @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  15. 15. Does Google+ Matter? Google+ is a portent of what’s coming. It’s the future of everything Google is planning to do. Adam Audette, Rimm-Kaufman Group SMX West 2013 Leveraging Google+ Social Interactions For Radical Organic SERP Impact: Insight From #SMX: @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  16. 16. How Does YOUR Content Get There? Make a good 1st impression! @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  17. 17. Formatting Your Content With & Without Optimization Anatomy of a Share Snippet The Code Behind the Scenes Pro Tips & Caveats@YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  18. 18. Lack of Site Optimization @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  19. 19. Nix the on Google+ & Facebook @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  20. 20. Anatomy of a Share Snippet  When you share a post on Facebook or Google+ (LinkedIn as well), a snippet is generated from code in the page (B-E below). A B E CA. Share BlurbB. Title DC. DescriptionD. ImageE. URL (Title link) @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  21. 21. Take Control with Microdata Facebook Open Graph protocol and specify what to display for the snippet elements.   Open Graph Tags that control the share snippet: OG:Title OG (Open Graph) OG:Description tags go in the <head> OG:Image of each page. OG:Type OG:URL PRO TIP: You don’t have to create two sets of tags! Open Graph works for both Google and Facebook for optimizing your snippets! @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  22. 22. Structured Social Sharing Formula @YoYoSEO @lookadoo mozcon-presentation
  23. 23. Snippet Title <meta property="og:title" content="Web Lab" /> 134 characters, possibly more? @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  24. 24. Snippet Description <meta property="og:description" content="Web Lab. A series of interactive Chrome Experiments made by Google. See the magic of the web brought to life. Open to the world online. Live from the Science Museum, London. Enter the Lab." /> <=188 char. @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  25. 25. Image Thumbnail <meta itemprop="image" content="http://weblab- plus.jpg">Best: 200x200Min.: 120px @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  26. 26. Content/Object Type <meta property="og:type" content="website" /> og:type values article profile book @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  27. 27. Canonical URL <meta property="og:url" content=""/> Permalink of the post/article Canonical URL shouldn’t contain any variables. It should be the version of the URL that is to display, the URL you want to rank. @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  28. 28. @lookadoo
  29. 29. red = OG attributes referenced in presentationOG Code via Yoast WordPress SEO plug-in<meta property=og:locale content=en_US/><meta property=og:title content=All about content: 6 of our all-time favorites/><meta property=og:description content=From content creation to quality to marketing to strategy, 6 of ourall-time favorite guest posts around content are featured./><meta property=og:url content=><meta property=og:site_name content=SEO Copywriting/><meta property=og:type content=article/><meta property=og:image content=><meta property=og:image content=><meta property=og:image content=><meta property=og:image content=><meta property=og:image content=><meta property=og:image content=><meta property=og:image content=> @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  30. 30. Looking Good with Multiple Images in G+ og:title linked to og:url og:image og:image og:description og:image og:image og:image og:image og:image @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  31. 31. Default Images without OG Directives in G+ NOT og:image NOT og:image @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  32. 32. Facebook May Ignore OG Directives Facebook will show up to 10 thumbnail choices but prefers images with larger dimensions. @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  33. 33. Tracking for Analytics &utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=chrome URL Source Medium Campaign URL + UTM Variables = Social Referral Data Google UTM Variables & Custom Campaigns: URL Builder: topic=1032998&ctx=topic @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  34. 34. Your Share Content“Share what’s new” (FB) or “What’s on your mind?” (G+): Cant wait to experience this in 3 weeks! @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  35. 35. Your Share Blurb = <Title> Tag  PRO TIP: Front load keywords!  A widely shared post with a quality title (share blurb) has a good chance of ranking for its given keywords! @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  36. 36. Widely Shared Posts - Rank Multiple Times? @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  37. 37. Breaking Down a Google+ Post Meta Tags <title>Matt Cutts - Google+ - Google Play is celebrating its birthday with a whole week…</title> <meta name="Description" content="Google Play is celebrating its birthday with a whole week of free and discounted downloads."> @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  38. 38. Google+ Posts in SERPs - Caveats Actual <title> tag includes “Name - Google+ - ” prior to the words at the front of your share blurb. Google “reserves the right” to modify the Title tag.  Titles vary depending upon the search query.  Your “share blurb” may also be repeated in the SERP meta description if there is nothing else. @YoYoSEO @lookadoo X
  39. 39. Optimize Google+ Status Updates PRO TIP: Google+ can be used as a place to curate content and get more interactions – engagement and discussion. If engagement is your goal (& it should be), share a summary – a few short paragraphs with your thoughts on the subject. @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  40. 40. “17 Of The Most ViralQuality Images Go Viral Facebook Photos In History” @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  41. 41. Hashtags – Google+ @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  42. 42. Hashtags – Facebook“Facebook is testing whether to followTwitters lead and allow users to clickon a hashtag to pull up all posts aboutsimilar topics or events so it canquickly index conversations aroundtrending topics and build thoseconversations up, giving users morereason to stay logged in and see moreads.”Wall Street JournalMarch 14, 2013 Until then… @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  43. 43. Hashtags – Twitter DO NOT OVERUSE # @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  44. 44. Optimize Tweets for Twitter 1. Create or custom short URL. Steps Append UTM tracking tag to end of URL for tracking in analytics (step 6) prior to creating 2. Choose a single #hashtag, if any. (2 hashtags at most) 3. Create “retweetable” tweet that won’t be cut off if retweeted. Size Max Characters = 140 – 5 – (LEN)@YourProfile Latest Greatest SEO Copywriting Post Title: Format by @YourProfile #hashtag @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  45. 45. Resources & Inspiration Social Sharing Worksheet WordPress SEO Plug-in Sources for Viral Ideas@YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  46. 46. Worksheet Structured Social Sharing Worksheet: @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  47. 47. OG Tags via WordPress SEO Plug-In WordPress SEO plug-in by Yoast (Joost de Valk): @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  48. 48. Look at What’s HOT! @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  49. 49. Look at What’s Trending @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  50. 50. Look at What’s Trending in Real Time @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  51. 51. The Result of Mastering Social Optimization… @YoYoSEO @lookadoo
  52. 52. Dana Lookadoo President, SEO Consultant & Trainer Yo! Yo! SEO Agency focus is Word-of-Mouth SEO, helping clients optimize their online conversation. . @lookadoo . @YoYoSEO